AirForce Texan Big Bore Airguns Extreme Long Range Shooting – Get a ColdShot Adjustable Base!

AirForce Texan Big Bore Airguns Extreme Long Range Shooting – Get a ColdShot Adjustable Base!

oh it's cool everybody Chris from up north air gunner uh here in northern Michigan it is 15 degrees today warmed up enough for me to come outside and actually do some video work so today I'm actually talking a little bit about some of the gear that made the 600 yard air gun depot a long Rangers shot and then also the 1,250 yard we'll call it the world-record shot that's currently out there made some of the gear that made that possible obviously shooting off of a stock air gun just because of the elevation needs for the for the scope just it's not possible to make those kinds of shots you really need some compensation for your scope platform I stumbled across the company called heritage arms they're out of Colorado and they have this amazing product that you heard me talk about in those previous videos called the cold shot so the cold shot is a very unique answer to the problem that long-range shooters have and especially I think in the airgun world where basically we're shooting high arc shots with big bore air rifles you know we talked about shooting flat flatter trajectories but compared to firearms and powder burners you know it's these are pretty ring rainbow shots that we're shooting even to you know 150 200 300 yards your your bullets dropping feet so and so today in this video I'm going to be going over what makes this an awesome product and I basically I'm calling this a must-have and we're gonna talk a little bit about how it affects the clarity of your scope and how you can maximize that so yeah let's dig into it a little bit so before we dig into the the cold shot elevated base one of the things I want to talk about is what I had been using before in some of my previous shots so this is the 423 yard airgun Depot long Ranger shot in this shot I was actually at the very maximum elevator of my scope I had the turrets completely cranked out and then also in the shot I was using the FX no limits rings and I had to actually push them completely close together and to get about about a hundred hundred MOA of elevation change for the scope so for all practical purposes I had pretty much reached the very maximum limit I can do with these those FX rings the other thing that I had noticed while going through that whole process was having my scope the actual elevation turret in the scope completely maxed out the the blurriness of the scope really started affecting my ability to pick up a proper sight picture so when I reached out to Laurence that cold shot he actually showed me this really great chart that he had on as a website about the reason why the cold shot adjustable base not only doesn't allow you to reach these these crazy long distances but it also maximizes the clarity of your scope because as you crank the turret in your scope it's creating a distortion to the picture you see within your sight picture so the ability to keep it optically centered so you're not using your turrets your elevation turrets on your scope to keep them basically right in the middle really maximizes the clarity of the picture here that you're seeing a three year sight picture when I move to the 600 yard shot I knew at that point I absolutely needed to get the heritage arms a cold shot adjustable base once I did it really opened up the world of long-range shooting for me with air rifles it was a complete game-changer so I picked up the moa version because up to that point that's the the units of measurement that I had been using to calculate my ballistics on all my shots so in this shot I was able to keep my scope completely optically centered and the sight picture was crisp crystal clear for that Hawk frontier scope absolutely amazing and I was able to pull off the shot so using a hawk optics chair gun I was able to calculate that this shot was gonna be about 160 M away and it was it was pretty close to that it was a really good benchmark place to start as far as the true ballistics calculations so to making the adjustments on the cold shot MOA version every four clicks is one minute of angle and so basically I was able to crank it up a hundred and sixty MOA on the base and that's where I started and basically dialed it in from there and it was super easy to use another lesson I learned during this process is the using the same units of measurement when you're talking about your elevation scope that I'm using the hawk frontier scope is in Milly gradients and so I've chosen to actually switched to the MRAP version of the cold shot base just so my clicks on the base are actually matching up the same units of measurement that are in the scope so again if you're looking at getting into long-range air gun shooting this is a must-have product and it's it's definitely gonna push this sport forward and I'm looking forward to seeing what others can do with it so thanks for joining me [Applause] you

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  1. Your videos are production quality man good job. These guns are still fairly unknown and there's not a whole lot of competition it seems for modifying parts or improving accuracy. It'd be great to have more videos on simple mods all the way to the extreme limits of what they can do. It's fun to get ideas and figure stuff out and modify stuff. Enjoy your videos thanks

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