AoE2 Build Order | Archers!

AoE2 Build Order | Archers!

what's up guys it is t90 again and I am back with an interactive build order tutorial this time we are going for the archer build now I said last time that the scenario instructs you to pick either Saracens or Vietnamese that way you're not cheating by having an eco bonus the Vietnamese are pretty good archer civilization so I think we'll go with that last time I struggled I struggled verse Koreans and we'll see if I can I could do it this time again choose Koreans so Vietnamese versus Koreans you've probably already seen the previous episodes but if you didn't this whole scenario will take us through a build order for archers and we will get a grade and I'm hoping the overall grade is an A+ in previous times it didn't quite get there oh wow that is some those are some tunes right there okay so I've said this many times I don't know exactly what order you guys would be seeing this but I will say virtually every time that's important to know get your hotkeys down so you can do what I'm doing it with a bit more ease if you're just clicking everything it can make it very taxing so I recommend practicing hotkeys so 6 on cheap to start this is standard with every build an age of empires – except with start with Chinese which can be a bit complicated might make a video on that in the future so we have our six on sheep I think every time I play this I have gone to this side for lumber so I'm gonna go here again but I'm gonna go I think here instead I don't know something about it didn't feel exactly right to me for anyway for on wood for on wood is going to be the standard for all of these builds it allows for more flexibility you can float someone to build farms if you need to bail yourself out because no one's gonna do this perfectly even me I got a B one time and so don't ask me about it though okay I'm still salty about it so fall on wood and then we will go out to that piggy over there so I actually like the fact that the resources are in the same location every time the reason I like that is because it gives you guys practice on the actual build itself and what you don't have to do is put a lot of extra focus into finding your resources now when you play it's good to practice balancing that but I think for the sake of the build order this is probably best so what I like to do here is send the next villager out and build a house so that villager can build a house and that's also our one villager on berries so this will be our second bill this guy can build a mill and it works out nicely because once this man finishes the house he'll go and help out with the mill and go right to berries yep there he is and if you have the ability to focus on it once this mill is about to complete you can get him working on the food just a bit faster so again I believe it's as for on berries yeah it did say four run berries personally for me it seems like three on berries is the better with at least with how what the timing of the house Vil and the mill and all that I think that again three is probably ideal and then I send I send the forth out afterwards okay so now this next village will go to board this is good this is about the finish so we'll run around here nice timing so this farm is not necessary but it allows for that flexibility as I said wait what did it say to do +11 the farms rest on the wood okay this is this is good so it's it's pause now we're gonna we're gonna build another lumber camp out here for a nineteen pop we might actually get housed a bit here you can use the Berry villagers or the Lumberjacks to build that house you don't have to wait for it to be a new ville but it's fine it's fine just a little bit of house just ruining our score that's all we will click up the feudal age of 23 population we will have to get loomed beforehand try and put these sheep in a position where I can send all these villagers around it sometimes you that can be here and only half the sides of the Sheep can be taken from so two more villas and you'll notice a lot of this is pretty standard with the other build order we did with most of the builders will do actually again pay attention to the Lumberjacks because they'll make things complicated or complicated then need to be okay so this is where the transition will come in you will want three villagers on gold when you're on your way up click of the feudal so we have ten wood so we have weight oh no we have that would make it nine on wood so we'll send another one now sometimes you can take the straggler trees we're gonna go out to a lumber camp though now we're 23 out of 25 population on our way to feudal remember we need to build the barracks at around the 60% mark so let's build the house first because we'll be housed otherwise so the barracks let's check the timing on this 55 % 56 57 58 59 60 percent so this barracks would be a bit late with one Ville so I'll send another villager there to help it out lumber looks good gold looks good and we'll actually this will be very convenient because we can use these villagers to build our ranges and immediately we will want to get our double bit ax upgrade for a wood chopping wait for it so this is pretty like it's a really nice build so two things to be thinking about now first of all net the rest of your villas go to gold until you get a tonne gold what you want next is enough resources to buy the blacksmith and now we have the wood so we've we've apart from the archers we're about to create we have two archery ranges and our blacksmith that's pretty much all of our wood investment needed and so the problem now is we only have a few foragers and we only have a few villagers on sheep and what we don't want to do is run out of food so every time you get sixty wood now you'll want to invest that into a farm and fortunately for us these villagers are going to finish up here so I can actually do this right now all right so making our archers they want us to get horse collar first so we could do that still sending villagers out to gold so this would be tight because we need a hundred food to go for fletching but we can do it horse collars complete so we can build our farms that's a very important upgrade to avoid those t90 farms and for the most part we're producing do you need to make sure I don't get house do you get house pretty quickly when you're doing it this way so how many we have on gold there actually says gold miners eight I've actually counted that dude okay well we'll make it eight here that's what we want to aim for and of course we're house dammit it's alright it's fine so now we're at eight keep forgetting I had multi cue on so as they said all villagers here will now make the farms for our food income that we do have fletching now this is where adjusting comes into play this builder to want to dress this 24 archers plus fletching alright so that is our goal we have fletching we need 24 archers that won't click up with that interesting alright so again it's just create archers which we're doing and hope that's that's just to unsymmetrical there we go create archers and make farms now we have lots of wood floating at the moment so what you can do is you could take some off the berries it's not ideal because that's food income you could use what did something so we will cook up soon let's get the wheelbarrow upgrade this is very important for your economy how many archers we at 11 we're halfway there living on a prayer that's a perfect gold camp just the efficiency is off the charts there I love it so if you control group your ranges all together you can just press the control group so I'm pressing 3 and then I just click archers and it queues it up between both ranges it's quite nice it is dangerous to create too many because then you won't have the resources for farms but that's something you learn as time goes on now we are currently at 16 archers so I'm going to try and aim for the goal they set for me and of course if I if I farmed a little bit earlier with some Lumberjacks you know pulled them off of wood it would have been fine how many farms do we have at the moment see 16 should be good enough if I remember correctly from at least like the numbers I've been thinking of myself when I play but I might be wrong with that I think 16 should be more than enough yep we're getting close so now I'm starting to send a few more villagers over to wood we don't need the food anymore and we can actually cancel an archer and click up to castle age that's a pretty good time obviously we could have been fighting with all these archers they have the fletching upgrade pretty solid situation if you ask me and then you can get the gold mining upgrade which is really nice here makes your gold miners a bit more efficient you're floating the resources for it make new lumber camps if you can might not seem like there's a big difference but there definitely is a big difference when the villagers are so close here I'll try and spread them out evenly where you can we've been housed a few times already so we got addy addy are you kidding me I never ever expected to get addy well that's the build guys it's alright I'll get over it okay I'll get over it I mean there were a few things let's be honest we got housed I think my timing of the boar was a bit different than what it expected or what it wanted I think I read a thread online when this was announced where Viper got a C or something and he had his similar response I think but but it's really nice you know it gives you such a good idea of what you can do now the beautiful thing is here will be floating resources to get all of our upgrades and then we can add town centers as well so you're really in a good spot if you do this even if you get a D so crossbow and vodka narrow and now if we wanted second tea scene sounds good to me lumber camp upgrade sounds good to me can't complain about that can we so we got our D that's the end and we know exactly where the AI is because we're Vietnamese and we'll go over there and we'll finish this guy off let's send some more units over there and we will celebrate with death celebrate our D D is for death let's do it but I really like this honestly I wouldn't get too discouraged hopefully you read the description of the actual build order guide before you do this but I wouldn't get too discouraged playing this if you're getting DS like obviously a D at least my opinion maybe I'm way off base with this but it's pretty good it's it's pretty good it gives you a nice benchmark to know what to shoot for okay let's see if we can do this without a single loss okay this is important to me I need to do this yes perfect alright so I have him on patrol no attacks dance and then we keep as long as we don't screw up here okay we're losing a bit of HP huh should be fine this is fine the wolf almost got us do you can actually do this in game because the TC automatically goes after the closest thing you'll see pro players do this a lot it's it's an advanced strategy what can I say I got a D on the interactive bilderberg I'm a big deal there we go now we can finish off the villagers don't let them run away and make this video any longer than it needs to be and then we kill the TC and gg we did it get rekt Liu Sheng get rekt again guys I hope you enjoyed the archer builder guide if you'd like to try out this interactive build order guide it is available for both seem and rudely in the video description and we'll be doing many more leave your comments unless they're about me getting a D then don't leave the comments but leave your other comments inside the video description if you have any thoughts questions feel free to ask and more builders will be coming up next thank you for watching d are you kidding me man

