welcome to another episode of the epic family road trip in this week's episode after I got back from Florida we packed up everything and left Flagstaff heading north to the northern part of Arizona to visit some of the sights that we had missed on our first round in 2016 the first place we went to is called Antelope Canyon and it's on Navajo land and it's a guided tour but what an amazing place just absolute wonderful beauty like you've never seen before from the surface you would hardly even know the canyon was there the land that almost touches but then you go down the stairs and into this it just opens up an almost like cavernous area can't wait to show you the footage from our trip through Antelope Canyon and by the way Jason our guide awesome job buddy he's a fun guy he knows everything about the canyon where to take the best pictures so we had a really good time going through Antelope Canyon [Laughter] we're here in northern Arizona going through a place called cantaloupe and I cantaloupe the Antelope Canyon and it's spectacular the water has carved all these channels here right up to the blue sky we're in a memorandum opinion there's also copper but this week I think it has everything the upper has but both your pocket they profess it but it seems easy and water is amazing what do they call it a Navajo Sandstone and it's called a flock in over the years the water comes through a couple ends here a flash floods to top the sides and the hits makes these corners and ways definitely worth coming to check out right back from where I started you know it's not even it today wow that's one you would not know that little move you can look at that it's so narrow on top you would hardly even notice it's there but as I see from the video underneath is an amazing beautiful cavern all right so what I'm going to show you guys is a little water demonstration kind of give you guys a little bitter inside how it snuck in so what you have here is you have your sanding personally kind of seeping down into the standard following ride dry wind storm blowing a layer of dry sand on top of a layer of mud this is a continuous process that's going to keep on occurring now in the last few millions of years of its creation the wind is gonna be at strongest now when the winds at strongest it's gonna blow away what we call our surrounding sin I picked this up now around so I picked this up you guys look on the bottom there you see all the striations the layers stacking on top of each other there on the bottom so this symbolized the Navajo Sandstone now when the flash flood comes through I'm gonna carve its way through the rock now remember I was saying basically a slot canyon is how water paints itself into the canyon walls now watch as I break this a partner now look at the you guys see the ripples there on the side and the canyon wall basically the water painting itself into the wall there lock canyons safe travel you guys after a wonderful tour through Antelope Canyon we jumped in the RV and drove about 17 minutes away to a place called Horseshoe Bend which is a huge meander and another Canyon dug by the Colorado River it's a must-see if you're if you're at Antelope Canyon anyway it's really literally just around the corner and you can hike out there and there's no fee and just get some spectacular pictures it's a really neat place to hike but just don't go near the edge it's like thousand 2,000 foot drop into the water also be careful but have fun it's definitely a place you should visit if you're in northern Arizona after Horseshoe Bend we headed up to Grand Canyon National Park where we took a nice hike along the South Rim Trail morning we are heading up to rank Indian this is our second time visiting in a couple of years we came in 2016 it's amazing really excited that we get to go this time we're gonna try to get some really neat footage and maybe even camp in the park we're going to take a look and see if there's the National Park but that look way down there I'll see the river donor hey we just went to the backpack I'm sorry the backcountry office and normally have to wait at all one to four months you have to plan in advance but they found us we got the last of sites and so we are going on a two night hiking trip into the Grand Canyon now make sure you stay with us for next week's episode because it's going to be an epic honey we go all the way down three days two nights to the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River and then back up to the top you're not going to want to miss that and in the meantime we'll see you


  1. Loved your video! Quick question; were you able to do Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and the Grand Canyon in one day? Planning on visiting in Jan 2020.

  2. Great video! Beautiful footage and family! We recently took the same trip you guys did – to Lower Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. Would love it if you checked out our video if you have a chance –

  3. I just discovered your videos and love all the traveling you guys get to do! What an incredible experience for your children. When I visited lower antelope canyon it was full of people. We were packed in there like sardines. How did you guys get the canyon to yourselves? I'd love to see it again with less people on the tour.

  4. The power that water has is amazing. Then you combine it with time and it creates such beautiful things. Another awesome video.

  5. Love what y’all are doing as a family creating memories! Can’t wait till I can do the same with my family… Safe travels and God Bless!! 🙏🏻

  6. Wow the Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend look so amazing, I can't wait for The Grand Canyon Hike. As always amazing content from The Epic Family Road Trip channel. Btw I was wondering what camera are you using to vlog? and have a nice day cheers !!!

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