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  1. She gets a horse when she doesn’t even know much or anything g about them, she hadn’t been riding for long, and she never rides her horse, she is a green rider and a green horse, not s good match, never get horses for there looks. I have been riding since I was 4 professionally, I started when I was 2 but didint ride regularly or showing until I was 4 and not after I’ve turned 13 soon I’m finally getting a horse, I know my stuff, I’m a showjumoer and I want to get the horse for me, I don’t care about it’s looks just make sure it’s big enough, is gentle because I’m defiantly not a project horse owner ready yet, and can jump high!

  2. Please tell me this horse is at a better place now instead of a slaughterhouse or with these people still

  3. I have been riding for 10 years and it really annoys me when people who don’t even know how to trot get horses like you should wait A FEW YEARS MABYE !!!

  4. Clueless people! A young green broke horse is not a good pick for a green rider.
    Animals are not fashion accessories!

  5. Annie: ive already waited so long


  6. Luna is NOT perfect for u ok?! She is a green horse (btw green horse means: untrained and inexpeirenced) and aninie is a green rider! U guys r NOT equstrians and know NOTHING about horses!

  7. "Weve got piper shows dog much like a horse."

    What do u think u r saying? I am tottaly offended horses are WAY diffrnt then dogs!

  8. This family goes through so many animals it’s making me insane. I have been an equestrian for 10 years now and I still don’t feel 100% comfortable with owning a horse of my own. This family is traveling all the time and you can’t tell me they have time for all these animals especially a large animal like a horse. Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. Look I have been with horses all my life and have our own stables and personally I don’t think you should of gotten Annie a horse when you don’t even look after it !? X

  10. There is so much wrong with this.

    A. Annie knows NOTHING about horses.
    B. Annie can barely ride. (Like you need to know how to at least sit the trot properly and canter)
    C. Green+Green=Black and Blue. (Meaning that you DON'T but a beginner rider on a green horse. This is a great way for Annie or Luna to get hurt, also when (not if) Annie gets hurt Luna is going to be labeled as 'dangerous ' while it's all your fault)
    D. Your 'trainer' is terrible. (If she was half decent she would know that you should have bought a older trained horse at least 15 or so)

    I could list the whole alphabet.


  11. Not even a minute into the video and I hear "the horse has to be 3 years old to ride it which I didnt even know" oh great!

  12. Mommy when am I getting a horse as soon as we find the right horse. My mum would say no your not getting a horse

  13. Pony phase 🙄🙄 I mean I love Annie and I watch them all the time but she SHOULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN A HORSE. I have been riding since I was 3 and I am 13 I still don’t own my own horse

  14. She does not deserve that horse first of all she’s taken one lesson and she doesn’t even go there and love her and take care of her

  15. YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY!! Green rider and green horse = disaster. What a smart idea to start riding her right away. She should be getting lessons on a more experienced horse!!

  16. Omg yay Katie is back I have not even noticed but green horse and a green rider are you sure about that

  17. See where I live we call these weekend cow boys but I suppose in this case it’s a weekend cow girl. This simply means they to it for that small woosh of fun but have No experience and when it comes to commitment they back out

  18. I don't think they even know what the terms "green horse" and "green rider" mean. I'm TrIgGeReD!!! Although I am completely against her owning a horse, I would not mind this as much if it were an older TRAINED horse and she did her own research and KNEW what she was doing.

  19. Omg u can’t just buy someone. A horse 🐎 u have to have a lot of training and what happens when they moved to the apartment?

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