Apex Legends Wattson Tips – How To Use Wattson Effectively!

Apex Legends Wattson Tips – How To Use Wattson Effectively!

Hey everyone, I hope you’re well. Today, I wanted to talk about Wattson. I’m not going to say I have some kind of masterwork
rulebook on how to play Wattson, but what I do have is a bit of experience and that’s
helped me understand how not to play Wattson and I will be passing those learnings on to
you today, to give you a little head start. So, we’ll be covering three things. First, How her abilities work. I mean, we all know how they work, but there’s
little details you may not understand, like the UI icons on-screen, I’ll explain them
all. After, I’ll explain my findings so far on
how to use Wattson effectively. Finally, I’ll share thoughts on whether Wattson
will be viable in the meta and what kind of playstyle she suits. So, firstly, how do the abilities work? Well, let’s take a look at trap placement
first, because there’s some confusion there. So, when you place down a trap. The circle here shows you how far left you
have on the distance. You can place these things pretty far apart. When you get close to another node you can
choose to merge it. If you merge nodes together and create a full
perimeter, you can no longer merge more fences to that area – you will need to pick up one
node and then re-merge them. You also have a large radius that shows you
when you get close to the furthest placement boundaries. As for the ultimate, you are shown the boundaries
available for the buffs and for the ordnance feature. I’m not sure if each circle means something
different. Both the fence and ultimate can be destroyed,
so place the ultimate in hard to notice spots because you want it up for as long as possible. It does not deplete or run out of time. It can only be stopped by being destroyed. So hide it well friends. Hide it well. Next let’s talk about how to use Wattson’s
kit effectively. So here’s the thing, Wattson’s kit is, well,
it’s not the best. There’s one major issue with her kit that
really stops her from being an effective killing machine. Her traps can be destroyed. Like, really, really easily. This is a problem because it becomes very
difficult to use Wattson’s traps effectively. And, without Wattson’s traps being effective,
all you have left is an ultimate that’s kinda like a weird Gibby tactical and Lifeline passive
crossbreed. It’s okay, quite good actually, but not very
powerful on it’s own. So, how can we make the traps effective? Well, I have found a few different methods. The first is to make sure players do not see
the traps, so do this by using Bangalore smokes or wraith portals. That way, players may actually run into the
traps instead of just destroying them straight away. Another method is to hold a corner, and then
when a player pushes it, you place down a set of two traps in anticipation, literally
right on top of them. Hopefully, it will stun players and help you
to secure a kill. This method seems to be quite hard to master,
but it is possible, and certainly more possible than throwing down caustic traps in the middle
of combat. I still need to test this more and it will
be difficult to get good at throwing down two traps quickly and at the right area. It kind of needs to be a little bit in front
of the player because the traps take a short time to expand. What you need to do is place down the first
trap at the corner, and then wait for the enemy to push you, then place down the second
fence as soon as they push your corner. I find it works even better indoors where
they are forced to take a tight corner and can’t peek wide. The next method, and easily the most successful
method, is to use a building to completely deck out with traps. Now, it’s not going to be easy to just choose
any building and hope that enemies come to you, unless you have some kind of godlike
patience. Instead, you should find a team, or a fight,
and then engage on the team from a distance and bait them into your building. Now, the thing that makes Wattson’s traps
more powerful is when it’s paired with her ultimate. The trap recharge time is okay on its own,
but it’s far, far better when you have the ultimate down because the traps recharge far
faster. This lets you put so many more traps down
quickly. So, always carry ultimate accelerants and
always place down your ultimate when a fight is about to break out. You should place down the Wattson ultimate
a little out of view and inside the building so that you can get the shield regen, faster
tactical recharge, and ordnance block. Next you kind of just have to play around
the cover you have created. Some traps will most likely get destroyed,
but enough will be standing that players will find it difficult to chase you into your building. And you can still place down traps whilst
in the middle of fights in a building, too. So let’s take a closer look at the different
ways you can use Wattson’s traps in a building. One good method is to block doors. This is good because when a player opens the
door, it will break when it touches the laser, which gives you information somebody is coming
through that door. On top of that, it can be hard to find the
right angle to shoot down the traps when they are placed in doors so that makes it easier
to keep yourself safe or get a good angle on an enemy. You can also create a zigzag pattern inside
to make it harder for players to push you. I have also noticed that placing down traps
when you have low health works well too. If you can get behind cover a little first,
then place a zigzag of traps, players often thirst you quite hard, and they may blindly
walk into the trap, which will allow you to hopefully repeek and take down the player. Finally, I’ve found that just placing as many
traps as possible in a small area is one of the best ways to cause carnage. It stops players from being able to push you
effectively, and if some get destroyed, you can just place more down. You can sometimes find yourself healing up
fully whilst players struggle to get close to you, and the ultimate will of course protect
you from grenades. Once you’ve finished your fight and things
get quiet, it’s time to pack your bags, eat up an ultimate accelerant and find the next
building to repeat. So that seems to be the solution. Find a fight, move into a nearby building,
set up camp and let them push you. Outside it’s far harder to use wattson effectively
but you can still use small pieces of cover and it works somewhat similarly. So with all that out of the way, there’s just
one more thing to talk about. How is Wattson and how does she fit into the
meta? Well, in unranked and in the early ranks,
Wattson won’t be so good. You’ll want to focus on high mobility solo
legends like pathfinder, wraith, and octane. However, when things get tougher and every
fight is more challenging, and surviving becomes more important, wattson has value. I strongly believe the meta will evolve in
the higher ranks where players will loot up and then think about positioning straight
away, so being able to set up with Wattson will be very powerful. It’s not about camping, but being able to
move into a new area on the map and quickly set up an area that will stop third parties
and help you to slow down fights into something more comfortable. Wattson certainly suits a different playstyle. You can still be aggressive and completely
destroy squads with her, but you have to take aggression, then back off and bait players
into confined spaces. If you just rush at them, you will lose out
to similarly skilled players because you have no mobility or disengages. So, that’s what I’ve found out about Wattson
so far. Is she an excellent Legend? Well, I don’t think so. Could she be fun to master? Absolutely, but she takes a far lot more learning
and thoughtful strategy to make her effective. I think we’ll see some very good Wattson players
but it takes a certain kind of playstyle and patience. Let me know what you think of Wattson so far. I’ll see you in the comments. Cheerio!

