Archery 101 – The Most Important Part of Archery

Archery 101 – The Most Important Part of Archery

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  1. No attack intended just points of clarification from what I heard and support for good points made..

  2. I studied Rick Welch's method with him for several days. First he retired from competing. When he was he was the man to beat. No one has won as many titles as he has. So don't drop a notable archer so easily. You are not sharing ANY points new that he doesn't teach. Your "intuitive/gap" is not new. Snap shooting is not encouraged by any serious experienced coach including Rick Welch and is not what instinctive archery is exclusively referring to. Natural gap is part of instinctive/intuitive process just like judging the distance between you truck hood and where it is going. This is why we keep both eyes open.
    This video 100% on the mark. Have a shooting "process" to repeat from loading the arrow to the follow through is a must. Consistent repetitive natural process is paramount. Using shooting technique that limits the possibility of inconsistent mistakes is the most user friendly trad approach.
    Using string walking or gap or combination of them is no different then using a sight. Sight shooters will always have an advantage over bare bow instinctive shooters. So do compound bow archers.
    Apples and oranges. I agree, in the end it is about enjoyment and whatever gets an archer out shooting is what they should do. Many, no most, of us don't care about competing or proving who is the best. We just want to shoot and us a proven system that is user friendly and easy to pick up with a bit of practice.

  3. I follow your shot cycle and my form is some what consistent but I am not hitting my target consistently out of 5 arrows 3 might hit target from 10 yards so what am I doing wrong I started archery a month ago and right now I am focusing on instinctive shooting I have a 50lbs black hunter takedown recurve bow please help me out. Thanks

  4. I honestly don't understand why gap shooters don't just use sights: unless it's to obey rules for a particular competition.

  5. You are right! Shot cycle is indeed the most important aspect. Man, just love the sound of your shots. Keep it up, Greg. I can't afford a coach….self-learning… experience…your vids make a lot of sense. Thanks… greetings from Malaysia.

  6. I'm very new to archery but having experience in a few other activities I can already see the value in what you say here. Like golf for example, if you don't have a repeatable swing where you're in that 'groove' then every time you take the same type of shot like an off the tee, you'll have varied shots i.e. sometimes hook, sometimes slice, sometimes over the top, etc, etc. The elite of any sport can do what they do because they've trained their mechanics so they're second nature, they don't fidget around introducing different variables into their technique that cause different results that they then have to chase behind and try to fix further messing up their basic technique. Totally appreciate your info, I think this concept is going to help me immensely. Anyway, I know you said the bow you're using in the vid is a 50#… What weight bow are you using most of the time when you shoot 300 league?

  7. Good video Greg. Do you bother much about arrow length when shooting instinctive. I shoot 31" for recurve barebow GAP shooting but with my AFB I shoot 31 & 32 instinctive. As for Lancaster I like the old boy who looks like he has come straight from a deer hunt.

  8. Great video Greg. Thats the same way I gap shoot. I let my mind figure the distance. Love the end of the video.

  9. I enjoy watching all of your videos bud. I have learned a few things from watching you and listening to you. Thank you for what you do.

  10. I agree. Shot cycle is key. Shoot however you like and enjoy it. Just keep it consistent if you want to improve.

  11. Yes! Right on. Shot cycle is key. Jimmie Blackmon is great and like you will shoot anything with a string and do it well.

  12. Greg, great video as always. With out a shot cycle your just flinging Hail Mary arrows. You have good days and bad but with a good shot cycle you will have more good days. And with a good SC on a bad day you find out real quick what your doing wrong. Thank you. Alan

  13. And yet a again, a very nice video. I will try this intuitive gap shooting. Don't bother much about haters, they are always going to be there. Keep up the good work.

  14. Great video Greg. I have had the good fortune of shooting with you (a lot) from the very first month of my shooting. You drilled the importance of having a repeatable shot sequence into my head. It has made a world of difference to my enjoyment of the sport. You said it all at the end " I went from hoping not to miss, to hitting the target, to aiming for a ten". When my groups start to open up I go right back to working my shot sequence from the feet on up.
    Keep up the great info Greg.

  15. Hey man !:D I love your videos , my dad and I watched them over and over again and we've learned a lot from you! There are so many archery channels, but how you explain things and how you describe and show it , helped a lot 😀 we switched to three under ( from split ) and to gap ( from instinctive ) and we got so much better !!!:D thank you for making these videos! Greetings from Germany!

  16. I just bought my first recurve bow. The shelf has a hard lean. The arrow will not stay on unless I shoot sideways. Canting the bow hard I guess.. it's a Shakespeare modal 26. Any suggestions or any ideas? I'm very new to all of this
    But I can hit the target and that is half the battle right?

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