39 Replies to “And of course, deer love playing some soccer too!”

  1. Does anyone know the location of this event it looks just like the fields on ordnance rd park in glen burnie maryland , the building in the background is built exactly like the correctional center next door green metal roof also park building matches correctional center just wanted to know I'd this is where it happened because i know they have a lot of games there and known for deer in area

  2. Hi Sean! We'd love to feature this in a video piece for BUSINESS INSIDER. Let me know if you'd be interested! Thanks.

  3. ITS FOOTBALL NOT SOCCER U PEE-BRAINED EAGLE FUCKERS AMERICANS!!! (sit back and enjoy the war i ve just started! )

  4. The ball has no change of direction, watch in slo-mo and you will see that the trajectory of the ball remains unchanged. Deer simply ran across the field. Sorry to be a buzzkill

  5. It looked somewhat fake to me…

    But if it was real, it looked like the kid kicked the ball and the deer headed it. So the goal goes to the deer.

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