Archers Only Challenge Makes the Arrows Block out the Sun in Stick War Legacy!

Archers Only Challenge Makes the Arrows Block out the Sun in Stick War Legacy!

oh my god I love this music listen to this does let me get you going man ah it's a shame it's like I swear most of the games where I play it's like why where's the next one where are the updates I don't want more you know so let's go into zombies mode now you guys have been telling me some tips and tricks right so let's go to skins now from what I've been told what you guys were saying the skins work even if I have special units so since I have vampiric units now there are immune to poison now for these guys bonus damage to deads seems to be the one that would be good so let's go ahead and make them savage they have bonus damage to dead so all of our Archer dunes are going to do extras I've been reading over the comments in my god the amount of tips you guys have this is great I love being able to like look down in the comments section and be like man this is some great advice we got some like generals in barentsburg aid man so here we go what do we got for this we've got savage archers because they do bonus damage to dead there since they're in the back they don't really have to do too much in regards to fighting like or rather getting poisoned we don't have to worry about that now the vampire-like are rather the spirit UNS having vampires because they're poison immunity and lifesteal i think that's huge so basically we're just having like our archers are to be really really good so what I want to do is actually buy a lot of these the rain mom give the credit card I gotta buy some stuff on the App Store oh yeah what a bit adult now I know my mom isn't living anymore I got it I got to pay for this myself this is ridiculous so unfortunately we can't upgrade the giant because I would most definitely turn them into vampire it'd be super expensive but I think it'd be worth it now as far as the wizard right now we have bonus damage to the undead right but other than that I'm wondering do you think we should go for another one damage reflect user control burn damage lava seems cool but I don't think I don't think we need it we don't even have too many wizard and you can't summon a wizard so you can't upgrade your Marik's unless they count with the Marik's basically the healing wizards count as the magical I don't think so I don't think so at all all right so we're going into this battle and how are we doing we're actually relatively low on spirit ins I think we had 50 and they just started going down let's get 10 new ones we need to replenish our lines here so look at this you can see take that our Archer Dunn's here so here's the enemy forces what do we got we do have a Reaper here we go I'm gonna try this we're gonna use some archery barrage 'iz since we've got upgraded our chitons i'm curious if the abilities will have bonus 2 in debt as well so I'm gonna call it in right now oh my God look at that the extra damage to the undead you can see everything's in gold now was it always cold does that it does that infer like more crits or what's going on and now that we've got Vampir vampiric um spirit ins we're not gonna take poison damage I mean our giant here's taking damage we also get life steel on our spirits in so I feel like we're gonna be able to go much farther you know what another barrage where the arrows the arrows oh there we go our arrows will block out the sadi this is perfect man she reminds me a little bit of 300 I like this I just see so many areas for like expansion or improvement right so it's like there's a space I think in the gaming market right now for like the spiritual successor to this game I've noticed that like I'm eating well look at Minecraft I remember minecraft it's like alright let's let another one with minecraft it's a took forever everyone tried to do it I thought fortnight at the beginning when it was originally just like that mode like survival mode and you know PvE mode I thought it was like when I first thought I was like this is going to be the next Minecraft and now it looks like hightail is literally going to be the next fine crack good job boys I love the savage archers they're definitely doing more damage here all right so let's by the wall this time and thinking these things are cheap these arrow modifiers are pretty cheap what's this one again statue turret lasers for 20 seconds we don't need that we got Griffon the great and the elite is elite soldiers from the plains of west wind right this gets you archers and spirit ins so I'm really liking this combination so far we still gotta figure we don't have any sword wrath and once you reach unit cap so it's pretty much like honestly it's like this and then an occasional Griff and the great giant but we can't upgrade them yeah we do have the war horn we do have one wizard so it would be worth upgrading him and look at this man look it out this guy's elf is almost going maximum we don't even have any guys like mining anymore we don't even need it zombi votes a little bit different I almost wish the battles were a little bit longer oh my