Anna's Taekwondo Skills are Insane! | Little Big Shots

Anna's Taekwondo Skills are Insane! | Little Big Shots

don't be fooled by the sweet exterior of nine-year-old Taekwondo Titan Anna [Applause] do you find that boys have an attitude about girls doing Taekwondo the boys think oh it's just a girl they'll be easy but sometimes when they go in the ring they get through with wrong the girls can do anything a snippet there main to it yeah absolutely they can I wonder then whether you could show me a few moves would you be happy to I mean obviously they need to be moves that you know that are right for an elderly novice like me all right don't hurt me okay so the first one see if throw your leg up and you just chop it down right that's completely terrified me right okay I don't know if I can do it as well as you if I did it that high honestly I wouldn't be walking all right ready [Applause] [Laughter] that's cheating I'm aware of that any others that's just it easiest all right thank goodness than that [Applause] so bendy aren't you do you have any other hobbies that you do as well besides Taekwondo people have fellow up beating excellent you know my brother and I I'm 59 right my brother I think he's 61 and still know if I'm sitting near him we have to start a little fight we're wrestling we're too old to be doing that 59 I thought you were like 33 or something like that [Applause] subscribe to watch the latest videos visit the little big shots channel to watch more you

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  1. What if I just post a video of hand to hand combat? Lol im gonna be in the show with Billy Crawford.

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