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  1. I Klick the 26(?) in my tutorial at 22:00 with an E, damn we are noobs 😂 Viper sure does drops his first castle at 22mins 😂

  2. Exactly what I needed cause out of the two games I've played with 4v4's on Voobly so far, I know what I'm doing, I help and support where needed, but am the slowest paced. Thanks for this!

  3. The first farm you built didn't have horse collar. As soon as it was depleted you got your D.

  4. 13:15 No, not WE got a D, YOU got the D. WE for our part aren‘t gay to the extend that we would need a D.

  5. I dont get why you would send villagers to berries even if there is plenty of sheep and one unhunted boar left.

  6. Been binging all his build order vids.
    Laughed when he got the D and said "Ill get over it" 3 weeks ago.
    He hasnt.

  7. Hey T90 what are your hotkeys?
    And what about WASD cam moving?

    Also we all know you wanted that D. 😛

  8. So T90, how do you manage to make archers and skirms, as pro players do, when you have such low food income?

  9. I'm suprised you are doing this one to be honest. You yourself said you don't like archer build because it takes too long to mass them. Also I would love to see a Drush or Trush strat involved in these, since it will help you learn how to transition from one strat to another.

  10. Also with the extra wood it will, like you said bail you out, but also bail you out if your opponent lames you or it takes way to long to find all your sheep and piggies xD

  11. I love these videos because it really give me a good idea why early aggression is so important and destabilizing. It takes a lot of attention to balance the eco for certain builds so harassing the other other player can really throw them off balance causing a snowballing advantage. Thanks T90!

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