Hi, this is Karol from Recon Kracow. Some of you might know me from major Polish events. Today I would like to show you a new carbine by Specna Arms. It is the SA-E12 PDW Edge It is the second Edge series replica reviewed by us. Lets see what has hanged. The Edge series is currently the top shelf of AR-15 replicas made by Specna Arms. All Edge series replicas have metal receivers a factory installed X-ASR mosfet by Gate and Orion gearboxes with a quick spring change system The Orion is simply an very good assembly and configuration of internal parts that are of above average quality, but we will get to that later. The E12 does not have any licensed markings. The magwell has the Specna Arms logo and the replicas serial number. The E12 PDW is one of the shortest replicas in the series that has a stock. The inner barrel is only 190 mm long. The only shorter model is the E10 which has a 170 mm long inner barrel. Our replica is a two color version. A completely black version is also available. The 7 inch long front of the E12 has an integrated full length top Picatinny rail and KeyMod standard sockets at both sides of the front and its bottom. Unfortunately, the top rail is not ideally aligned with the upper receiver rail. In the tested replica there is an almost 1 mm difference in height. This can negatively impact mounting and calibration of optical sights. The pistol grip used in all Edge series replicas is a QD type grip that allows to access the motor without using any tools. The PDW type stock is mounted on two steel guides. Its small butt plates is surprisingly comfortable. The stock has a total of four settings. The dummy buffer tube acts a battery compartment. Pulling back the charging handle opens the ejection port cover and gives access to Hop-Up adjustment. Unfortunately, the dummy bolt carrier cannot be locked in the rear position and the handle must be held back to make the adjustments. The adjustment itself is comfortable and precise thanks to the use of a rotary Hop-Up chamber. The sights unfold after a button press. The Orion gearbox is a V2 frame with a quick spring change system, The standard sintered gears are set in 8 mm ball bearings. The spring guide and piston head also have bearings. Both heads are made of aluminum and the cylinder head has two O-ring for better seal. A standard length aluminum nozzle also has an O-ring. The polymer piston has a set of full steel teeth of standard width. The second tooth has be removed by default. The low resistance wiring thanks to the well designed frame are traced in a way that minimizes potential damage. We had no issues regarding how the testes replica was assembled. During shooting tests, the replica confirmed its above average maneuverability The muzzle velocity was at about 325 fps and 385 fps for both springs which is in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. Grouping was at an acceptable, average level. The problem was its rate of fire. The SA-E12 PDW Edge is a very well made replica. Despite the opinions found on the Internet Specna Arms is still making very good quality internal and external parts. The only issue is its rather low rate of fire for a CQB replica. For more details visit and also please subscribe to our Youtube channel. Length: 570-660 mm Weight: 2420 g QD pistol grip

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  1. I don't know if you added the subtitles or if someone else did, but if it was you, thank you for the translation, I really appreciated it!

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