AOC's Dramatic Border Photos I Pseudo-Intellectual

AOC's Dramatic Border Photos I Pseudo-Intellectual

last week we talked about the whole concentration camp debacle aoc asserted that migrant detention facilities were literal concentration camps and a lot of people not just conservatives frankly uh didn't like that in fact I think the Holocaust Museum released a statement saying are they is this the same though I don't know so yeah the the latest update to this saga is aoc well that's actually a photographer who had worked with AOC released a bunch of photos I've been Pierre Aguirre I hope I'm saying that right he released on his Twitter account saying before AOC hit the national stage and was just a fairly unknown House candidate from NYC she took time away from her campaign and came down to Tornillo not sure to protest the tonnato sorry ten city housing migrant children I made these previously unpublished photos a year ago today so apparently this was in El Paso and so here we have some very dramatic posts of AOC like seemingly just bawling her eyes up she's holding her hands in her face when we actually see her face though doesn't look like there's any tears running down her also tells you a little bit of anger but strong yeah it's like sure her brow is furrowed as she has the kind of like thousand-yard stare her bright red lipstick on yeah like oh yeah like she's bending over holding her head she can't believe it and then like yeah this final when she's looking at the camera she she has an interesting face I will say that yes interesting um but yeah again look look at this photo I'm not seeing any tears here I'm sorry oh it's all staged just convenient photographer beside her she's going down to visit the border yeah it's she's looking into the camera so that you feel some more emotion there yeah and that's the thing like these they I mean some people like they got a lot of likes but I it seems like a lot of the comments and tweets replying to it are pretty critical of them even from the left yeah even even from the left because there's this is supposed to be kind of furthering the message of how heartbroken she is about the travesties being done to the children but it's like all of the photos are of you like essentially what you've done is you've posted a bunch of selfies a bunch of reaction shots also really wanted to see what what she's looking at well as I suspect there's nothing there yeah well they would have taken angles yeah Tim Poole in his video they kind of showed that like at the other side of the fence there's just like a building and you know there's some like I guess like a border officer standing there and that's why it's like even in the photos you see the other people in back of her like they're just like on her phones like she's having a freakout everyone else is kind of like just hanging out it's very very strange um yeah like if you wanted to make a statement about the children like why would you post photos about yourself it's like you're it's just really really weird to me yeah it seems more like self-promotion frankly than anything else and I'm not seeing 100% there stage but they don't strike me as genuine is what I'll say another photo that's circulating this week is much much more serious yeah and actually heartbreaking oh by the way view viewer discretion if you haven't seen it already this it's graphic it is graphic so here we have a drowned child and I think it's her father together um and I think this is the Rio Grande correct yeah so this has been making the rounds on CNN all the big news new sites and like I do just want to say that obviously child and her father drowning awful and any loss of life is terrible like the the suffering that people are going through right now I'm trying to get across the border and I'm sure like these detention facilities aren't a fun time right so I don't want to downplay the tragedy that happened there and of course like people are upset about it people should be upset about it lost the life of a child you should have empathy for them definitely of course I don't know how you can look at that and not what's happening now is that people are kind of using this photo as a symbol of the crisis at the border um you kind of conservative people's fault yeah for for blocking them I think that while it's good that we feel empathy I also think that we're almost morbley obligated to feel indignation as well and not necessarily towards these people who risked their lives to come here but for the people telling them to come here and risk their lives in the process yeah against something that violates American law right so I think it's yes we should feel empathy for them definitely it's it is seriously a tragic thing and heart-wrenching but at the same time we really have to say this is actually your fault

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  1. If the photo had been so real you would think the "offended parties" would have been included to add actual context. Maybe somebody just turned on a garbage disposal and she was scared to tears.

  2. Is it just plain ignorance projected? Stupidity honored? Political fraud? Fear of women with a brain? Or, are those who ignorantly make fun of AOC and accuse her of stupidity just plain, old fashioned liars? MAKE NO MISTAKE –

    AOC, "Science was my first passion. An Asteroid was named by @MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory in honor of my experiments on longevity – experiments I conducted out of Mt. Sinai. My research won 2nd place globally in Microbiology at @intel ISEF."

  3. Can we bring up the point that she calls our Detention centers “concentration camps” but I don’t think Jews voluntarily walked into auschwitz…

  4. they are staged. when ben shapiro went over them there is at least 2 more that show other angles into an empty lot

  5. Aoc equals Away! Off! Creature!

    I agree she has a symmetrical horse face, but she could also be a female version of that one main character in Pirates of the Caribbean 1 in my opinion.

  6. I think its absolutely mind blowing that we have actual real ppl trying to say the holocaust never happened in the first place

  7. Too bad she isn't looking north trying to get into US but can't swim and doesn't want to get clothes dirty.

  8. If these dems cared they would tell these ppl to use our ports of entry no body should die trting to sneak into this country asylum seekers dnt try and skirt the asylum process

  9. Oh no!!! Why, why, why? Why is this fence here! I can't get to the movado watch store! I need to get my watch fix!

  10. You can’t blame AOC for looking out for Hispanics because Trump is looking out for white Americans and Europeans. America is a reflection of what’s going on in the prison systems. You’re only supposed to associate and stick up for your race.

