The Lockheed Martin F 22 Raptor is considered
to be the most potent fighter in the world. But it had one major flaw – it couldn’t
communicate with other platforms seamlessly. The US military is very much aware of it and
things are now going to change. 13 years after entering service with the U.S.
Air Force, the F-22 Raptor will be able to voicelessly communicate with warships, ground
forces and other jets. The U.S Air Force and Lockheed Martin plans
to start installing Link-16 datalink to Raptors in 2020. The full fleet of F 22, roughly 180 will have
this installed in a phased manner. In this video, Defense Updates analyzes why
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ship and three days of premium account time as a bonus. Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor is a fifth-generation,
single-seat, twin-engine, all-weather stealth tactical fighter aircraft developed for the
United States Air Force (USAF). The result of the USAF’s Advanced Tactical
Fighter (ATF) program, the aircraft was designed primarily as an air superiority fighter, but
also has a ground attack, electronic warfare, and signal intelligence capabilities. F 22 Raptor is the first operational aircraft
to combine supercruise and super-maneuverability. Supercruise is the ability to have sustained
supersonic flight without having to use the highly inefficient afterburners. With this F 22 can intercept targets which
subsonic aircraft would lack the speed to pursue and an afterburner-dependent aircraft
would lack the fuel to reach. F 22 incorporates super-maneuverability which
makes it a capable dogfighter. Its agility can be gauged from the fact that
it can pull off highly demanding areal maneuvers like Pugachev’s Cobra. This is possible due to very powerful dual
Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 after-burning turbofan engines. The engine can be considered as an engineering
marvel since American rivals are still finding it difficult to develop something like this. Russian Su 57 is facing issues in this department
and using the AL-41F1 engine used in Su 35. The serial production of more powerful engine
known as the Izdeliye 30 has seen multiple delays. Even with that, it may not be able to super-cruise
at more than Mach 1.6. Chinese J 20 uses Russian AL-31F engines which
is the predecessor of AL-41F1 and has till now struggled to make an indigenous engine
suitable for a 5th generation aircraft. F 22 Raptor is developed from grounds up to
be stealthy. F22 is the stealthiest fighter ever build
& has very low RCS (Radar Cross Section) of only 0.0001 m2. It achieves this due to its structural design
as well as the use of Radar Absorbing Materials (RAM). It can’t be detected by most radars. So, it can strike without the enemy knowing
it is there in the first place. China and Russia have found it very difficult
to master stealth even today. Reports have emerged that a Sukhoi Su-30MKI
of the Indian Air Force managed to detect the Chinese Chengdu J-20 jet fighter. To know more, check the video on the above
card. This elevates doubts about the Chinese fighter,
which was already regarded as a decorated 4++ generation fighter by many experts. India last year decided to stop working with
Russia on the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft program, or FGFA. FGFA was deemed to be an improved & customized
variant of Su 57. One of the main reasons for this is that the
Su 57 was found to have suspect stealth capabilities that can’t be fixed with small changes. As per some analysis, Su 57 has an RCS of
0.01 m2 which makes it around 100 times larger on the radar when compared to F 22. One of the most important aspect of a fighter
aircraft is its radar. Radars are like the eyes for them. There was no budget limitation when the AN/APG-77
radar was developed for F 22 Raptor. No compromises were made and this keeps it
at the top even today. The AN/APG-77 radar features a low-observable,
active-aperture, electronically scanned array that can track multiple targets under any
weather conditions. It has a range of around 400 km against 1
m2 target. This radar can also be used for electronic-attack
by focussing its signals on the enemy to overload their sensors. The radar changes frequencies more than 1,000
times per second to resist jamming and has Low Probability of Intercept meaning that
the enemy has no warning that a radar lock has been achieved against it. With AN/APG-77, F 22 Raptor can gather a lot
of data and some experts have said that the Raptor pilot has “God’s Eye View” of the
battle-space. But Raport can’t share this view with other
platform and this is where Link-16 comes in. Link 16 is a military tactical data link network
used by the U.S, NATO and nations allowed by the MIDS International Program Office (IPO). Its specification is part of the family of
Tactical Data Links. With Link 16, military aircraft as well as
ships and ground forces may exchange their tactical picture in near-real-time. Link 16 also supports the exchange of text
messages, imagery data and provides two channels of digital voice (2.4 kbit/s and/or 16 kbit/s
in any combination). Link 16 data communications standards and
technology were developed in the U.S. JTIDS program, which began in 1975. The first JTIDS terminals or Class 1 terminals
were large and were installed only on AWACS and in U.S., U.K., and NATO ground-control
facilities. Smaller JTIDS terminals (Class 2) were also
developed. But these were still bulky and pretty costly
which prevented wide-scale deployment – only a few fighters were equipped with these. Then the MIDS program was created to put small,
lightweight Link 16 terminals on the U.S. and participating allies’ fighter aircraft. Under MIDS, Low Volume Terminal (LVT) and
Fighter Data Link (FDL) terminals were acquired and this provided the ability to have Link
16 in fighters like F-15, F-16, and F/A-18. Link 16 is a TDMA-based secure, jam-resistant,
high-speed digital data link which operates in the radio frequency band 960–1,215 MHz With the Link 16 Raptor will be able to share
the data it is capturing with other platforms. The Air Force was looking to resolve the data-link
problem issue for some time now. But complex procedures and technicalities
prevented a quick move. The breakthrough came in 2017. Till then the US Air Force was using the ‘Waterfall’
model of development. It the conventional approach in which large
changes are made in one go after every component is ready. For 2017 onwards, ‘Agile’ development
methodology was embraced. It allowed for small incremental updates to
be pushed quickly. Upgrades that could take decades or longer
can now be accommodated in years with this approach. The agile approach has removed the bottleneck
paving the installation of Link 16. It is to be noted that even today F 22 can’t
be exported to any country as per American Federal Law which is a stark contrast to other
fighters including the F 35. It still possesses many secrets. F-22 will now be used to the fullest of its
potential and it will also take up the role of
a force multiplier.


