11 Replies to “Amazing Sportsmanship In Sabre Fencing”

  1. You should've added Race Imboden trying to video review a point the ref gave him cos he didn't pay attention just for shits and gigs lmao

  2. There's this one video of a bout where this one dude calls for a video against himself (the ref gave him the touch but he knew it wasn't his)

  3. Sometimes it's fun to receive (participate in) an amazing touch. Those who disagree don't truly love the sport.

  4. There's still never been a fencing video that makes me tear up. It's just a little dusty in here. Thanks CoC for all you do for our sport.

  5. I love seeing the good sportsmanship that this sport has… on the other hand I’d love to see a compilation of a certain Italian fencers poor sportsmanship… great video keep up the amazing work

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