  11. Lol “you should feel empathy for them, but in the end this was your fault!” The tone of the second part of the sentence is kind of contradicting to the first part of the sentence.

  12. What’s the purpose of having a detention center in the first place? They should close them down and just send those kids back to where they came from. The US government brought this on themselves.

  13. The children aren't taken from their parents, the parents send them by themselves over the border

  14. Every day is a photo opp for her. Agree that the father and his daughter drowning is horrible. Perhaps they should have gone through a port of entry

  15. Look I'm American,but I'm tired of the blame. Just need a solution of the full facility . Every American needs to get trailers of water and food for the immigrants. We don't let people die or starve. We even treat enemies of war, better than our backyard country. Let's find a solution to take them back home or better way to get in the states. We need to be a country of good,not evil.

  16. I read that the drowned father and his family were being held in a center on the Mexican side. It got too hot in their tent, so they decided to cross the river. They came for the freebies and they died. Poor little kid, too bad her parents didn't keep her safe at home. They wanted freebies and so they risked her life and ended it.

  17. Let's blame the government and Trump for the father's bad decision to risk his daughter's life to cross a river? As a father, I am responsible for my children's safety, not the government. It's time to start holding people accountable for their own decisions. It's tragic what happened to them, and I'm sure he had reasoning for leaving where he was leaving from, but that doesn't change the fact that it should always remain a crime to illegally cross the boarder.

  18. All of the photos are of her because, it’s all about HER! She’s another shitbag politician that cares about nobody but herself… She’s gonna do NOTHING for the people of New York, unless you consider chasing jobs away a political field goal. Another useless leach like the rest of them…

  19. OK, enough is enough! Regardless of when they were taken (now or a year ago), these photos are STAGED! The web site "Snopes" states this is FALSE, in addition to some clearly bias wording. They are 100% wrong.
    I am now going to SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT, but it will take a few minutes of your time to pull-up Google Earth to drop a few 'pins' and draw a few lines to show you the actual REALITY in the photos. And be 100% assured, the photographer knows the REALITY too.
    Herein, from the 4 photos shown (which are all over the internet, along with others), AOC is standing EXACTLY at 31°26'15.56"N 106° 8'26.79"W. Drop a 'pin' there, and mark it "AOC". All Lat/Lon markings in this post are taken from Google Earth imagery of 4/7/2018.
    To the left in these photos is a massive (about 69' long x 3' wide x 10'[?] tall), double-faced, rolling gate that was pulled half-way out, over the sidewalk, and half-way into the roadway (blocking the right-hand lane, but not the left-hand lane) to stop the protesters from entering federal property with vehicles to disrupt business. Any vehicles that would approach would be funneled for passing by the BP in the left-hand lane. When the gate is fully retracted, it sits behind and along-side the sand-colored wall, whose beginning 'short' face appears in the lower left picture, just behind and above the woman with the white hat on that is behind AOC. In the 2 photos where the bottom of the 'fence' is visible, you can actually see the bottom does not touch the ground, and that in fact it is a rolling gate.
    AOC's face is directed from her location on a heading of 248.17 degrees. From the stated position above, she would be looking at a spot on the Mexican/American border (3,425' away) at 31°26'3.00"N 106° 9'3.51"W. Drop a 'pin' there. Draw a line from AOC to the 2 'pin'. Down-range, AND in between, she is literally looking at NOTHING! It is …MY… belief she chose to look in this particular direction because of the way the wind was blowing, so as not to have her hair strands blow in her face and corrupt the photos (see wind direction in photos). The photographer (his gear is VERY expensive …so I am VERY confident he knows how to frame a photograph to get EXACTLY what he wants), Ivan Pierre Aguirre, is standing at EXACTLY 31°26'15.49"N 106° 8'26.74"W. Drop a 'pin' there and mark it "photographer". He is literally standing half-way into the right-hand lane of the roadway (there will be no vehicular traffic that can harm him as the gate, just a few feet to his left, has shut-off that lane). His photos are being taken on a heading of 332.47 degrees. Drop a 'pin' at 31°26'19.17"N 106° 8'28.98"W. Using "RULER" draw a "LINE" from his position to the last 'pin', and the correct heading of his photographs should show up, as stated.
    As this group of 'protesters' and the photographer wanted something dramatic for propaganda purposes, and since they could not park inside, they made their way on foot. In that pedestrian traffic is not allowed inside, several CBP agents were sent to stop them from entering on foot; hence the half-drawn gate, hence the phony angles to make you think she was looking at and weeping over children in a camp on the other side. The reality is the facility is a border crossing station, which you will see once you pull-up Google Earth.
    BTW, I am a professional at analyzing photos and places. Often I am called on to locate an exact location of where a photo was taken anywhere in the world. There was much more data I could have provided, but it would have taken 3 times the verbiage to impart it.

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