All Guns – Submachine Guns – Hot Dogs Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Gameplay – HTC VIVE | VR

All Guns – Submachine Guns – Hot Dogs Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Gameplay – HTC VIVE | VR

hey and welcome back to h3 VR and today we're gonna check out all the submachine guns right here I got the aek-971 is a submachine gun and it has a 30-round magazine and it's got a adjustable stock here it's not real long but it's still pretty cool we pull the bolt back here and then this will be single fire I did a test round of a fully automatic it's pretty cool and just check the magazine another one this time we'll do full auto that's but it's fun about this game we'll do another one do a little more one-handed and one more magazine that was the aek-971 I think it's like a mac-10 or mac-11 it's different than the other one we'll see soon it has an option for a 16 round magazine got a single fire safety in full auto that was a 16 round magazine you got to manually pull it out throw that to the side that was a 32 round magazine and then the 72 which is a lot of fun it's got a under rail here tactical so you could put like a laser or a uh maybe like last night I love those drum round magazines they're so much fun let's do another one but one-handed that's so cool now talk about the perfect drive-by all right let's try something all right I'm back and I took two I will call these Mac Elevens yeah got these guys I put two seven around magazines and we're gonna do like some full auto for two of them and see how it goes and I totally can't aim what the both of them but that was cool and that's the Cobre em 11/9 that's a pretty cool submachine gun all right I got the jump art hear something like that GEP ard it's kind of a Russian style submachine gun so you have to select the fire move before you load around in it's got 20 round magazine and I might be on full auto it is on full auto a lot of the Soviet style weapons are Russian style weapons they do full auto first before they do single fire pretty accurate compared to you know that M 11 we just checked out which just sprayed bullets everywhere it's a slow rate of fire and smaller magazines I will put in a 40 round magazine and then put it back on full auto let's go that is alright I got that Thompson machine gun here the m1a1 model to be exact and this is probably one of my favorite submachine guns in the game with the mp5 its safety settings kind of cool so remove it from you know fire to safe that you do that that it's on single and then the trigger mechanism moves again on a different lever full auto shot around a bit cool thing about it is the bolts already back so we can actually fire again so that's really neat that you just literally put magazines in and just keep firing we don't have to do that to load another one in sites are a little rough and the recoil is pretty crazy but it is a lot of fun and you can do some gangster stuff it'd be really cool once they get a drum round magazine for it that is the Thompson a one m1a1 submachine gun oh I got the m3 grease gun just like the Thompson it's another world war two style weapon that's a submachine gun once again it's pretty cool it's got an interesting axe in there and then there is no other fire mode except for full auto so that's pretty sweet sights a little rough but let's give it a go all right sounds so cool just chugs keep spraying those bullets there we go do that I somehow managed to take a screenshot at the same time I don't know I did that alright that is m3 grease gun all right I got the m3 grease gun built-in suppressor so the concepts still the same I've got 30 round magazine like last time flash it back lose the flap cool thing is uh I get a new one you shoot the flap goes up so you don't have to worry about doing it every time a lot quieter you still get that chugging sound but I like it without the suppressor and it is kind of long and an interesting shape grab points there much quieter and you gotta love those visual effects at it there where the steam is coming off or the smoke ah bullseye but it's so cool and that is the m3 grease gun with the built-in suppressor all right I got the Mac eleven here just like the Cobra M 11/9 very similar in design I do believe there is only one fire mode and that's full auto oops there we go oh it's so awesome and it just totally destroys that 30-round magazine unlike the Cobra you can eject it by hitting the down button which is kind of cool got a little grip here I wouldn't even bother looking through the sights because they're just so fast shaking that you can't really line up your target like I said the only other mode that seems to be is safety that is so cool check that hi our few more just love tolerating brass there that's so cool and let's go check out what twos like alright got to Mac Elevens here so let's give it a go I'm actually pretty much hit the target by pure luck as awesome let's go check out some more submachine guns a cha all right I got the MP 34 here it's a bigger submachine gun that we have seen so far what's usually a lot smaller except for the Thompson we pull the bolt back here put it on safety or off from safety this single fire we're on fully automatic pretty cool and then we'll pull this magazine up and throw in I think it's got pretty nice sights pretty easy to aim compared to the Mac 11 I think any submachine guns easier to aim than that thing got a 32 round magazine and it's fires at a pretty decent rate so you don't burn through it all too quick and one more that was MP 34 all right I got the mp40 here which is another World War two gun it looks a lot like the grease gun it has faster fire rate and it's actually more accurate it doesn't jump around too much but it's got 30 round magazine pull the bolt back here and once again it just kind of starts up and starts firing no safety so it's just fully automatic two different things that is the mp40 all right I got the mp5 a 2 here which is probably my favorite so machine gun in the game as I've seen in so many games is just always one of my favorites all right here we go so you just cock this guy back change this to safe from safety the single fire [Applause] I was pretty round burst and thrown a fully automatic round you can knock this guy back so you can do that cool thing there a few more magazines of that I definitely the most accurate of them all I think the sights are a little rough but I think they're still better than a lot of them such as degrees gun in mac-11 and it's got the top rail so you could throw on a red dot if you want or something like that maybe like a super scoop you see all your opponents alright let's go check out some more submachine guns all right I got the mp5k here which is a lot like the mp5 but much smaller more compact I think that's what the game stands for alright can load in around put down single fire grab the foregrip 15-round magazine much smaller than I thought and then we got three round bursts as well hood in