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  1. So what happens if you do try to fight like this these days? There is nothing that outright prohibits it right?

  2. Hey Micah, I saw this video and I remembered that you too are disappointed that WTF taekwondo has transformed from "foot boxing" to "foot fencing." Well fret not, someone somewhere is still practicing taekwondo the badass way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1BqPzIo4t4

    I stumbled on it while looking at old "Pro Taekwondo" videos, which was a short lived "pro" series in the 90s. That old series has some pretty good fights you would enjoy too. The Hyon Lee vs Danny Kim one is pretty good.

  3. At :16 was that an ITF or Open Tournament or something? COuldn't help but notice the chest gear.

    Takes me back to my point days. Not practical… but the sparring is a fun game.

  4. Hey Kwon, can you have a weekly Q&A section from your fans in addition to your podcast? We want to interact with you.


  5. Happy New Year! Have you sparred with an e-hogu? It'd be cool to get a video on your thoughts of how electronic scoring has changed sparring strategy and styles!

  6. Push hard and use the positive thoughts to get better and use the negative to be the better than what you once were and become the best only if you wanted badly enough all the best

  7. I hate where taekwondo has gone today. Your video is what I remember at tournaments. When I watch major tournaments today I don't feel any power. Everyone seems softer.

  8. Dumb question so forgive me. I watch these tournament videos and everyone just has their arms hanging by their sides. And they seem to do zero blocking. Just seems so weird to me. Why is it done this way?

  9. Never said this but you inspired me years ago to do martial arts, and now I'm 3-0 in kickboxing.. please keep up the good work and motivation OSSSS!!!

  10. Yo Kwon just want to say love your videos man. I train in Pai Lum King Fu and eventually after watching your videos you inspired me to try my hand at Tae Kwon Do as well. Keep it up man and I hope your ailment will not trouble you anymore.

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