All Guns – Pistols – Hot Dogs Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Gameplay – HTC VIVE | VR

All Guns – Pistols – Hot Dogs Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Gameplay – HTC VIVE | VR

hey and welcome back guys we're back in h3 VR and we're gonna check out some pistols we're gonna go through them all and see what they're about so right now I got the m9 I guess it's your standard military gun it's pretty iconic that's seen in like every movie so let's give it a few shots and uh see how it does I like this gun it's pretty cool lots of bullets which means lots of hot dog killing power but anyways um I'm not the best shot and post is just the video game but it shoots a lot of bullets I think yeah shoots 15 so we got a lot of bullets here suppressor nice and tight so does it fly across the room like it usually does for me alright let's give it a go nice and quiet I'm gonna over here you shooting your gun all right round low recoil alright next gun all right I got the px4 storm here it's pretty cool comes with an extended magazine and the regular magazine and a suppressor but I don't like square and it's really hard to tighten it on just right to where it's not blocking your iron sights alright this also shoots 17 bullets in its magazine for the short one got pretty decent recoil and it's actually quite a lot of fun to shoot not a big fan of the handle let's use the extended magazine see many bullets it has that's gonna make your fingers tired 30 of them all right yes since I am the best shot there we go it's pretty cool let's go to the next gun all right I got the Burgman simplex here it's an older gun it's called the simplex not written on the handle all right I don't really care much for the sights the magazine is significantly smaller than the 17 and the 30 round we were just using but it's pretty cool it's a cool gun for the era and it's quite simple to use as you can see that the lever here pull the hammer back that's kind of neat I can actually see it doing its magic all right let's fire a few more and then move on to the next ice pretty cool gun easy reload really simple not like single action revolvers I like it got the Browning high-powered for browning HP it looks pretty cool it's got a nice look it's a classic kind of older style gun and let's see how it does with the target as well the magazine sticks a little bit in the sights a little hard to see down especially compared to something like the 1911 which has those green dots doesn't have a you know a really intimidating sound but it sounds really good looks like it's an all steel frame I love that that's cool that's good stuff I like it my favorite ones in the game alright let's get on to the next one all right I got the c96 mauser here when we reload you'll see the first thing that's different from the original guns is it doesn't have a clip it has a strip so you got to put that in kind of a special way you got like two steps instead of one but it's a pretty cool older gun see the ammo ejects from the top and then when we reload it's kind of hard with controllers since they're kind of bulky you got to put the strip in the top all right or take the gut another hand and then there we go shoot them again there we go cool gun all right I got the 1911 here the standard starting out pistol for this level until recently and now we get to see the awesome green crosshairs in action I love these things it's got a shorter magazine but it's probably my favorite pistols of all time what's a lot like the Browning HP and it's just you know just kind of a sexy gun alright here we go let's do rapid fire there we go let's move on to the next one there are two more variants of the 1911 and HDTV are which is the golden one and then the tactical one they're both the same as the one before but they're cooler this was pretty cool because they have different textures and I think that's about it there's nothing really too special or different about them and I can tell from shooting them Wow there we go and then of course the gold one is a one-shot kill and your opponents will die instantly and horribly because we all learn that from Jane to the next one all right I got the cz-75 shadow guns pretty wicked but I just do not like the handle for some reason really hard to miss on your first shot it feels like or the second shot but the magazine does get stuck all the time I've noticed got a 17 round magazine and it is pretty slick there we go let's do some rapid fire awesome let's move on to the next one no all right I got the desert eagles here infamous for being mentioned in lots of video games but also if you want to shoot a hole in your burglar and maybe hit your next-door neighbor these are the guns they have check out this gun in the recoil oh yes got a kick and it is quite loud and it doesn't have that big of a magazine capacity because the bolas are freaking huge all right do both of these at once that's beautiful back off burglar scum all right so I got that Glock 22 here it's got some nice green sights and it comes with a standard magazine and a extended magazine so let's give it a few shots all right as a 15-round magazine the recoil is pretty seamless it's like it's not there but it's really awesome all right let's try it out what extended magazine that's ridiculous and there is an automatic version too as well Oh bullets 32 of them alright there we go alright let's actually take this guy out and make it 33 I have a 1 in the chamber