American Animals (2018) | Official US Trailer HD

American Animals (2018) | Official US Trailer HD

[bell ringing] Here I feel like you’re waiting for
something to happen. It pains me to see you embarrass your father. But you don’t know what it is. You’re in.. or you’re out. That thing that could make your life special. You’re in… or you’re out. You’re in.. or you’re out. How can I tell you if in or I’m out without you telling you the first thing about what I might be in or out of? This would be something dangerous
and very exciting. This library is home to the most valuable book in the United States. Twelve million dollars. You really need to see how easy this is gonna be. Oh you know this from all your previous heists. Can I just say how dumb this entire
thing is? How do you know no one’s gonna get hurt? I don’t want you waking up
years from now wondering what could of happened… and who you could of been. Are you sure you’re okay? C’mon!!!! This is my life, this isn’t some game! Can you please do not touch the model? Thanks. Let’s do this.

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  1. Another movie glorifying criminals?! How about a movie encouraging people to do honest work for a living instead of stealing hard working people's stuff?!

  2. This was filmed in my college town, and I had a chance to meet Evan Peters, but I didn't. I'm pissed.

  3. Wow I saw my buddy. He has been acting for 2 years and made the big screen already.. He is the black security guard they showed.Name Al Mitchell

  4. This is absolutely based on a true story, those guys when to my high school and stole the books from Transylvania University, 😂

  5. I grew up in this Town. Transylvania University is the last place on earth you'd think that this would ever happen.

  6. I just saw this and LOVED IT. Don't want to set expectations too high but if you like heist or true-story films, this one is pretty great

  7. Peek right under the surface… more negative crap masquerading as exciting "entertainment"… in reality it is negative ENTRAINMENT… totally demoralizing. From "AI Films"… what does that really say ? Get a clue everyone, these types of films are bad for you and especially bad for your guileless children who will lionize these cheating thieves as bold anti-heroes… AND no telling what sort of subliminal frames are imbedded… you wonder why the world is sick ? These types of films are part of it. The wood of the Holly tree is what the "magik" wands of sorcerers was made of… and if you think that is a mere coincidence, then their SPELL casting is working fine on you (spells… SPELLING WORDS)… break the enchantment people… wake up. While you're being entertained/entrained the world is being destroyed… and it is all interconnected and by design. Movies and art should uplift us not demoralize… Hollywood has presently taken the left handed path…

  8. The only thing the trailer spoiled was my chance of getting over this migraine headache….Sweet Baby Jeebus, those sound effects were irritating….

  9. So in America, you can hold a librarian hostage, serve 7 years in prison, then make millions on a movie about the horrible thing you did. Fucking disgusting.

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  11. Ooh I love that Evan Peters is in this and also Blake Jenner! That's sooo cool! I remember him being in The Glee Project and on Glee!!

  12. Alright, this movie has me having so much expectations as it remarked in the description as “the best art robbery in history” which is not close to being fucking true because they don’t even steal it. The movie was exiting at the beginning but all they did was go to a library and beat the shit out of an all lady instead of tranquilizing her or simple holding a gun at her and tell quietly cuff her, they steal the art and do a terrible job at simple transporting it, and they end up being caught because they’re too stupid to use another email THAT DOESN’T HAVE THEIR ADDRES, PHONE NUBMER, AND THE DEALERS CONVERSATION ON IT. Anyway this all it is, it’s just a shitty failure to be honest that has nothing to learn from expect don’t beat old ladies which we all fucking know not to.

  13. American Gangster , American Made , American Hustle …….Could we Please Come up With Some More Titles That Don't Start With "American" ……..It's Like Punk Bands That Start With "The" ……

  14. I was very conflicted watching this movie. Obviously, I can't deny this movie was well-directed and well-acted similar to Ben Affleck's "The Town", Spike Lee's "Inside Job" or Martin Scorsese's "Casino." That was true. But, it's very troubling to witness a group of Caucasian students committing a serious crime that could have led to some deaths (since we still don't know for sure whether or not they were armed), and getting a slap-on-the-wrist for their crimes. 7 years for millions of dollars of theft including bounding an old school librarian? What a joke. These are affluent white students who were provided every opportunity in life to succeed yet still succumbed to theft and extortion. We live in a terrible double standard where our society disproportionately punishes the most disadvantaged innercity black males for the SAME CRIMES as their white equivalents. I guarantee you if these kids were named Rashad and Jamal and they came from poor black neighborhoods, the federal judge would not be so nice and all of them would be facing 30 years to life even if it was their first offense. The circumstances behind this crime are bullshit: it was their first offense; they got good grades; the are good wholesome kids from good families. No, they are just white kids from white families not to mention only 1 of the kids were actively enrolled in school at the time. Nothing more. The movie is troubling because these criminals got royalties off this movie, so it sends the message that crime truly pays. Had they stayed in school and not committed any crime, they wouldn't be getting any royalties. It was a really good movie but it was laid on a terrible precedent: rewarding some really bad kids for a really bad crime. Also, race is not remotely a factor the same way it would be if the kids were black. You can't beat the hypocrisy of White America enough. It's not the seriousness of the crime that ever matters, it's how racist and partial the prosecutors and judges are. That's the only thing that matters in White America.

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