25 Replies to “An easy way to remove metal fence posts using items you (likely) already own.”

  1. Thanks for posting this video my friend. I’ve have a pole in my back garden for over 30 years which I tried digging out and gave up. Your method is so methodical and works. I love your cameraman too. Tell him he did a great job!! Viewing from the UK 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  2. I have a number of T-posts on my property that I've been puzzling over how to get out without destroying. I have tried a 2-ton bottle jack with various other tools and couldn't get it to hold. I found your video and tried the pipe wrench; it worked like a charm. Thank you. And kudos to the cameraman. 😉

  3. id love to own a pipe wrench like that one
    mighty tool
    however i didnt see how was it holding the pipe
    do you hand tighten the wrench?
    thank you

  4. i sure will click like
    you are a good cameraman forgive my english im a foreigner
    (i learned my english on a coupon i pulled out of nutella jar
    basically won it but the teacher didnt like me much for spelling wrong on purpus)
    i loved how you zoomed it on the raising dirt coming out of the ground
    may be you become a professional cameraman one day
    hello from sarajevo, bosnia
    p.s. learn your spelling well so you dont end up spelling like me

  5. very good… the chain kept slipping.the jack and pipe wrinch shouldbe in all tool inventory.I couldn't figure how to keep the chain on the post and broke my back pulling on the post. thanks

  6. Of the four techniques I saw on youtube, yours is so much better. Gonna try it. Good helper you have there but he must be a little more still. Got semi-dizzy watching your video.

  7. This was the CUTEST instructional video I've ever seen?? I usually jump right to the part I want to know about but in this case I watched the whole thing start to finish. Great job and awesome tip – I'm off to attack my backyard

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