29 Replies to “"Aqua Alta Surfing": St. Mark's Square On A Wakeboard”

  1. If anything he showed St Mark Square in another light, and showed another side of it. He showed another side of the most beautiful place.

  2. @abclukeabc Hey relax cabrón, the guy didn't any harm to your beloved city! wishing someone to die of a cancer because he did 20 sec of wakeboard at st-marks square during Acqua Alta is more then crazy. You are the most selfish person I ever seen! You don't even deserve to live in Venice! find something else to do then bug people that enjoy life

  3. This gentleman seems harmless, but he'd find his life immeasurably enriched by spending some quiet hours exploring the art of the Accademia or by wandering through Venetian churches. I recommend the Frari, where he can see Titian's "Assumption of the Virgin."

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