god this is gorgeous so we're using the wall to buy some time now hold on I want to see this if I call this in does this hit them now guess it kind of does it doesn't seem to do a whole lot that did that damage to zombies that's not worth it attack boys charge but yes Savage archers vampiric spirit ins if only we can upgrade the Giant but yeah so what I was saying hightail is the spiritual successor to Minecraft or even in some cases just the actual successor and like with with like there was a lot of like like scary jump scare type games on YouTube right you had like all the five nights at freddys you had going back to what's that what's that game Slenderman and all that stuff right but for this I feel like there's there is an opportunity for like a game developer or just like I mean because I am craving playing more of this and I think many of us are if you guys would want an upgraded version of this or like a vert you know stick war legacy to or like and some even just some campaign packs how are we doing some in the units rally the arms our arrows will block out the Sun fire it's hard to tell how many arrows actually hit they they're very random they don't seem to be that good look at them retreating while they're getting shot a lot of them survived and we lost a decent amount of Units there so my point is just that I want more of this I love this tug of war style it works so well for like the mobile situation right for like the mobile play like you can play it on mobile now this actually got me curious about that google gaming announcement where you can play cross-platform and you don't need any specific machines you know all that would be like game developers side a game like this could be really interesting under that system don't you think imagine I'm on PC and you're on the mobile phone right or like I'm on my ps4 and you're on your phone and we're playing each other right and I'm battling you right and but there's different factions that would be dope I think I think there's a lot of possibility here I don't know how you do a co-op version of this but like it would be fun too I know there's dick empires so here's the thing we might need to check out stick empires but I think for me it doesn't really I don't think it has a campaign here we go we gonna do arrows blocking out the Sun that's the whole point archers today man but I love our archers I just wish they had a little bit more range like what did you get upgrade them to like longbowmen and they had greater range but maybe slower fire rate I would do that because a lot of times these guys don't even take arrows coming in gaja tons bah I want to clear these guys out yeah I don't think we've lost the unit and if I could have these instead of here if I had them as like little attack cards down below that would be interesting I would do it I would play it I think that'd be dope I really want to clear all these units out we're so close come on there's only all these a giant oh he's weak though no and there's also a crawler kill him kill him kill him yeah it's been a while look at all that look at all these archers it's been a while since we've cleared a map I'm so proud of us so what night is it is currently night 47 getting tonight 50 would be an accomplishment so at this time I generally let the magic you know I forgot their name Marik's the Marik's the magical clerics you could say let them heal up my units look at this golden spear tins elite warriors from the West all of them are actually have vampiric stats though so I like that you know what let's go for it because I think why this is happening I'm gonna try this we've used 10 of these later they'd like I don't know why anyone would use this I thought it would be really really cool I don't know why I don't want to use it continues to use it it can kind of help and soften some up but like I was expecting like this really strong and substantive volleys to hit these guys but I love this I should have gotten vampiric skin from the beginning and I daresay we wouldn't have had to use special units as early but I think that's the way to do this mode you use vampiric skins on your spirit ins and use savage skins on your archers and then you can probably pick and choose with this look at this this Archer goes to the front and he immediately goes to the nether realm actually we've lost 12 units oh we gave them a special ability go boys look at this two Reapers that's why we're losing so many units oh man come on can we clear a second wave perfectly all are they summoning them like a wizard would come on hurry we've got to do it our children's five look at these guys getting up front all the two Reapers the grim reapers survive so after doing a little bit see this is what I'm talking about campaign man you can replay all the levels but we did it and it only took an hour which is decent for like what wasn't this game free yeah this game was free that's actually a lot of content for free we're gonna go back to the tournament it's March Madness after all right go Gators all right so we're gonna fight cruise I just wish they weren't like these little meanie like edgy like hey did