Archery and sights

Archery and sights

that's my kids there in the video potential alright so i don't know if people see the shooting patterning or not but usually when i go full slant it seems to aim better and then sighting in the ones where i actually look at the tip of the arrow and I guide from my draw where I'm angled for elevation and then windage I tend to go more towards what I'm looking at but remember look small when you look small small pitcher not big picture if you look at the whole target you'll miss the whole target if you look at just the center you'll hit the whole target somewhere in the target it's usually pretty easy remember think small very small most people in archery will look at the smallest thing that they see instead of looking at the whole target so this was just a little short video I was kind of a little something to my shoulder as the excuse is right making stuff up gotcha alright hippies I catch you on the flip side

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  1. thanks for sharing Sarge much appreciated
    have a look at gear head archery they've got a slingbow kinda thing ( I think it's called a T15 ) they make looks kinda interesting to see if it can be replicated with bits & pieces anyhoo just thought I'd mention it I know it's nothing like a regular bow but still interesting

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