Archers vs Chrome | Week 1 NBC Sports Highlights

Archers vs Chrome | Week 1 NBC Sports Highlights

June 1st 2019 a historic day for the sport of lacrosse welcome to the first ever game of the premier lacrosse league archers Lacrosse Club and chrome Lacrosse Club the first of three PLL games this weekend all being played at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough Massachusetts the best players in the world have joined the PLL and they've been divided into six teams archers and chrome have the honor of being the first to take the field chaos and whip snakes later on today Atlas and redwoods LC tomorrow on NBCSN Thank You Paul here are the starting lineup for archers starting with the defense yeah Matt McMann arguably the best cover defenseman look for him to be the organizer down there in goal for archers Adam gentlemen head coach Chris Bates said he had a spectacular camp and he earned the start today a tough decision Ryan no matter the goalie in that they will have their hands full with this chrome lineup yeah there is talent up and down this roster but starting defensively the sit the rookie sabia the thing I'm looking for is PJ grill undersized but scrappy and tough out of Marquette listed edges five foot five John Galloway gets the start for chrome one of the captains on Team USA at the World Championships beginning of the premier lacrosse league the first faceoff belongs to archers and Stephen Kelly and Kelly not shy Pat's this one home what a start for archers congratulations Steven aka bones Kelly the first goal in PLL histories work the ball and if they don't score here we'll have a power play but they do aggressive dodge there I thought he pulled the trigger to Schreiber the Macintosh three nothing archers thank you Paul Mantha now skis he mentioned a current assistant coach for Duke is a bow shot slides through will Maddy four straight to start for archers editing off the dodge out to the arc McIntosh steps and scores the team closest to the ball where it went out of bounds after a shot there's a goal Holmen from just inside the arc but we are experiencing some technical difficulties has chrome comes back right back and scores shot from range [Applause] Mike dumb ass chrome looking on the counter-attack and they about getting their midfielders back on defense and to Paul rables analysis it was all about that transit Jordan with a two-point attempt from crowd ooh Brendan is his foot on this line it looks like it is and perhaps I spoke too soon help came from Dominique Alexander Wolfe got it through the shot is gentleman got a piece but it rolled on through Romar Dennis shooting the ball today [Applause] ty Thompson with his first the world championships McIntosh creates some space and scores on a hat-trick for Ben mcintoshes chrome come right back as we are going back and forth died and that shot fought off by Galloway and a race for the ball a collision near the line of the ball will stay with archers [Applause] restart gambler for Holmen up top it's a two parter gun earning add some separation changes directions a couple of times bouncing back and forth trying to get free of Jackson PI city stars who initiators on this chrome attack you've got wolf the veteran and gutter ding that one-two punch that dynamic duo is so hard down low they score will Maddie on the doorstep I mean he saw me earlier I saw him take a peek and I was just patient on the crease I could have guessed that Connor Farrell would have been Teddy brewskis favorite player out there is a transition from behind the net to the front again for Justin gutter dig fiber off the pic lets it go and the saved from galloway quick outlet in transition just inside the arc a pump by guttering tied Thompson with the fetish catches this he is one of the best if not the best outlet in the game he gets it up the field that creates transition that close to a two goal lead for crawled Ned Crotty from' lead 1210 has it ten seconds on the shot clock Oh what a play from Markus Holman and that's all the space he needs look at that oh my gosh that the skill he reaches working a goal line extended gets his way to the front there's his shot he's got three seconds they feed it to the front a chance comes just wide they had it for Jordan McIntosh with one last look it will not go and game number one requires overtime [Applause] here you'll see the dots down the allottee you'll see grill help right there Manny just steps into that vacant area there's no second slide and go ahead sling it get the game-winner to start off the PLL

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  1. I find it hard to believe that no goalie had a save that game. Post goalie highlights too, y’all are tryna grow the game but don’t even show highlights from each position

  2. The best lax game I may have ever seen. A shame that the second game didn't feel as exciting but I am still encouraged going forwards

  3. Just once in a lacrosse recap/highlight video it’d be nice if they showed the goalie some love showing some saves lol

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