another 100 15-round do that again for fun it's fun shooting for autumn fully automatic and then we'll lock another one it also has the feature we can put the bolt up like that and then walk it in there we go that's the most powerful accurate weapon but it's still cool to play around with all right I get the mp9 here which I kind of know it from many video games but this one's pretty cool it's small and compact and then the bolt here is on the back we do that it's got 25 round magazine and then the stock is also adjustable so you can do that it's got a full grip and let's give it a go there we go come on lock it in I'm fully automatic sights aren't too difficult run iron sights different than the majority of them but it's still pretty cool off that guy in back and give it another go mp9 pretty cool free slick and high magazine all right next gun all right at the pp buys in here which is also known in Counter Strike and I know it from battlefield when I first saw it it's got an interesting or magazine here which also acts as the foregrip and is very cylinder like it's kinda neat can't load it then we got to switch the firing mode before we lock it in and now let's give it Coop's I didn't mean to do that there we go yeah let's fire it away but it's got map 53 rounds they're quite big and we have to manually pull this off throw on another one and then just like the HD a fully automatic is the first selection option and then single fire should be the second that's pretty cool we can also move the stock that way and now let's grab this magazine put it in another one and close that any further but let's do one handed how compact it is of how much ammo is it's pretty cool one more and then we'll move on to the next submachine gun a cha there we go Ike rowdy moves getting the magazines in there pretty talented let's go check out another submachine gun no all right I got the ppsh-41 I'm not exactly sure how to pronounce it it's a or two arrow weapon on the Russian side I believe it's got two magazine types we got your standard like banana clip things and then also a drum round so we'll grab up here and it should be a single fire from the top which is pretty neat as you're looking down it hires a 30-round magazine 35 round magazine or something like that clear it to make sure here's the hunter round 71 has a lot of bullets let's do that again just keeps firing you just you know you arms get locked in there and you just gotta keep firing it away it's so cool there we go that is the ppsh-41 all right at the ppsh-41 modern which is basically the same gun with a modern look and feel so you got your tactical rail on the top so you can put your sights attack the grill on the bottom so for grip laser pointers flashlights pencils whatever you want so let's give it another shot see how this one goes put this on fully automatic the sights are much different for the other one it doesn't really matter 75 rounds going through rejecting right in the view that you're looking at you're not gonna really need to see it because bullets loaded another 141 modern all right I got the Stenmark 2 here which comes with a 15 round magazine and a 30 round magazine got a very simple firing mechanism you literally pull the bolt back latch it in and then our lock promoted so let's give it a go single fire fully automatic so cool try it another 15 Ryo magazine but completely fully automatic don't need the last in here we go put the 30 round magazine in there we go quick lock there and then it's a hunk of cheek it's a big hunk of metal a lot like the mp3 grease guns so the sights aren't that great it's like slapped on there it feels like there we go that it was spend mark – all right I got the Stenmark five here as you can see it's less metally and got some woods got a handle front handle and a wooden stock clock that back let's give it a put on fully automatic get better sights put in the 30 round magazine mark five all right I got the Stenmark six here which is a lot like this done mark five but instead on the front handle and all that stuff you have a suppressor so you can hold onto that and let's put a fully automatic give it a go much quieter doesn't have a front iron sight though so it's hard to aim but you get that one a surprise you can sneak up real close real close to your face it just feels like it's gonna pop you in the face at the recoil which is and that is sin mark 6 all right I got Stenmark 9 here which is a lot like the other variants we just saw but much smaller it's chopped and just ready to be concealed away in your pants that yes seems to fire more like the mark 2 which is a little slower it looks like a mark 2 but like I said just chopped and then that way you can hide it and then whip it out that is Stan mark 9 all right got the ump45 here which is probably right after the Thompson and mp5 my favorite gun in this game it's got a huge bag Azim a little bit of a slow firing those got that uh front locking mechanisms got some girls there flashlight laser pointer pencil sharpener and then for your site so you can put binoculars on there real cool it's got a slower fight rate of fire which is quite nice and all the different fire modes as well three which I was that was kind of neat in video games can't really quick drop it you kind of gotta grab it don't put it on fully automatic I feel like it jumps a little bit more than the md5 that is all right with me all right let's see if we can move this back stock here yes we can little tight guy in kind of like it I don't know if you can see it but the shells get stuck against the back stock so cool all right one more magazine forty-five all right I got the vector 45 here it's pretty neat guy that's got a definitely an interesting look to it I love this pops out it's a little tricky to use at first I feel like it's got a folding stock hopefully or not yes it's locked in place but we got on single fire and then it's fully automatic we got to tap that there this will switch here and that will do that and it just unloads bullets unloads of it's ridiculous like it's just like a constant stream coming out of empty shells drop that guy it'd be cool if there was a like a belt-fed version of this just a bunch of submachine gun rounds belt-fed into this thing it's nuts that is all right I got the vector 45 shroud and it's last on the machine gun submachine gun list unfortunately I do believe there were probably more coming soon but it's got the front grip and it's got this extended barrel but I don't believe it is a suppressor so I'm not exactly sure what it does sounds exactly the same as it without the shroud thingy here I'm just gonna call it X that's in the name I imagine that's what it's for but it's pretty cool what it fires exactly the same all right let's give it another shot and that was all the submachine guns an h3 VR if you liked this video leave a like below leave a comment if you don't see anything specific I always appreciate that and I'll catch you in the next episode llama trash can