100 Replies to “Apex Legends Wattson Tips – How To Use Wattson Effectively!”

  1. in low ranks I think she will stand as A-/ B tier legend but in high rank she definitely be S tier , I really love playing her she has a great personality and gameplay mechanic and provides good utility for her squad

  2. Needs to be able to shoot and put down traps at the same time or give her running speed while putting down traps

  3. You can always be extra Grimey and hide till the last circle with a pathfinder and a caustic just fence out the last circle ahead of time with the pathfinder scan

  4. A Wattson and a Caustic walked into a building several years ago. They’re still camping there today.

  5. My first game playing with Wattson. It was late game in bunker and a team was looting a squad they just wiped in one of the rooms. I played a electric wall and then destroyed the door. They didn’t know what to do😂

  6. Just place three nodes on a doorway than two if you're in a hurry, trying to place two takes a bit of focus and the fact that once you place two, it still locks you into placing the third and you have to press q to escape it has gotten me downed more times than I can count.

  7. Too much work
    Just press "Q" run in their face and shoot them or press "Z" jump in their face and shoot them

    – An impatient Octane player

  8. Wattson is for sure my new main. Super frustrating when I get teammates take her and literally never use her abilities, or try to use them in a firefight, AFTER everyone has died.

    Here's my tips:
    1. When in a fight, think ahead, and place fences CONSTANTLY. Be smart about it, but keep in mind she can place 12 nodes at a time and her tactical comes back decently fast. As you set up your base perimeter, get creative and add more to it when the opportunities arise. For example, you're in a house and you've used 4 nodes blocking off doors but now you have one new node, connect that node to another and set up a fence straight across the middle of the room or at an angle, even if it doesn't do damage it will give you and your team time to escape. This might sound like a waste but people will get tangled in your fences and it allows you to create even more sneaky traps.
    2. Keep their bases hidden, when blocking off doorways make sure the bases are set far away on each side of the door so that enemies cannot open the door and shoot the bases at an angle. It costs nothing to make your traps longer, take advantage of that.
    3. ALWAYS take over enemy traps when you can. You're basically setting up fences for half the cost, there's usually no reason not to.
    4. Preemptively set your fences, constantly expect a fight and be ready to defend your team at all times. I figure this is common sense with Wattson but it needs to be said.
    5. When pushing on enemy teams, place traps as you make ground, this allows you hold the ground you make so your enemies will struggle to push on you. Believe me, her traps are useful offensively too.

  9. Who,s update took 7,890 gb my update hasnt finished🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬

  10. My one gripe is that her fences can be destroyed. If that’s gonna be the case, then Pathfinder’s ziplines should be able to be destroyed as well as Octane’s jump-pads.

  11. is there an option to change the language of the characters' voices?
    Tip for wattson: If you have time, corner the downed enemies and put traps around them, that will tell you when their allies try to revive him (i don't have wattson yet, but i've seen a friend doing that in effective ways)
    Question: Does the electric fences cause damage?

