Anti-Centrism: Political Theories And Why They're All Wrong (Horseshoe & Fishhook Theory)

Anti-Centrism: Political Theories And Why They're All Wrong (Horseshoe & Fishhook Theory)

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  1. By the way, just to add to the irony.
    On Canadian administration that brought a lot of changes was Pierre Trudeau. The guy self describe as a radical centrist.

    In France, both Emmanuel Macron and Francois Bayrou are perceived as centrist.

    Germany is perceived as having two centrist party… The cdu at the center right and the spd at center left. They do bring changes more often than you think.

    The Swiss has like 3 or 4 parties that tries to claim the center. Most of them perceived as Bourgeois, but the Swiss party claims to be a centrist populist party.

    I believe you confuse centrism with conservatism.

  2. Reverse donut was literally my ideology even before i heard it, Bernie or trump 2020, have no place for Biden hillary bush whoever

  3. What I've considered the best horseshoe example would be opposition to marriage equality, which got more pronounced as one went further right or left, both forms of opposition taking totally different routes for totally different reasons, but ending up at least at about the same final position, even though for one side it was due to hating gays and for the other it was due to hating marriage.

  4. I first happened upon this channel when a friend of mine tried to tell me that being a centrist was essentially dumb. It was difficult to understand that this channel was satire at the time due to that exchange… oof.

  5. The most impressive thing in this video is Greg staring at the camera for 2 minutes, as the song plays. He doesnt just freeze the frame for 2 minutes no, he goes much further than that.

  6. Jreg I see your channel is growing every day, you should consider the creation of a discord server, all edu/political youtubers have one.

  7. I think we need more arbitrary political models. Here’s my contribution. “Hot Pocket Theory”, the center will always burn you

  8. >TFW anarcho-fascism fits with my political ideas, except culturally I'm 'right-wing' mostly on issues of race and nationalism.

    But seriously, your channel is a godsend for me. You're basically addressing the issues that I had with politics.

  9. Proud centrist tbh

    hey, I got strong ideas. Don’t fall for the enlightened centrist memes

  10. I only like your videos moderately but i also dislike them moderately,so i cant dislike or like them because both sides are crazy and moderates only have big brains

  11. The more videos of his I watch, the more I’m convinced that I’m watching him slowly descend into insanity

  12. > "Centrists ? What are they ?"
    > "They were once sane."
    > "But we're all rejects of the system, so what's the difference ?"
    > "They think everything is their fault and basically reject any responsibility from the system."
    > "Yeah, just like those who slowly kill themselves with ((('self-help'))), so what's the difference ?"
    > "They like the idea of being part of that system."

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