19 Replies to “Archery – A Return to the olympics – Archive 1973”

  1. Great video, seeing the faces that you've heard about in archery history. …and you have to love the white uniforms back then.

  2. A lot of original Hoyt Pro Medalists with top and bottom stabilizers. Stabilizer configurations not settled into a standard pattern yet. I met John Williams back then.

  3. In the 60s archery was still true archery, bow and arrow, no fancy extra equipment. I wish they had a "traditional archery" competition in the olympics, maybe with longbow like they used to.

  4. I was fortunate enough to take lesson from Doreen Wilber. The Jefferson, IA local legend taught at her home town for years after winning gold. Thanks Doreen 🙂 -Chris Perkins

  5. Quite a few Bear Tamerlines there in the opening. And some C handle takedowns later on. You'll love the section starting at 7:44.

  6. Effin crazy how accurate they are, this is real olympics & dedication! Oh, check out the sweet rebel flag at 15:18 😀

  7. Interesting… They are shooting with wooden bows, with stabilizers and most of all: recurve bows. And still they shoot as good as modern day shooters with a compound bow !

  8. This was when I started and although very familiar with the names how great to see the faces.Talent will always be just that regardless of equipment! a lesson to be learnt.

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