  12. Literally thirty minutes ago I was playing Wattson in Ranked (I’m a level 2 bronze still trying to get it up) and my teammates left the game when we were dropping and I got a win with three kills (the last squad) and 826 damage which is literally the BEST GAME I HAVE EVER HAD! I have never won solo, the most kills I ever had is 4 and I have never had this much damage, I am extremely proud of my self 🙂

  13. step 1: pick wattson and pathfinder
    step 2: wait for the final circle using path ability to reveal the next circle
    step 3: spam the shit out of the last circle with wattson traps
    step 4: ez win

  14. I’m not going to say she’s a trash character, she just doesn’t fit my play style. Same reason I can’t use caustic.

  15. the mozambike is still garbage unless your crouching good luck with hitting all 3 shots i can dump an entire p2020 clip and hit almost every shot

  16. I really enjoy Wattson's playstyle, she's so much fun! I like playing strategically and being able to think of new ways to use her fences. She's definitely not for everyone, but she's pretty powerful if you're willing to play defensively. I wouldn't mind a slight buff on certain aspects of the fences like people are asking for, but honestly I feel like they're super useful as they are now.

    I'm officially a Wattson main, now. I'm having a blast with her!

  17. Wattson is my favourite legend by far, switched my main from lifeline to wattson 4 hours after her release, closing in on 200 kills and 5 wins with her already. Some people say she's "D tier" or "Medium C" But I disagree, just got to know how to play her and you will be shredding

  18. Tried her on PS4 and maybe it's because she's still new but I'm having a difficult time using her tactical during fights, so many buttons to press just to set up a small fence, have to give it some more time though before I decide whether or not I'll be playing her in the future

  19. The Gaming Merchant, something you should point out in a video. Mirage gets GPS on a Watson if his decoy hits there trap. Watson gets a ping where the perimeter was breached, but Mirage gets her EXACT location. Credit Chaseus Maximus for this nugget.

  20. i don’t think Wattson is very good because of how situational she is, just like caustic. her ultimate is neutral so it could work against you as well. i think they should make her ult not destroy friendly ordinance. only thing good about her is her hitbox size

  21. i had a trick i used once with wattson. i backed against a wall will be chased and the enermy had more trouble seeing me than i did them because of the electricity flash and stuff. it was an easy kill as they we almost clueless as my team mate was half distracting them. this won't work very much thought but i pulled it off and it may be usefull

  22. Maybe make the traps go off by proximity would be good. Also WE NEED A RANDOM SELECTION BUTTON WHEN CHOOSING A LEGEND

  23. I’ve tried the setting up camp approach, but when teams try and enter it seem that your the one that’s trapped. So I’ve been barricading bigger locations. She can also trap people good when you hide the nodes. For example, in the bunker in a room block the door from the outside and toss a thermite. They will either stay in there or forced to go through the trap. Easy killings.

  24. I was solo on the supply ship and made myself a web, every entry point had a fence even the ladder way down. Then I started cross connecting the rods into a cool little web, lasted for a while till a squad came in with nades and I forgot to drop the interception pylon😔

  25. Do mirage decoys reveal their locations like with caustic?

    For those who don’t know u can make a mirage decoy die into caustic traps to reveal where they are, not sure if it works with Wattson

  26. you can merge or connect your trap with another ANY placed pylon, use this to confuse player, especially this early.
    I dont know this is intended or not, I found this out when messing with the enemy Wattson

  27. I think its kinda obvious and common sense to place the nodes not visible to the enemy they can see the fence but can’t break them unless the go through them. All about mind games with her.

  28. Big mistake at the start of the video. When placing down the fence poles, you should space them more far apart so enemies literally CANNOT destroy them without being on the other side (aka going through the fence). Make it so they cant just peer around the wall and clip the pole with a few shots.

  29. This is the character people that camp in buidings the entire game. Dumb the fence doesnt break when they die

  30. She makes you surrender the ego and play support causing you think of the teams flank and not just loot & shoot. I love her! Plus makes the team stick together once you show then you have 2 ultimates down, I love her!

  31. If it weren't for her hitbox, I'd say Wattson is a lesser caustic. Her kit is a lot more fun to play with, though. I hope we get another new Legend sometime between season 2 and 3. Waiting so long for content is killing me.

  32. Havent found much use for her tbh, traps dont stop anyone really. Just shoot the base of the things and move on, i usually just walk through and do business they don’t do enough to really make a dif.

  33. Shroud niggas be like: "she doodoo tho, like I have seen plays of very offensive characters like octane or pathfinder doing better than this new defensive player" like wow jit you hit it spot on, play as an offensive player and you look more badass dawg

  34. Bloodhound caustic and wattson is a good team overall my and my friends were running games since the update and I've already gotten 347 kills in just 2 days and 17 wins people says she's complicated but you've just got to be very aware of where you might get flanked by

    Btw try to see if your traps are missing across the map or somewhere near you and the fences can destroy throwables

  35. Haven't yet had a good game with Wattson, because I'm playing with randoms and they keep expecting me to rush into fights! Don't understand why people don't get that some kits are meant for defensive play xD

  36. A tip for wattson is if you see an enemy wattson trap maybe 3 linked together break the middle and put your own one in there. You can link then all and they'll become your trap

  37. I think that wattson gives her best in close-ring(?) situations. You can avoid players to get out of the storm without getting extra damage that could possibly kill them or knock them out. This meta works perfectly in the mountain near the bunker where there's a respawn beacon.
    This is my opinion about wattson

  38. I don't really have people I play with, so playing wattson is both a blessing and a curse.
    Sometimes it'll be what saves us if the teammates actually try and hold the building and don't act like rambo. Other times you get squads where you need a different kit for that match.

