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  1. I enjoy your videos very much. I would suggest that you get something for a photographic background. You could pick one up at a photo supply or just get a big piece of dark colored carpet or rug. It needs to be dark so you will stand out as the main subject. Your backgrounds look too junky to me. Keep up the good work.

  2. I started doing archery here in Ukraine, but I don't always understand what the coach tells me. I watch your videos and they give me some nice tips to do during training when I'm not too sure what I should be doing

  3. Sorry I’m late to the video, I’ve recently just found your channel and am watching all your uploads.

    My “coach” tells me to have a behind the mouth anchor when shooting barebow with the three under technique. I didn’t know if this was correct because it wasn’t really mentioned in the video?

  4. Thanks for this video!! I dont use sights and use a recurve so I use the high position with top of thumb in corner of my lips

  5. Idk what I do wrong but I've smacked my nose countless times while using the corner of my mouth as an anchor point

  6. For barebow recurve I wear safety glasses and anchor near the eye.

    For compound I anchor under my jaw.

  7. Isnt it better to anchor under the ear than corner of lip to get more speed and longer powerstroke? Should a shorter person use a further anchor point(end of cheek bone or under ear lobe) to compensate competing against taller people with longer draw lengths? Isnt more advantageous for the shot to have a flatter path?

  8. Hey I've been practicing archery for bout a few weeks now been watching your vid, for a couple days now but everytime I shoot my bow it's like my arrow, hits my bow and shoots to a totally different direction

  9. Great video! Your channel has really helped me out a lot! I'm a beginner compound bow shooter, a 65lb draw with ~75% let off, that I evetually want to hunt with. What is the poundage of the bow you are using in this video? And what is your go to bow and for fun? I want to get into recurve target shooting, looking for a good starting point.

  10. NUSensei, Deepika Kumari uses additional anchor point:
    She has a red mark on the string and places it exactly to the lips at the touch.
    Is it completely individual trick?

  11. Hey, I am shooting barebow with a 3under grip.
    I am anchoring at the corner of my mouth but im using the middle finger do you see any problems by doing so.
    Best regards from Austria.

  12. I'm a beginner and shoot a 40# Bear Montana long bow. This instruction helped me very a whole lot – thank you !

  13. Thanks for the video. Very good explanation. I do especially like, that you draw the attention to the „little“ possible mistakes, too. That is very valuable for a beginner like me. And of course, thanks for your other videos! I very much appreciate your work.

  14. Hello nusensei, thank you very much for all your videos! I'm exploring diferent anchor points for instinctive shooting. I find the corner of the mouth to be the most accurate for me, but the string often pinches my cheek, and hurts. At an archery club they told me that i should use "three-below" for this anchor point, and the problem indeed is fixed. But i would like to use the corner of the mouth with "one-above, two-below", as it seems more natural to me. Do you have any sugestions to solve the string pinching the cheek with this technique?

  15. I couldn’t get my nose to touch the string. Really stressing about it. And my fingers wound hurt like hell. But the bow was to small, thanks to that observation, I got bigger limbs and it makes such a difference. Thanks!!!

  16. Personnaly, i use jaw anchor in instinctive archery, i teach instinctive archery like that to my students. It's a little harder the first ten arrows, after it doesn't make any difference.

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