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  1. I'll say this, I've held the M1A1 and the 1928 model and if you have shorter arms (such as myself), it's a VERY awkward firearm to hold and aim because of how far you have to lean your head to aim and the stock is longer so it literally feels like taking a branch and putting it at your shoulder. Very little room to adjust yourself to it and the rear the sights are so far back but it's very satisfying to have a WW2 SMG in the palms of your hands.

  2. Great Video but you make the video WITH OUT THE GRAND MASTER FN P90!! and plus the FN P90 is my favorite gun

  3. The Thompson or tommy gun was actually used before world war 2
    It was used in world war one and deemed the trench buster along with its close friend the trench gun aka the trench shotgun the tommy gun uses a large 45. Round making it uncommon in the smg world where most smgs are 9mm

  4. The reason why the sights weren't good on the STEN and the Grease Gun was because they were made for high production not for practical sights

  5. I loved seeing all the guns across all your vids. If I had a quibble with this one, it was that you didn't do an "HK slap" on the MP5 actions. The reason you can lock them back and up in the open position is because a full magazine may not always seat fully if attempted with the action in the forward and closed position, according to Heckler & Koch GmbH, the company behind the MP5. I'm sure you've seen on other games how an open locked action gets slapped down and forward after a fresh mag is inserted. Also, the UMP has this feature also, and also features a hold-open latch similar to that of the AR-15/M16/M4 series.

  6. As far as I know the shrouds only purpose is to extend the barrel to a legal length for civilians to own (16 inches).

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