Alexisonfire – Pulmonary Archery

Alexisonfire – Pulmonary Archery

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  1. They sound more like a screamo band than a post hardcore band, and screamo and hardcore punk and post hardcore are all subgenres of punk and this is the order that came in, first it was hardcore punk and second it was post hardcore and third it was emo and screamo was the fourth after emo because screamo is a subgenre of emo and emo is also a subgenre of punk and post hardcore, and post hardcore is a subgenre of punk.

  2. I completely understand why people call it post hardcore, but back in the day, when I was 14, this was a quintessential sound to the emo phase (which was far less faggy at the time than it seems now).

  3. Nearly 15 something years ago and this still rips. Can't help but this there will be a high quality original somewhere not made it to YouTube yet.

  4. i remember playin this on my tv back when twc had music on demand. smoking a blunt outside and zoning out on the video. nothing mattered.

  5. Gah, I love how music can transport you back like nothing else.

    I instantly get taken back to living in a small suburban town, listening to this through my discman wishing I could get the fuck out of there. Media like this was something to be excited about and treasured over. I kinda feel bad for the kids nowadays that have so much stimulus that everything is so fleeting.

  6. Can anyone tell me where this was filmed? I am guessing somewhere in Ontario but where specifically? I've heard rumors…

  7. I know AOF will never be the same like this, but I'll always remember how this band helped me through hard times. Wish they could stay like this forever.

  8. Quando ouço essa música, parece que eu voltar para o passado, onde tudo era normal, onde eu não tinha preocupações sobre qualquer coisa, saudades dos bons tempos.!

  9. When I hear this song it seems that I go back into the past, where everything was normal, where I had no worries about anything, miss the good times.!

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