what's going on ladies and gentlemen this is Brad bishop reporting to y'all from the lines Republic I had to truly get this in for the simple fact that I'm seeing these unbelievable photos that AOC went to this empty parking lot and went to a fence and started crying and desperation and oh the humanity I don't know if that was even really AOC it looked like it may have been her been bot but have you all been noticed in these photos and the big deal it was like you know that she Scrolls she went on down she stopped off at 7-eleven got her a Slurpee with the crew they got them some corn nuts they went and picked up gas on the way to the gosh-darn border if that's even where it was taken at and then they're driving down and they come to an empty parking lot where there's a fence the fence don't even look like it's part of the the wall that's being built maybe that was just maybe a section of the border that has a fence but she sits there and she walks up and all of this white like she's an angel she dressed all in white like she's the purest of pure and she'd rocks right on up to the fence and says hey I want you to get this angle I want you to get this angle hey and you you're right there you're perfect and she just starts to think bartender cry look these people are sick these people are some of the most incredible creatures I've ever seen in my entire life it's like in the past eight years like they landed here on a freaking comet well we we have men dressed as women going to churches and libraries to tell stories to children we have a bartender who is running this show in the house we have her drive on down to a gosh-darn fence and then start to fake cry and then looks over to the right so she can get a picture of it you God very this is why I'm glad this channel exists it's much bigger than me but if y'all haven't seen throughout social media these beautiful like like like like I like I like a cat like it wasn't even someone that captured it on their phone they're beautiful like I like she hired a a wedding photographer to go take a picture ever cry out of fits thank God I don't have any link on it you don't need a link you don't need a link I tell you where a OC needs the links he's a link to a shrink because she's on the brink of losing it this is some of the most magnificent crazy stuff that all of these Marvel villains are doing like like this is why we don't like humans that's why we love our doggies I wanted to make a video for a OC and tell you that you are one of the most unbelievable specimens I've ever seen in my entire life this is Brad Bishop reporting the off of the lines of public everybody y'all come on over subscribe to the channel when you do a bail will pop up hit that Bell I'll put the beautiful photos of her dramatic Oscar non nominee deal of someone crying at a gosh-darn fence so the manatee but she ain't helping she ain't helping nothing at the bar nothing y'all be sure you hit the bell give me notifications of videos drop I'll see y'all on the next one bye bye


  1. Get this out to the public… what evidence does Muller have against Russia?? He doesn't! He actually said in his presser it was alleged…. NOT proven, no evidence!! We need to be asking this question!!!

  2. U made me crack up BradπŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜. Not only AOC who needs to go back to Hr High School but her Diploma is probably fake…or did she graduate? Anyway SO TRUE! I LOVE all my dogs I have had throughout my yrs & my 100 lb German Shepherd I have now Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more than humansπŸ•

  3. AOC saw a sign reading bill stickers will be prosecuted so she went on a month long quest to find out what bill stickers did for some one to want to prosecute him lol 😝

  4. Wow! Just thought of something, she can bartend for numbskull piglosi and her lush liberal friends in congress!

  5. These people are owned by the young Turks. They are actors. That's why they are suddenly all over. The act is but a few years old now.

  6. These people are insane using unfortunate people as pawns and setting them on their journey to the USA endangering them and when it happens that they die or get hurt it's trump's fault monsters all the dumbo crats.

  7. Surely the voters will rid the country of these socialist women that have been a curse on this country for two years

  8. OMG! πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£
    We do love our doggies cuz they're funny and cute. But you, you are hilarious and we Lions ❀ you, Brad! This was one of the best ever!!!!
    Thank you! πŸ˜‰πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ¦πŸ•

  9. AOC is TRUMP's ace in the hole! She is helping! DID TRUMP get her in that position! Yes!πŸ˜• why?
    She phuqs up both parties!

  10. This chick thinks everybody is as stupid as she is! New Yorkers who voted for this idiot should be embarrassed!

  11. Is she part of the MK-ULTRA program? It must be those solar powered rechargeable double AOC lithium batteries that operate her. She just keeps on going, and going, and going ……..

  12. AOC is mentally unstable, disturbed, misdirected communist and is a clear and present danger to our country and our freedoms. NY you guys have got to do better than a pathetic bartender.

  13. GAWD! I'd pay big bucks to see you do standup, Brad. A hot cuppa coffee and Brad is a GREAT way to start the day with tears in my eyes and chuckles to get past the left's daily exercises with their antics of psycho-babble insanity.

  14. She belongs on the other side of the fence..although i would feel sorry for our Mexican neighbors if that happened !

  15. If she's looking for sympathy tell her to get a Dictionary and look between sh*t and syphilis. What a phony bich.

  16. Not u are wrong.🀣🀣.She is Hollywood artist..She is Hypocrite 1000%%%.. thank u brother

  17. Cow Fart crying ? All for show, she couldn't give two shits about anyone!!!!i I for one, don't buy it!!!😑😑😑😑

  18. AOC. There is a difference between, SAVING PEOPLE… and Enslavement as your left party wants with the undocumented…so sick. WE KNOW AOC.. WE KNOW. your lies and acting isn't working.

  19. She's a Soros puppet just like the one with the jehad and the Palestinian. All George Soros material.

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