Archery 101 – Beginners!

Archery 101 – Beginners!

you hey grab your bow let's check out the archery range and do some shooting Yahoo oh wait a second uh probably get in the cart in front of the horse so we've decided to go out and take up archery only problem is you don't have a bow all right okay I learned this the hard way do not go out to some gun store or hardware store or knick-knack II little lady's doily shop and buy your first bow and arrow no don't do it okay what you need to know is you need to go to a pro shop a pro archery tackle shop to buy your first bow and there's a lot of reasons why the bow has to be sized to you properly has to have to be proper draw length for you to shoot it the poundage needs to be appropriate for a beginner based on your shoot sighs and your abilities the arrows have to match the bow perfectly otherwise I can lead to problems the pro Archer will set you up in the proper tackle for what it is you want to do whether you want to be a target shooter whether you want to eventually be a bow hunter which is long ways down the road it will set you up with a proper tackle for what it is you're trying to do and get you started off before you even go to the range and we start talking about proper form and how to develop shooting skills and develop those muscle groups that we use which are totally different than most others so get down there to the pro archery shop and get that proper tackling gear before you start trying to shoot that bow learn their form and technique okay I do captain fury asked about Robin Hood's and a Robin Hood is an arrow which winds shot goes into the back of another era the pre-release previously shot in the Bay on so here's a Robin Hood there you go a Robin you

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  1. @SelenaGomezFan884 It takes lots of patience and practice… But it's important you start off with appropriate tackle which suits you and proper form… So no not hard if you love it and are dedicated to it… Patience and dedication is the key… good luck

  2. @666darkhawk Lots more archers than bowhunters… to each his own eh… Hope you enjoy it… Patience is the key to success

  3. Thank you… I just thought the other day that this has been such a big part of my life why haven't I done anything with it video wise…

    I know its not standard youtube fare but what the heck….

  4. Yes Big Body Builders have tried unsuccessfully to draw my 100 lb compounds…

    The muscles used are unique to other activities

  5. Wow that is a precise shot, i never knew what a RobinHood was! Great info on Archery, it always seems fun, If you dont imagine a medieval man with a big shield over his head, squatting and running back and forth to fetch arrows, while arrows pelt the shield and he winces and shrieks. But he still gets all the arrows! Its Monty Pythonish. It spurted out of my mindlessness, and now it has been given to you. What would that guys title be anyway?! LOL im a lunatic

  6. Bows run from a couple hundred to several thousand… A beginner should try to stay inexpensive for several reasons…

    The fever might not take and one should invest too much until sure of interest…

    As you strengthen your shooting ability, skill and form, your draw length may change (however many bow designs have adjustable cams to change draw length slightly)

    Lastly you need to figure out what you like the best before spending big bucks…

  7. Wow! Off to nice start on this series, Pappy! Holy Cow! I've never seen two arrows completely embedded together like that! That wasn't some camera trick? Was it? LOL!

  8. So there I was, ready to take my little plastic bow with the suction arrow, and go Elephant hunting!! And now you tell me such things are YEARS down the line?? ๐Ÿ™‚ I need to get myself some props and make a response.. ๐Ÿ™‚ It won't be posted any time soon though, but hopefully you'll keep this video up for quite a while… ๐Ÿ™‚

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