  1. Please make a video on kill switch in weapons, how european countries secretly black mail our govt. Importance of indigenous weapons.

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  2. It is a very good jet fighter, but it misses out on being a aircraft carrier jet… Maybe the next generation will combine its strength and being to land on aircraft carriers…

  3. A Multifunctional Information Distribution System-Joint (MIDS-J) radio that replaces the current Link-16 receive-only box is expected to be operational by 2020. Ref. I didn't realize the Link 16 was download only.

  4. I love the F22, but you have to wonder what they have in DARPA in the shadows Because they stopped making the F22 is it an Anti Gravity Craft? Or hypersoniccraft? What do you think?

  5. What I find really weird is that there is an export ban on the F-22 but not on the YF-23 (which is according to US gov. sources more stealthier then F-22 , but somewhat less maneuverable) , the manufacturer even tried to offer it to Japan when they wanted to buy F-22. WTF?? O_O

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  7. Gee, that is great…
    Please send some to Afghanistan urgently.
    Our boys are been spanked by Taliban Goat Herders armed with little more than rusted AK47s for nearly 20 years, may be some air power can impose some respect on this tribal people.

  8. Question:
    Have it been tested in battle against grown up people like China or Russia?
    Or all it did was to launch panflects over tents and Goat Herds in Afghanistan?

  9. Game Changer?
    Is anybody in America concerned on changing the game in Afghanistan?
    A lot of propaganda but the only thing proven in this fighter is its SUPER expensive price tag!

  10. A nice news coming out in the area of stealth is the new Russian S500 that will fly high above the enemy fighter and will look it from above where it is as visible to radar as a jumbo jet!
    Fragmentation follows!

  11. King raptor for a six gen fighter anyone?

    Here is what the king raptor will have:

    Can lock onto and kill more than one target

    Can intercept and destroy enemy ballistic missiles like the F-35 can

    Better technology

    Better weapons

    Better armor

    Flies Mach 2.8

    Cheaper than regular F-22

    Has a point defense laser to shoot down incoming missiles

    Can fly into space to combat alien invaders like a space fighter can

    Better stealth

    Finally Can take off and land on carriers.

  12. What about the foam problem. The plates are too corrosive. Way over engineered equipment. It’s unfortunate that western nations rely on this overpriced, delicate aircraft.

  13. J20 design is optimized for ambush. Stealthy from the front to sneak up at high speed undetected. Long range even without using its' air refueling. Large air to air missiles that will no doubt be upgraded to even larger missiles with hypersonic 200 mile range. If for any reason an opposing stealth aircraft is detectable, then it will be vulnerable from 200 miles away. My guess is J20 will avoid close in air to air dogfights until an upgraded variant with better engines becomes fielded. Even then, the J20 will likely be dogfighting from 100 miles away. The non stealth fighters have a huge cost & performance advantage over stealth aircraft in close in dogfights which is probably why China will not use their J31 on carriers (J20 for long range ambush, non stealth for dogfights complimented with regionally distributed stealth detection sensors) During close in dogfights, stealth is irrelevant.

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  16. The Chinese and Russians can't do what America can do. Create seamless body components. The Russians and Chinese have pop rivets and if you look close – it's pieced together. Compromising the stealth design.

