Albino Brown Bear killed w/ Recurve Bow | theHunter 2015

Albino Brown Bear killed w/ Recurve Bow | theHunter 2015

alright guys I can't even believe what we're looking at that is an albino brown bear and it's a male I was actually just hunting here on volleyball for another video and I happened to see some white red deer sees me see some white out through the rain and when I got my binoculars up I realized it was you know by no brown bear which I haven't ever got to see before and I'm pretty excited about this opportunity to try to take it so as most of you know I'm going to be trying to stock up and get a shot with the recurve bow which will be reasonably difficult because neither one of my bait barrels have feet in it right now but he is kind of moving our way so with a little luck we might be able to get in range for a shot without too much of a problem oh ok I hear him and he's walking our way so now i'm just going to back up get out my oh gosh there he is he's at 20 meters we're going to try to take a shot oh we dropped him oh wow that could not have gone any better there he is guys in albino brown bear beautiful nice score 23 we double lung him at 18 metres so we'll get a good trophy shot of him for sure all right finally the rain has quit and we got him into a position that I think it looks pretty good so that's pretty much it for this video guys I wasn't planning this at all but this is what happened and I'm glad it did so thank you guys for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it leave a like if you did and I'll see in the next one

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  1. great video, nice shot, great trophy even if its in a video game, cant wait to see what your next video has in store, keep up the great work

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