34 Replies to “Amazing Fence Pressure Washing Compilation”

  1. What i want to know what did the first guy use on his pressure washer it was amazing one quick pass and it left it like new

  2. I just spray painted mine with waterproof wood stain after washing fence off with high pressure nozzle on my garden hose. Turned out beautiful

  3. Using chemicals is bad for the soil. If you use chemicals it needs too be recovered. In most places using chemicals is illegal if you don't recover the waste water properly. There is also hefty fines involved with anyone caught using them. Look up EPA laws and you will see it. The fence still come clean with hot water the proper technique and the right psi without the use of chemicals. Showing people these things without knowing the laws is reckless and could wind up getting someone in trouble. If the fence has any contaminants on it all even if you only use water it must be recovered. At least in the United states.

  4. Ponçage je veux bien mais décaper au karcher je me demande à la fin de quelle couleur fini la pelouse

  5. Будьте добры скажите на русском языке это кипятком так они очищают
    Если нет то что это
    Спасибо 🤗

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