All-New Range Rover Sport Product Film

All-New Range Rover Sport Product Film

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  1. Nothing compares to this all-rounder: Land Rover, best 4×4 by far / still designed by Briton's 🙂 even if everyone spouts off about them been effectively Indian

  2. Siete arrivati al massimo dello sviluppo e della bellezza per un'automobile! Siete i numeri 1. Land Rover, solo per i migliori!

  3. Omg that 3.0 liter diesel on the website looks tasty. 292hp, 600 nm of torque and an impressive 0-100kmh in 7,2 seconds o.O all that with a combined fuel consumption of 37.7mpg.
    Go fuck yourself prius!

  4. Land Rover
    owned by BMW ,and by Ford , now by TATA
    im afraid the engine and its parts made from TATA cars factory that in India

  5. Lets go off roading, don't forget to wear your three piece suits. Because you need to wear one to drive a RR… :-/

  6. how is right hand driving not "correct", it's just the circulation that changes. But you drive exactly the same way.

  7. Damn its ugly..someone really messed up somewhere..sad to see someones messing such a good thing up…the RR is no longer the " RR"

  8. I'd like to see one engineer on this planet, who sits at his desk, cracking down to a revolutionary new solution, while dressed in his fancy suit :))

  9. راااااااااااااااائعه
    رنج سبورت سوبر تشارج
    كم انا فخور في انني احد ملاكها
    سبورت 2011

  10. Biggest market for LRs is LHD, makes sense considering the size of our little island. Be proud of the export!

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