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  1. I accidentally split an arrow in my college Archery class. The arrows weren't even in the target. They were in the grass next to it…

  2. he's right in some ways.. and totally wrong when it comes to the art of longbow men.. Our objective is not a bulls eye.

    But I can hit a man size target at 100 yards distance on a regular basis.. and thats exactly what we train to do.

  3. My favorite moment was at a national tournament when my arrow collided with the arrow next to me. Thankfully, my bow was stronger and more stable and I nicked the others arrow into a 9 over a 10 and won the round.

  4. @NUSensei >>> "Triggered"?? Now THERE is a word you DO NOT hear on the internet these days…😝😝😝😝

  5. I agree with most of your points, except the modern bow argument. some people like long bows, horn bows, etc. If it was all about performance and tech. advancement. you'd only have compound bows now.
    I like that people still make all the different types of bows from the past, you might not use them in competition, but archery isn't just about competition, ( or maybe that's just me…)

  6. So for you: accuracy > speed > power

    But why? You discount speed and power saying "well this isn't war anymore" but why does accuracy matter either than, if you aren't hunting? Who gets to decide what is "more interesting" in archery? Who gets to decide what archery "is about".

    I personally would consider shooting 5 arrows quickly or shooting a really heavy bow, or both of these at the same time to be a better goal to aim for, than just hitting the bulls-eye. As long as you hit the target, it's satisfactory. And a lot of the time your accuracy will suffer on a bad day, with instinctive shooting, you accuracy might drop enormously on a bad day, and hell a complete newbie might get lucky and score a better shot. However, no newbie is going to be able to luck out and shoot arrows fast, or shoot a heavy bow, it's a skill acquired over years, that you will not mistake for luck.

  7. A lot of these things assume that you, as an archer is only after accuracy. Modern archery is pretty much about how accurately you can shoot with factors like long distance, rate of fire e.t.c. aren't important. The thing is though, not everyone practices this kind of modern archery. People like to practice more traditional archery because from a historical point of view it is more practical and realistic while modern archery is more superficial. That is why I think this video is a bit misleading and only really meant for modern archer practicians. The video basically talks about things that aren't actually that important for modern archery.

  8. Your understanding on the difference between traditional and modern bow is at the material. Wood VS metal, and that is incorrect.

  9. I think speed shooting is a discipline itself. Why not it's the same as in many other sports. Do you have to do it? No! Is it fun or its own challenge? For many yes

  10. Yeah but what if I wanted to learn speed shooting BECAUSE it was done historically and your speaking about from a sportsman perspective but speed shooting in combat would be more effective in certain situations and I believe that what makes you skilled at anything (archery included) is the amount of skills mastered in that category and some skills require extreme accuracy and some speed and fire rate and being able to switch between these skills at any given situation (whether it hunting, target shooting, or combat) would make you a skilled archer and not just one skill alone also every skill should looked at as equally valuable as long as it's effective in it's area of use

  11. 10:06 "If this was a real survival situation"? There is no such thing, in the modern day. No one hunts, to survive, these days. You can get food by hunting …because you choose to do so.
    Most of us simply "hunt" in grocery stores.

  12. I accidentally pulled a partial Robin Hood once, and my first thought was sadness because now I had one less usable arrow.

  13. At the club I shoot at. If u get a Robin Hood u have to buy every person on the range a round of drinks

  14. For me, it's simply the feeling and sound of the arrow leaving the bow and hitting…well…anything, a lot of people look at me and go "wait, is that it…ok", but yea, that's probably the only reason I shoot, it just feels really, really good and I can't really explain it.

  15. The English longbow was identical to the bows of the rest of Europe. (well Western Europe. East Europe had a lot of composite bows)
    They didn't steal them from the Welsh. They were neither Welsh, nor English.

  16. Modern bows are NOT great for today. They pale in comparison to rifles. If you can't see the allure of historical bows, I don't know what to say to you, other than that I pity you …but modern bows? What's the point? They have neither performance, nor tradition, in their favour. What's the point in using modern bows?

  17. "if you're hunting for food would you rather" …use a rifle.
    If you're concerned with accuracy: Just use a rifle.
    If it's about survival, you have absolutely zero reason, to use a bow.

  18. I’ve shot for over 3 years yet never had a Robin Hood… I’ve hit my own arrows countless times tho (the nock pin is too strong haha)

  19. As an older man whom is seriously considering archery, traditional archery is fascinating to me. But I must say for myself I am leaning towards a modern recurve or takedown bow to start with.
    Thanks for your time and information.

  20. Fake…o braço do riser desse professor nunca está na posição certa …na vertical… é um professor FAKE é um cego pintando.

  21. Cooooool thinking of picking up archery but do not know much. What you have pointed out felt very relatable e.g. preferring traditional methods. As for bows materials, would a wooden or metal one be more suitable in a tropical climate where humidity is always above 80 and temperatures above 30degrees the whole year? I'm asking this as I would prefer a bow with lesser maintenance as metallic objects even aluminum frequently rusts in my country(Singapore). As for wood I'm not sure…..

  22. I really like instinctive , I like plain wood bows , but saying that , if I had to hunt to feed my family , I will take my mathews q2 each and every time , if I could find my ruger 10/22 , hehe

  23. I've got one of those Neet back quivers, got it as a gift from my girlfriend. I love it … except for the tendency it has to sort of shimmy down my back and end up pointing the knocks behind me, making them a little harder to grab. I never did figure out how to adjust it so it stops doing that.

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