Akademia Szermierzy – Review: SPES Officer Fencing Jacket

Akademia Szermierzy – Review: SPES Officer Fencing Jacket

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  1. Hi, what kind of gambeson (how heavy should it be?) would you reccomend for partner fencing with longswords (no feders) like in your Fiore videos ? Kind regards

  2. Chłopaki,
    Więcej tego. Macie dobry pomysł wrzucajcie tylko częściej filmy:-)
    Sub i łapa w górę.

  3. Nice looking jacket!
    Do you think there are jackets that are similar in style, but for casual wear (and not for fencing)?

  4. Well, i prefer your other videos but i don't mind this one, it was short and to the point, very well explained and i have been curious on that jacket so thanks for the review. Congratulations on the falcons cup.

  5. Hi, thanks for your insights and thoughts about the jacket! I would be interested what kind of hard plastron you are suggesting for under the jacket. Do you also have an opinion on using something like the PBT plastic chest protector underneath? Thanks!
    PS: Did I hear some notes from 'Ai vis lo lop' at the end of your background music? Nicely chosen! 😉

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