a pile of rock stands between you and the enemy hack them down to get past I have an idea all right so I'm definitely gonna upgrade archers this time and miners for sure and look at this I love how visually they change when you upgrade them so I went with the classic I'm not gonna use sword wrath as much because my thought is and I look done good yeah we get it you're edgy cool dude so since there's the wall I'm just gonna leave it up and I'm gonna go straight economy and then go into archers and I'm thinking I wanted to try this what if I did this now will this hit his mineral line will he hit his miners it doesn't seem to hit the miners and we actually took out a sword wrath so it finally worked I'm gonna see if I can't use these the arrows blotting out the Sun I wish there was more but I guess like if you think about it actually this isn't look at that they've actually got them to retreat that's alright so I'm gonna try it again come on I want to kill I wanted to get a miner that was the goal if I could hit a miner no they it's a it doesn't seem possible and it seems with one of these which is 40 premium currency on average I'm only averaging maybe like 2/3 of a guy oh look at this we're maxed up on miners but we forced them to retreat which is really cool so here we go can we win with just our chitons and hello we're messing up our gitans we're spamming them oh we got a miner finally so we can't hit the backline oh yes I got two miners that time that's what I wanted to see look at this we've taken out his entire army and my minor appears like I don't know it's above auction on SWA let's hit their archer line let's see how many because Archer Dunn's are weaker we okay this is good for weak units up the wall is down and I'm just massing Archer dense this is it's just all archers baby it's March Madness we need a mad strategy and when it's complemented with that and remember we have the savages time to attack all forces greatly outnumber the opponent that's because all arrows will block out the Sun come on let's see who do we get this time nothing we damaged oh there were a few last lingering arrows now I've used 8 of them so far this is like the eighth one I think we got a minor I'd love to see it I love to see it has a minor and a sword wrath which is unupgraded because you can tell by his club right so at this point I'm not gonna do any more of those and I'm just gonna mess up my so quick note one of the things that I don't like about this version the tournament version is the tournament could be so cool you could have some really unique and interesting styles right but instead you get a guy with a shield with his own face on it and then their spears are selfie sticks like why isn't it a unique like Vikings and samurais and you know it seems to like it's like the reddit the subreddit hello fellow kids you know this is what max archers looks like you want to talk about arrows blocking out the Sun I'm actually gonna let him build up a little bit so he's got a mixed force he's got a few archers he's got wizards he's got spirit ins and he's got some sword wrap yeah thank you to everybody in the last videos comments telling me that when you get a skin it applies to all units special or otherwise cuz that was awesome I should have realized that her spirit ins stopped taking poison damage you guys pointed out and now I'm a better fighter in this game so thank you for that all right so the enemy's attacking got wizards I think he's even gonna giant so let's see can our archers take out I think so we've got max archers he's got a mixed force the Marik's are done the spirituals are done and now all these units are weak except for the giant the giant will soak up a lot let's see what how many arrows in across the field all right boys full-on charge you're so epic bro get your edginess out of here I want to fight a barbarian king who sits on a woolly mammoth it has like a bone Huhn battle hammer right yo dude bro get off the screen man get out of here we don't want your edgy means there's a rap song out there's like some people make memes some people make millions and I just want to make a good game but the tournament it mode is still fun it's just like who I'm fighting I wish I wish we could change that up anyway guys thanks for watching another episode of stick war legacy some of you guys were saying to bring stick fight back do you want to see stick fight let me know in the comments below let me know what we should do in the next video and I'll see you guys there

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  1. I beat the game like fifteen times by now, and you should buy griffon the great when at the last battle, but if that doesnt work, use the lasers.

  2. Answer: yes mass capacity of archidons u can kill everyone even Giants griffin… Don't know yet… Beware

  3. I played this game in all difficulties A.K.A Normal, Hard, and Insane and finished all of them in the campaign

  4. Baron you can screen record on you iPad if you have iOS just search up how to screen record and it will show you how to record on your ipad

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