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  1. I legit thought you made a goose target and put it in the lake behind you in the beginning hahaha

  2. I'm a hear/do learner and pretty much self-taught thanks to innertube friends like you and a shooting friend here that is a great mentor. I find that if I am working on overcoming a problem I tend to make things worse by working too hard at it, overthinking it. I'm currently working on a collapse thing and I can see what you are saying about exaggerating the back tension to avoid/create plucking. Thanks!

  3. I don't know how much i should say thank you sir… I wish you have a video about push and pull in details in the same way, please.

  4. Hi Greg, I thought you might be interested in checking out a book by Jerry Hill on how Howard Hill shot a bow. " Howard's method of shooting the Bow and Arrow ," has secrets that he kept to himself. It came out last year. I just got it and is a real treat to read and to try out the things he was taught by Howard Hill. Jerry kept it to himself because of his lively hood. He is getting up in age and wanted to pass it on. Thanks for the video. Ray

  5. last week when training i filmed myself and noticed i had a pluck and was collapsing, come to think of it i probably had the wrong back tension just like you said. this video has come just at the perfect time for me. it is really nice and clear and i will try this all out the next time on the range! will probably put that little exercise in my warm up routine as well, just to remind me(and my body) how it should feel and how it should not lol


  6. Does this also translate to overdraw? I find that if I anchor anywhere behind the corner of my mouth I tend to show signs of plucking. Otherwise I get a flawless release and good grouping.

  7. That wrist kink is going to help me heaps with my line of sight straight drawning arrow roll off self going to practice today.

  8. @2:04 that was unfair. I have not been producing videos promulgating your skills. Which are far superior to mine.

  9. straight lines – – – makes sense and so well explained cheers Greg I wish you lived in Yorkshire I would even buy you a beer

  10. Technically, plucking does not affect the accuracy as the time for the arrow to clear the bow is very very very short. Your hand barely moves between release and arrow clearing the bow. Plucking is an indicator that there are non-linear forces applied to the string before release that affect how the string and arrow behave during release. If you get the alignment correct, there are no non-linear forces in play, the trajectory of the string, arrow and hand will be linear after release.

    I am guilty of this as well. I have to put a lot of mental effort to not exhibit plucking …

  11. I was squeezing my back like you did. My scores went down so I decided to abandon proper back tension. Now I know I was doing it wrong and doing it nearly right my natural way. I Just need to tweak a couple of things. Thanks!

  12. Great video! I've always struggled with plucking and back tension even when I think I'm doing everything right. This explains a lot.

  13. when I string walk I slap the crap out of my face…..I hope that this fixes it.
    Thanks for the video

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