ALERT: Why 1 Hand Form Shooting SUCKS | Basketball Shooting Tips

ALERT: Why 1 Hand Form Shooting SUCKS | Basketball Shooting Tips

hey what's gonna professional shooting coach collin castellaw with shot mechanics basketball and today I'm gonna tell you why one hand form shooting sucks all right now one day inform shooting is one of the classic tried and true drills that pretty much every coach on the planet uses but about a year and a half ago I stopped using it completely because I started to find out that it was actually becoming a detriment to a lot of my players jump shots so today what I wanted to do is break down why I personally don't use one hand form shoot anymore and why it can actually hurt your jumper but Before we jump into it I want to make sure we maximize your jump shot so all you got to do click the top link description down below and get free instant access to my quick-draw shooting workout this is a workout I put together specifically for you to help increase your ingame shooting speed and in game shooting consistency because that's something that most every player needs to work on right so as we jump into it let's talk about what one-hand form shooting is right now one hand board shooting is basically just the idea of shooting form jump shots by having just one hang right and I totally understand why a lot of coaches want to work on this right it works on your touch it works on your linemen or it's on your follow-through right and that can be good I'm you know before you're super angry I know there's some trigger coaches out there that are heading into the comment section right now we're like this guard doesn't know what he's talking about bla bla bla bla bla like I get it you're mad that's fine but the thing is there's better ways to work on this that isn't gonna kill the rest of your mechanics so if you want to use form one-hand form shooting a little bit here and there to work on something specific on a release alright more power to I don't personally do it but you can the thing about one hand form shooting though is this anytime I'm segmenting this one hand right we're basically having to set the ball up here while our legs are loaded so if you're going to do one hand form shooting what I would recommend is don't load your legs set the ball up here keep your legs unloaded and just go off your toes and that's actually going to maximize your one-hand form shooting if you're gonna use it right because the biggest problem with one hand form shooting this I see it all the time is coaches have players load it up right here they load their legs because they need to get a little bit of power into their shot and then they end up shooting just like that the problem is this point right here if you've got the ball at your step when your legs loaded this is a point that you never are on your jump shot right if you look at the best shooters in the world all of them research that point when their body is nice and straight right about here right so if we're working on this timing and we're loading the ball up and our legs down all of a sudden we're just joining our shot and it's not gonna be as great so we're basically working on mechanics that aren't in our actual jump shots which why would we want to do that right so what I would recommend if instead of doing one hand form shooting just do the same thing but add to add two hands to it and just make sure you're loading the ball down right I've started doing just two hand form shooting with all my players and the whole key that I'm looking for is flow I'm looking for fluidity and a jump shot right no segmentation no pausing that's what we're looking for in our form shoot so with most all my players I have them start the ball lower down here kind of by their thigh and then they're going smooth up through on their finish into their form right that's the motion that's the repeatability that we're looking for having that smoothness in a jumper if I'm having players sit here and do this sort of thing it's gonna be disjointed and it's not gonna be the same motion that they actually have in a real game so anytime you can load the basketball lower which is pretty impossible to do with one hand right that's one of the reasons why I don't use one hand form shooting anymore so a drill to substitute for one hand form students I would recommend for pretty much everybody it's what I call slow motion form shooting so basically it's just a normal form shot where we're getting up here but we're loading the ball lower we're getting our hips engaged and we're just going super slow motion on the shot working on that timing so all we're trying to do is players instead of setting it on a shelf and having our body disjointed from the basketball we're working on everything being fluid and in one smooth movement if we can do that and we go smooth up through it's gonna keep the ball a lot smoother on the release and that's the kind of muscle memory we want to start building and it's great because you can still work on the same touch the same release everything that you would normally work on you know with you're kind of one hand form shooting the other alternative is this you can do the exact same thing slow motion form shooting but just pull your guide hand off on the release so if you really want to work on a release thing whether it's you know your finger release or your wrist snap or whatever you can still do it but use two hands you just do the normal form and then drop it off right before you snap that's another great way to kind of integrate both hands instead of the one hand form shooting all right and don't forget if you want to take your shooting to the next level all you gotta do is click the top link the description down below get free instant access to my quick-draw shooting workout but I specifically put together to help you maximize your shooting speed and shooting consistency so you're not gonna want to miss it and if you're new to shot mechanics smash that subscribe button then head to the comment section down below and let us know what kind of video you want to see next where channel run for the people by the people so all you got to do is leave it down below and hopefully we'll be able to get to it and again i'm coach collin castellaw with shot mechanics basketball and until next time splash on

38 Replies to “ALERT: Why 1 Hand Form Shooting SUCKS | Basketball Shooting Tips”

  1. I do one hand shooting at start to get my bones straight and shoot like 10 of those then I add my other hand and shoot

  2. This guys jumpshot shot comes from the front of his face, I can’t name many great nba players with their elbow, wrist and shoulder lined

  3. It sucks because you don't have the other hand to guide the ball thats why most people shoot with both hands so they could have more power and shoot accurately

  4. Anyway to get in contact with you Coach? I would love for you to breakdown my shot, i would love to be a more consistant high percentage Shooter …. FYI all your vids have helped me get way better, but i feel their is something missing in my shot.

  5. So if I don't load my legs it's cool if I get in 10 perfect shots right up close to the rim and then get into form shooting right ?

  6. I’ve been watching your videos and I believe they are very insightful but I need to work on something which is one motion shooting. I’d load my hips while the ball is down but as I lift the ball up my legs straighten but oddly they go down again and I’m left with this very weird motion of my legs down while the ball is at my set point. And I’ve been trying to watch videos on what to do but none give me the answer. I’ve tried picking my heels of the ground and aim for that triple extension you talk about but I keep repeating that same motion. Is there anything you think I implement in my shot that would help get rid of that extra motion of bending my legs twice.

  7. Thanks for the tip coach. My shooting fluidity has been quite inconsistent since I was doing 1 hand form shooting. I'm sure this drill will fix it!

  8. I am a HS coach, and what you are saying goes against everything I have been taught. I having said that what you are saying makes perfect sense! We as coaches have always be willing to change and evolve as the game changes and evolve. Great vid

  9. Hey coach dont me to bug you but what if i do the work out only once or twice a week? And is it possible to do it on a smaller 7 foot hoop😂

  10. Shot mechanics i try and do your tips and i just cant make a shot:( i feel like its impossible to make a shot with a low ish set point:(

  11. Can u make a vid of how to trick taller defenders on both offense and defense because my brother is exactly a foot taller than me and it’s like a moving brick wall

  12. Isn’t it impossible to have ur wrist, shoulder and elbow perfectly straight? Or is my bone structure just weird.

  13. I think this would work for 5-6 grade on, but the younger ages need the one handed for sure, especially as they get stronger and are learning their power and range

  14. thank you!!! 100% truth!!! I always stop my kids from doing it and they are like " coach (insert favorite social media coach here) says i should start with 15 min of 1 hand form shooting" then i have to tell them how it is nothing like their jump shot.

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