  39. just going on a guess here… the inner circle of the ult is 100% saftey from grenades.. the outer circle means that u can still be reached by splash damage of grenades that land right out side the out circle…

  40. Thanks for another good video. I myself am loving Wattson. I'm going to continue to try to get better with her. I've never been a super aggressive player, so using her defensive strategies to help the team be successful will be my ultimate goal.

  41. You can shut them off by standing near them to your advantage.
    If you make a longer fence you can stand in the way of it, turning it off.
    When you see/hear them approach you get out of the way of the fence and it activates in like 0.5 sec (not sure about the exact timing).
    This way you never have to take your gun down. You might even be able to scare them back into the fence if you have like an R99 or something "scary", so even if you miss them as they pass though the door opening you will get them when they try to run back again.

    A really cool thing you can do is to set them up behind the doors, so the doors can still be opened without breaking, then you can either peak through the windows of the doors, with minimal risk of being detected while the open doors also completely hide your trap. Then you can nail the timing much easier.

  42. 6:10
    Trades an R99 with purple mag for a mastiff while keeping the Mozambique.
    What has this meta come to!?

  43. Her traps saved my squad from getting third party. Right out of the cave where bridges was and that one opening to get to market I put traps there and I guess someone was dumb enough to walk into it

  44. A better trick to the one you mentioned where you place a trap when they peak you, instead of placing a trap when they peak you stand in your own trap till they peak you (since your trap goes down when you’re in it) so you won’t have to worry about pulling your weapon out

  45. I’ve had some really clutch Watson plays all it takes is positioning and timing but I will say there is a huge learning curve because she is a really hard legend to play

  46. The inner ring her ult shows before you place it is the area she has to stand within to charge her tactical faster

  47. Just play her like Lifeline. All Lifeline has is a damn drone. But, of course she has her passive. Which wouldn't really do much if you are solo queueing and your team sucks ass.

  48. From my personal experience the other day, Wattson is perfect when partnered with another zone controlling character, like Caustic, and especially Caustic, particularly in late game. Both are extremely situational characters and requires a lot of getting used to and requires plenty of tactical planning, so in other words they're not exactly fun for beginners. But when the timing's right, and your squad are really good, both Wattson and Caustic can really be a massive thorn in the enemy squad's side.

    Here's a situation my squad was in recently; three squads left, the ring is getting tighter and tighter, and the last remaining area to defend is that crevice surrounded by Bridges, Bunker and Cascades. My squad have a Caustic, Wattson and Lifeline, and we defended the high ground area of the crevice, giving us a huge tactical advantage over the other two squads. The first squad rushes in and has a Gibraltar, the Gibraltar throws his ult in on us, our Wattson activates her pylon, rendering the Gibraltar's airstrike useless. I as Caustic plant my gas cans around my squad (front and back entrance) to make sure no stragglers like Octane or Wraith make it through, and our Lifeline would feed us her health drone whenever we need it. The enemy squad fail to push upward the hill and are taken down, and the second and final enemy squad rushes in from behind. The second enemy squad has a Bangalore and uses her ult, but her airstrike is rendered useless just like Gibraltar's due to our Wattson's pylon, fed by a steady supply of ultimate accelerants from me and our Lifeline. We repeat our previous tactic and we ended up winning the match.

    Just an example of how situational and useful whenever your squad got a Caustic and Wattson. But yeah take it with a pinch of salt, that tactic doesn't necessarily have to work 90% of the time. My point is, when it comes to holding down an area, be it tight or mid-ranged, both Wattson and Caustic can prove to be big winners if played right, and if your squad can really plan things out before engaging a fight.

  49. You can sneak around a fence if it isn't placed close enough to a wall or door in tight quarters.

  50. Has anyone figured out the point of that spinning circle that appears when Wattson is placing nodes?

    I've been wondering about it before she came out and I can't find any answers after all this time

    Edit: NVM. Watching this vid helped explain it even though he didn't say anything about it

  51. It does take a different kind of mindset to play Wattson. I found rushing in this game doesn’t work for me with any characters very well so I switched up the way I play, and Wattson allows me to employ a brutal strategizing edge for my team when approaching a squad. In a game so famous for 3rd parties this legend has proven of good use, at least to me.

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