  17. My concern would be a hacker getting access to a system that is not the F-22, (maybe an older shore based installation of the Link-16  system) and then backtracking thru the other one to go 'upstream' into the F-22.  The hacker would then be able to not only see what F-22 'sees', but also be able to determine it's position in the battle space.  The enemy does not have to 'see' the F-22 on radar, if the F-22 is telling everybody on the link where it is.  Hmmmmm …  IMHO … our design guys will no doubt have thought of this, except hackers specialize in this kind of hacking (find a very remote location, and work your way back up the links to the deep inside).  Maybe they should let the F-22's supply their info to a 'control' station, then the control station 'scrubs' certain info from it then links to the Link-16, effectively 'air gapping' the actual planes from the Link-16 – just a thought.

  18. Surely they are not going to waste money installing it on the 60 that are not Combat ready and unlikely to ever be modified to be combat ready.


  20. I could’ve sworn that the sole bottleneck for the Link-16 installation was that it wasn’t LPI, like the datalink Raptor’s use to talk to each other. Has this issue been addressed?

  21. Now to go to war with F-22 Raptor, except they won’t because it’s too risky to lose… So 150 million to buy, upgrades and maintenance over the life cycle another 1150 million, 1.3 Billion per plane. Sound use of taxpayer money?

  22. I wonder how this data link helps the pipes in Flint Michigan.

    Hundreds of thousands of people in the affected areas are deeply concerned

  23. Obama pulled the plug on production and thru out the tooling for the most advanced fighter in the world. What a shame!

  24. I remember the video done about F35 being detected by a German radar but the incident was explained away saying that it’s radar reflectors were active. Could that be the same for the J20 detection story or were the Chinese not intending to be tracked in the first place? Any thoughts?

  25. Little Sweden and Saab defense systems integrated link-16 already 2007 with their well know tactical link, which is considered (of course not by USA) to be the one of the best. Anyhow, good way to keep the F-22 alive for some years more.

  26. Why do we have to Announced to the world whatever new technologies added to our planes/ships etc. the enemies are already working on countering it by years end it’s already obsolete.

  27. Speculative Statement……….6th generation aircraft will be totally AI Integrated with the ability to acquire targets, chose weapon systems and decide kill decisions. The aircraft will be unmanned and able to fly at hypersonic speeds and pull G’s that are unattainable today. The aircraft will also be able to integrate with All present communication systems, deploy with a teams drone attack vehicles, forward eyes and ears for target acquisition and weapon system integration at land and sea.

  28. Figured they would have done this year's ago unless they're upgrading from that system to something new since most F/A-22's have been playing awacs in flashpoint or contested at a moment's notice airspace abroad.

  29. They can now do Facebook and find out they`re outgunned by the Russians and Chinese both. Bad idea. Prepare to meet thy God. Repent. Jesus saves.

  30. Now I'm confused. I thought that they couldn't put that system on the F-22 and that was the reason we went with the F-35. I guess they found a hole to put it in afterwards. That's ok just a few hundred billion spent on the F-35.

  31. what good is an f22 when America has no air to air missiles that can target even 4th gen russian jets. let alone the export su57 packing the brutal r37m – expected to go into serial production in the next few months.

  32. All what was said is true but F-22 is canceled. The number of jets will not grow it will only go down from now.

  33. 23 trillion $ in debt. So, when you need cancer treatment or education or anything that normal people in Australia or many other countries have for free you’ll call your airforce to help. You are definitely the richest in debt and dumbest country on earth. Who or what else on this planet could possibly love their weapons of mad destruction like you do?

  34. Panic will ensue when the enemy Pilots just seeing their planes blow up and not seeing where the fire is coming from

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  36. Im calling the driver of this F 22 flying around my house ! Yo Man ! What you looking for ? Your Girl friend left here few hours ago ! I don't have her ! Don't shoot up my lawn again or your going to repair it .

  37. Again the supremacy of the F22 Raptor is questionable; not to say it's a "lame duck". Far from that…  The so-called American rivals will very likely have other methods to counter the American 5th generation combat aircraft. Regardless of the super cruise necessity. The sheer size of Russia is its best defense, massive and virtually impenetrable. Regarding the apparent "invisibility" of the F22, it's a myth. All aircrafts emit heat; heat from friction and solar heating also heat given off by jet engines, making most jet if not all visible by IR sensors. China and India are both part of BRICS, meaning friends and not enemies. There is a nuance to highlight in the statement: The Su30 managed to detect the J20. Fake news and/or propaganda from BRICS nations? Laughable! During friendly combat drills, the F117 would "wear" some electronic apparatuses in order to become noticeable. Perhaps the same approach was used by the Chinese while flying along the Indo-China border. Nevertheless it's a boost to the Su35 IRBIS radar's reputation (deriving from the BARS radar installed onboard the Su-30 MKI). China is projecting 500 J20 probably with Quantum Radars (versus 187 Raptors? Hmm!) and Russia will likely have the high flying, superfast MiG-41equipped with Photonic Radars (when it will become available) to do the "dirty" work of detecting and destroying the elusive fighters and bombers. One can super cruise and hide yet visible to those flying high above and looking down.

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