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  1. I just picked up an Barnett sports flight at an garage sale for $2. But with no string. ….I can't find the brace hight anywhere.

  2. Thank you. I’ve been getting it wrong all this time! No wonder I found the compound bow easier! Because when I thought I had been working with a recurve was really a longbow. And it seems to me that compounds are just beefed up versions of longbows.

  3. It happens everywhere. Try shopping anything on ebay or Amazon. They just slap all popular labels on their stuff to generate traffic and purchases.

  4. The reflex/deflex bows are a bit of a mystery item in a sense that the limbs actually have a bit of a recurve, but the braced bow looks like a 'longbow'.
    Still, for me the 'American style' longbows aren't longbows at all they are usually hybrid flatbows.

  5. All the reason, spend more money on quality brand without misnaming their products for the sake of selling "wrong" product.  more money wasted when you buy more because you found out it's not 'recurve' or wrong product when you learn more about archery.

  6. 0:46, huh, I have that, it was cool growing up with it, not until I started watching your videos did I noticed the difference between those bows and recurves

  7. I looked for a horsebow and it was listed first as a longbow…….. nope, defiantly a horsebow….

  8. Those two arrow bows are for unattended children to shoot the neighbors kids with threw the slats in the fence. The second arrow is just for a follow up shot.

  9. I saw a kit last night that came with 1 arrow and 1 "sucker". Im not sure if they mean the bow sucks or if you're just a sucker if you buy it

  10. Bro. That is the worst bacon neck I've ever seen. I mean, how did that even happen? Did you put your feet through the collar and pull the shirt on like a pair of pants?

  11. Mislabelling something intentionally to attract more customers is really quite a common thing, especially if from the image one could easily see that it's mislabelled. I think it's only illegal to do so if there are actual legal terms and classifications, such as what the FDA in the US does with food labelling.

  12. Isn't a Longbow a straight bow with a "D" cross-section?
    Are not what they are selling is a 'Flat Bow" in that the cross-section is a rectangle?
    Both are straight bows as opposed to a recurve bow.
    So you can have a Straight Longbow or a Straight Flatbow.

    Sn they are wholly fiberglass, they are also Selfbows instead of the Composite Recurve Bow you are shooting.

  13. something is up with the way you rendered your videos. theres a very noticeable judder going on with the footage that is very distracting.

  14. I had one of these lil banshee compound bows when I was 7 and they do become easy at full draw even though i think it drops by 10-20% which is nothing compared to my current bow

  15. I had a cheap youth bow for 5 days then I went to a archery shop and bought a compound the compound bow actually makes archery fun

  16. But these aren't 'longbows' either. A longbow by academic definition is a self bow, D shaped with a flat back or a fully rounded bow the entire length.
    Thanks for your videos!

  17. Is the blackcat recurve bow good? My model is the half and red one. I would like to know so if it isn't I can buy a real one.

  18. I went to a sporting good shop , to get some bow-string wax, and the people running the shop kept trying to get me to buy those fake recurves. I informed them that i had one, and that those were not recurves, but they are stuck to saying what the box says. It was kinda despressing when they kept on insisting that the box was right, and that i was "just another customer who think they know better".

  19. The thing with naming and description here that makes me wonder, are they named for association classifications? Here in the UK if it's not a compound, not a defined longbow (wood, over 5' long, D-shaped cross section – there is more to the deifnition, but these plastic / fibreglass jelly bows are not longbows), then it's a recurve,. if it doesn't have stabilisers and sights, it's a recurve barebow.
    A Jelly bow, like those you show for the kids bows, and the kits, isn't physically a recurve, but for AGB (and presumably WA) classification purposes it is a recurve.

  20. see I am clever I want to buy a bow but I have no idea how much weight I can pull  or the size of bow I need I have used a bow before but it was a old  wood bow that they have at shows you go to so I looked online a there is a club not far from me its like 17.50 for bow hire and lane hire so I am going to go test out some bows and see what fits me before I spend my money on a bow

  21. i subbed btw… yooo i bought a 25 lb recurve bow, its a tribe gamehunter thats about 90 bucks… is that a good starting bow for a younger age, my little brother just turned 13  and i bought it for him, im personally using a martin jaguar takedown 45 pnd recurve. Can i get ur opinion on the tribe, thx

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