let's go full auto awesome let's go get the fully automatic one this is the fully automatic Glock of a short magazine off 15 rounds down real quick alright let's do it again with the 32 I like that so fast hey yeah on to the next one alright I got the jet fire 950 whip-its other skinned one the mother-of-pearl and let's see how these little pea shooters do alright oh man he's a hard to aim I love how the whole leaves a bigger size than the actual bullets which are puny compared to the other pistols so far alright but of course there's no recoil small magazine terrible sights and terrible ammo capacity and then the mother-of-pearl fires exactly the same oh I need like binoculars look down the sights these are some underwear guns right here all right move it on all right I got the infamous Luger here let's give this guy a few test shots oops looks like it's only got an eight round magazine it's got some really cool lever action and it's fairly accurate but still does not compare to I do believe those two body get against each other in the war world war two under the next one all right I got the infamous PPK used by James Bond here I guess arrival to the 950 Jetfire as your default I guess underwear gun I have preferred this one over it's bigger easier to aim down the sights magazine capacity is still the same six bullets but the bullets are bigger so you're actually gonna wound that bear that's chasing after you you know all right that's pretty cool anyways on to the next one all right I got the mk3 here as well it's a big gun with tiny bullets as I like to think of it oh it's got decent sights in my opinion makes a loud noise ejects kind of funny and also has tiny tiny bullets loud noise big bark small bullets pretty cool design and quite easy to shoot an ting awesome let's move on to the next one alright I got that p250 here and it is quite the blackest of all the guns I'm gonna call it the Minecraft of the pistols here sights aren't too bad magazines quite blocky for 10 shots but it's pretty cool reloads quite simple and the sights on it are quite simple as well though oh to the next one I got your infamous tech 9 here kitted out with some awesome paint comes with it by default but this is a single-shot version so let's give it a go in general it's kind of hard to control with one hand or two hands on it so brain prey the puzzle just kind of jerks from left to right but that's alright 32 bullets you can feel with it I guess awesome let's move on to the fully automatic version all right I got a fully automatic tech 9 here let's give it a go nope got cotton oh wow it's not much easier to shoot full auto or single by at least a full auto you'll get the jump it's the entire target there it just kinda has a muzzle of its own it's kind of neat kind of way to go let the muzzle recenter as you're shooting it in the game got the tt-33 here which has a 25 millimeter bullets so it's another big gun with small bullets see how it shoots well sites are incredibly difficult and the bullets are quite small but sounds pretty badass let's do some rapid fire pretty cool gun let's see what else we got I got the m9 Clerk which I believe is from a movie but it's a fully automatic pistol and it just is crazy nuts and he can't really control the bullets too well or the directory of them is kind of fly then it's a pretty stable gun looks a lot like the adenine I wouldn't be surprised if it's a modified m9 for the movie yeah there we go one last clip all right I got the union frenzy here which has a horseshoe-shaped clip kind of ironic for the name of the game but it's a fully automatic pistol with no sights there we go wrap one in there lock it up lucky buddy I got my horse too there we go cool neat gun is it realistic I don't know but it's cool to have in the game alright let's move on to the last one I got the VZ 64 here kind of notorious for goldeneye on the n64 but it's a really cool gun and it's fully automatic I do believe the guys use a trigger safety switch here yeah a short magazine shoots really quick and you got a cock it every time it's got that infuriating and the muzzle kind of jumps as well I like the t9 the t9 and the stock doesn't move but anyways thanks for sticking around and going through all the pistols with me and just kind of shooting them for fun if you want to see more of this or shoot more of a specific gun leave a like leave a comment and I'll catch you in the next episode

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  1. An easy way having to Cock back the slide is always keep one bullet in the chamber and then reload since there's already a bullet primed you should only have to fire and the gun should cycle through

  2. Don’t you just get sick of all the smartarses in the comments who have to ruin the fun by correcting everything you say Jesus fucking Christ just leave him to it man I could correct every single one of you as I’m currently in reserves for British forces and know my weapon systems fairly accurately and as my grandad did I’m also an armourer and if I didn’t know my weapons I wouldn’t have fitted for the role of armourer

  3. how are we going to fix this target I know Flex tape what the power of flex tape I sawed this boat in half and repaired it was only flextape

  4. Grabs Luger
    “Lets fire this thing”
    Drops gun
    (Hypothetically) shoots self in foot

    Yep, I’d say that’s standard use of the Po8 right there…

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