34 Replies to “Arabian Soccer Player freakishly dies in a game!!!!!!!”

  1. The music and text reminds me of something like:
    Man dies playing football and goes to meet xxtenatcion Punjabi download 2006 😂😂😂😂😂رجل كرة القدم يموت
    (Before you hate on me, you should know that this guy didn't even die, he just had a seizure and is alive and well)

  2. I was told he did not die he played the next game someone told me you had a seizure that's a weird seizure if it is but he didn't die someone told me that

  3. This exact video used to give me nightmares when I was younger holy shit so many bad memories and so many bad nights coming from leaving the computer at night remembering this video

  4. he actually didn’t die. he was kicked in the chin area and has a seizure and went to the hospital. he was released that same day.

  5. I Dunno, people say don't trust everything on wikipedia: Abdulrahman Al Shoaibi collapsed after a kick to the neck and had a dramatic seizure on camera. This later became famous as an urban legend for a YouTube clip apparently showing an "angel of death."[3] In fact he had a seizure due to a rare type of epilepsy and was fit to play for Hajer's next match.

  6. Here's the question that's more of a conspiracy to me the player is obviously still alive right we all know that so why didn't he sue YouTube and its up loaders over the video I would if someone made such a stupid comment about me angel of death I'm no expert but these things wouldn't show there self scary thing to me is this player could be being set up too not tell anyone. Hope he can speak out as in Saudi Arabia it's hard to have views against state.

  7. For starters he didn’t die, he just had a seizure from that kick in the temple. And he’s still alive now in 2018. And also what’s with that hilarious music. I’m not saying the whole video was hilarious, it’s just that weird music XD

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