Angela's Modern Rail Fence Quilt | Midnight Quilt Show with Angela Walters

Angela's Modern Rail Fence Quilt | Midnight Quilt Show with Angela Walters

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  1. The color matching might also have something to do with the wine consumption! Wine makes everything better! But I dont like red……… wine, that is!

  2. I just found your show so, I'm watching from the beginning. I am new to quilting and decided to start watching YouTube. I noticed you cut your strips with fabric folded. Another one told us to only cut fabric strips to get the straight cuts. Isn't that what final squaring up does? I love these colors in you quilt

  3. I tried to make this and I ended up making a lot of mistakes but still ended up with a nice quilt top.

  4. Its beautiful, but I really wish you could actually show the finished quilt for more than half a second. All you expert quilters only show the finished product for like one second. We love the closeups but really want to see the whole thing. You are incredibly talented and I love your teaching videos!

  5. Love your designs and you make it look so simple, but when I try it it just ends up a mess! You do make it fun to watch so thank you.

  6. Love those fabrics!!!! Speaking of which, where did you get those fabrics? I'm sew excited because I started a jelly roll quilt and the strip is so long and I'm not halfway through yet!!!!

  7. I've seen close to all of your videos now, and this is my favorite. Don't know how much of this is for show, but if I quilted, it would be with an identical attitude! Thank you for bringing smiles to my days (and awesome fabric color choices – I love dark quilts).

  8. I love this pattern so much I have bought it and it is in my To-Do list ever since but I'm from Argentina and having trouble doing the maths to convert it from a throw size to a twin size. Can you help me with this? What should I do? I love this show sooo much!!

  9. Really enjoyed this lesson with Angela she is just makeing an awesome quilt and having good time too…who doesn't want this?

  10. Love this pattern. I have a lovely jelly roll that I'd love to use, but the blocks would be different. Do you think it would look ok?

  11. I recognize a couple of those batiks! I took a beginner quilt class at my LQS and we did a sampler quilt. I loved the rail fence! Um….and well all the others, too!

  12. Just found your programs. Love them. The information is presented with pertinent information without all the tedious details. Great personality. Starting from the beginning.

  13. The Midnight Quilt Show now has our OWN channel! Subscribe for new episodes 😀

  14. I made this pattern but I couldn't get this fabric. My colors are close though. I want to quilt this myself so do you start in the middle and work to one side then work back to the middle and out again?

  15. Love, love, love your show! Love this quilt
    Please can you one day show us how you add your backing and batting and do the binding xxxx

  16. I just watched this again for about the 50th time even though I just sewed this one but I have to get some backing fabric so was looking for inspiration. Did you use regular cotton or Batik fabric?

  17. I just finished piecing my Rail Fence today. My colors are similar to yours so I was wondering what color thread you used to quilt it?

  18. I'll loving this quilt very much! Excellent fabric selections. I love the rich deep colors. You're so funny too! I love watching your videos so please keep them coming!

  19. Love the MQS! Great choice of fabrics, pleasing design. It's more important to finish a quilt than for it to be perfect – so true, but easier said than done!

  20. I HAD to click on this…that material made the most BEAUTIFUL quilt…I would love to have this one!

  21. I just watched this again, I am so tickled, I GOT THE PATTERN!!!!! Can't wait for the next quilt. I also downloaded the quilt your Gramps taught you. Hugs Ang.

  22. Hi Angela. I have watched the tutorial or video on the modern rail fence/log cabin quilt. I love it, it's beautiful, simple, and you remind me of the way is was back in the day lol. It says this pattern is free, but am not able to get it. I understand the concept, but it's the measurements for the cuts on the strips after they are sown together. How many strip sets did you make? If someone out there has the measurements p,ease pass them on a really really want to make this quilt. Thanks for all you do Ang. You are a real sweetheart.

  23. In the midst of trying this out with an Edyta Sitar precut strip set I bought ages ago. Mine is more scrappy but I think it looks great. So easy too!

  24. I binged on these videos last night…this gal is not only VERY talented, but she funny as all get out. Educational, too!

  25. Angela I just love your video tutorials. You are so funny and you make it look like a piece of cake to make these quilts. Please never stop producing these great video tutorials.

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