Amazing 200 Yard Trick Shot with Archery Bow

Amazing 200 Yard Trick Shot with Archery Bow

the program you are about to see contains extremely dangerous shooting exhibitions this program reports the achievements of highly skilled professional exhibition shooters do not attempt to duplicate these events on this episode of impossible shots from the shoulder too boring from the hip too boring come on over the head that's where we decipher between the boys and the man Patrick Flanagan to the extreme now how are you gonna get some Mountain mouths that fast I don't know yet I just made this up we're going long-range with the hunting bow 200 this is gonna be my first and mr. Flint locks putting down his rifle we need a little change of pace once more in front in the tradition of the Great Exhibition shooters and showman from the past today's expert marksman challenged themselves in speed and accuracy what they do with pistol rifle huambo and shotgun the title these are the impossible shot and 200 yards with a hunting bow this is impossible shots I'm trying to make the impossible possible shooting USA's impossible shots is brought to you by shooting USA's impossible shots reporting the stories of the world's best exhibition shooters it's middle America defines Plainville Illinois be anything but playing home of one of our new guys compound bow master Randy actor Plainville Illinois this is what it's all about Randy the wide-open space the corn everywhere you know what that get suspect oh yeah of course dick he's already got this part of the deal figured out now usually it's Bob Munden or Jerry Miculek dialing it in from the 200-yard mark this though is different long-range shooting with the hunting bow I mean tell us about this thing and how far are you thinking well this right here is the Matthews monster and it's shooting at 27 is draw at 70 pounds 311 30 seconds and I think that we're gonna give it a try 200 yards today 200 yards that's what I'm thinking the impossible shot we'll let you start at 100 we'll work our way back from there the Thunder you can hear it yeah so we start yeah we better hurry get to it but yeah we got football field that we're gonna start out and then we're gonna see if we can use to football all the rains coming first up a hundred yards boom hundred yards football field folks there was no problem but the pink yeah well dad put him up you know the thing about it is all I can say is it takes a real man to shoot paint and you know just kind of you know get Snicket's me to thinking and wanting to shoot it you know partner always bad fall through oh yeah he always always blame dad so it's – oh never my fault so we're working our way toward 200 so I guess we'll go back to 150 which is a shot that that maybe one out of every I don't know 50 million hunters to go off but let's just go try it a hundred and fifty yards on the way to 200 boo-yeah 150 yards baby what are you gonna say man I mean 150 again not really too much of an issue but you're starting to have a little bit more trouble I'm guessing sighting that thing yeah there's a little bit of an arc I had to actually aim six feet over the target so we're gonna have to probably aim probably 14 to 15 feet and 200 yards to pull this shot off if I can do it the impossible shot screw shows up guys start doing crazy things have you ever even tried that shot no 150 is the first I've ever shot 200 this is gonna be my first this is what we like the best shooters in the world try new thing right beyond a possible shots this has never been seen before 200 yards can he do it we'll see so we can do it this is impossible shot that I'm trying to make the impossible possible for the long-distance shooting today Randy's using his matthews monster bow and easton epic 500 arrows now the first shot misses just low and like an impossible shots veteran would he's blaming the wind well the thing is the way the winds been blowing you know you have to kind of compensate a little bit for the wind and hopefully that I get lucky and compensate the arrow into the balloon there's that thunder again yeah I know we gotta hurry man two hundred yards it's indescribable how far this is I mean you go on the internet you go on to YouTube any place like that you're not going to find archers making 200 yards shots with a hunting bow for crying out loud this would be something special before we go 200 yards man second shot two football fields yeah that's awesome that's an impossible shot made possible with the matthews monster yeah I think your reaction said it all right there 300 yards yards man 200 yards I never in second shot no less I mean unbelievable it was just the concentration I had the concentration down I knew exactly how far I had to compensate and left out and got it and maybe the best part for you when it comes to a long-range shot like this I mean that arrows traveling so fast about three hundred and eleven feet of 311 foot a second so you get to actually win it way when you focus back in on that target you can actually enjoy seeing the target yeah it's bright it's fantastic I mean when when the bow went off and you know there's you know a pause there watching and all of a sudden you can see the arrow go right to the target and watch the balloon explode and I mean it's just a phenomenal feeling I can't even describe the feeling that I had watching that balloon exploded 200 yards so he football field so the theme that we had going from the beginning here in Plainville the wide-open spaces the the corn just beautiful Plainville Illinois long distance shooting it worked it worked in acrylic it's awesome

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  1. congrats ,now the announcer guy keeps making comment doing these shots with a hunting bow, well only difference between a target bow and hunting bow is the color of it and as for being first time making that shot is total bull shit. there is no way he can drop back from 150 to 200 not knowing where to put his sight. he had to get that shot on before he could just up and do it simple as that,,not impressive over all…..

  2. based on how excited as he gets, its obvious it took him dozens of shots till he finally hits it. literally anyone can do this if we get to edit out all our misses.

  3. Just started to degest a bunch of archery vids after getting my first compound. And i get the feeling that the "bow community" have a sore spot for people that can aim. Just my impression. Jelousy is a bitch 🙂

  4. To sum up this video, it goes like this; "Hey guys it's a perfect windless day and I just set the sight on my bow to 200 yards. Let's see what happens when I shoot at a 200 yard target when my sights are set for 200 yards…… yup. Darn the wind picked up, I'll blame the wind until it stops or until I fire enough times to hit my target."

  5. A 150 pound, Mary Rose replica longbow is accurately able to shoot a 53.6 gram (1.9 ounce) arrow, 328 metres (360 yards). I'd like to see this guy, who predominantly shoots compounds, shoot a Mary Rose replica longbow 200 yards, and hit the target.

  6. Oh FFS look at all the trash talk in the comments, get over yourselves guys it's a bloody good shot. if you can do so much better post it up

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