Archery | Arrows – What's The Difference?

Archery | Arrows – What's The Difference?

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  1. Very informative. I remember going to the sporting store after having to scrounge up 75 cents, to buy an arrow. It was wood with a field tip. There weren't many choices, wood with 3 types of head. Or the aluminum with replaceable heads.
    I would go to grandparents house for the weekend. I found the twine the newspaper was tied up with, grab a Bowie knife, got cut down twigs to make arrows and a bow. I kept busy, had a blast, and 90% of the time my arrows were cut there, no point, no knock, all carved. No feathers at all. I could dent a beer can 30 feet away pretty consistent. Great fun.

  2. Haha. I"m a relative beginner and lately have been trying to make sense of the arrow charts that are online. I'm a scientist with advanced degrees and over 50 publications in highly regarded medical journals, and I still have trouble with those arrow charts. Finally, somebody told me the other day all the info that I really need at this stage: If you have a lower draw-weight bow, you should use relatively less stiff arrows. If you have a higher draw-weight bow, you should use relatively stiffer arrows. Duh.

  3. Has anyone ever tried greasing the arrow shaft so it'll fly easier through the air with less resistance?

    I'm Joking!

  4. NUSensei, have you played Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Do you happen to understand the different types of arrows and bows there in context of how close these are to reality?

  5. Also going from plastic/rubber fins to "feather" you get more accuracy, as the feathers compress when leaving the riser, vs rubber/plastic kind of kicks the back end out a bit.

  6. The cheaper arrows on Wish are actually not very good, unless you got a 60lbs bow and got the muscles to pull and shoot. I bought 60 arrows all different sorts of cheap Wish arrows and initially thought they were OK. But then I got a 6 pack/$80 arrows, and my mind was blown. Now the grouping of arrows are within 8"-10" more or less with an outlier here and there, vs. before with cheap arrows where "yay I hit the wall" was "good" …. Invest in some good arrows, you will not regret.

  7. I like to make my own arrows. At least i know i have something i cant trust is good.
    I use 11/32 shafts spined correctly for my bow. I always buy the parts by the same person. I started with carbon arrows. But it happend occasionally that someone else's arrow would shatter my arrows and it would make a mess and you would cut your hands trying to clean it up.

    I used to buy my arrows made out of wood €7 per piece laminated and very durable. But i can make 10 arrows myseld for around €45 euro. Which is a lot cheaper than €70 euro. And with some special oil I make them environment resistant. And when i buy the glu i can make around a 100 arrows with it which drops the price by another €10 euro.

  8. NUSensei, I've purchased plenty of low cost arrows from eBay and Aliexpress (China direct) and they are never spined right. I gave up and now purchase locally from an archery shop or from Lancaster Archery here in the US in Pennsylvania. Better to pay for decent higher priced arrows than cheapy ones direct from China. I'm sure the more expensive are made in China but they are still held to higher standards and consistency when you pay for more expensive name brand arrows.

  9. Hi, I have a question, has anyone tried the 30 inch carbon arrows made by GPP that sell for $29.00 a dozen?
    I have heard a lot of opinion but I would love to see someone review them and show why they are garbage or not.
    I am buying a black hunter because you had the balls to shoot one and review it honestly. Too many people look at the price and say OH their Crap…

  10. What would be a suitable arrow for a 30# 56” Mandarin Duck Phantom Takedown Recurve Bow? (Beginner Level).

  11. Hey NuSensi, I'm just getting back into archery after a 30 year break, I'm 64 now ( I used to hunt with a compound back then). I recently bought a wooden recurve rated at #15, I have a 28"draw…I need a recommendation on what spine arrows to use carbon & aluminum. Nothing is etched in stone…I need a good starting point rather than wandering through the insane amount of choices.I'll worry about price later…I trust your judgment, I really need a good place to start, can you help me, Thanks for your time.

  12. i found perfect arrow for me by big fat luck. 33 inch long, spine 700 on 38# on my draw length . Maximal carbon edge spine.

  13. I shoot aluminium Easton 2117 but I'm a hunter like the heavier arrow I feel it hits harder but that's a personal opinion could be wrong

  14. Hi can I get some help. I'm after aluminium arrows as shoot on a school field. My draw weight is between 26/28lbs and a draw length of 28". What is best spin? Think I was told 1416 or 1616!

  15. hey, NUsensai. i have been having trouble finding the right arrows for my new bow. i am a beginner and as you mentioned i am one of those that is going to be in the garden/woods to practice shooting. i went to Hungary recently and found this awesome Hungarian horseman bow that was specially made for this small store, it is made from fiberglass covered in leather and is 133cm in length, i couldn't buy arrows since they would been taken from me at the airport. I have been trying to find the right arrows and meanwhile, trying to teach myself all about what i need to know. do you have any recommendations on stiffness, length and etc and where i could buy such arrows? it would mean the world to me, since i am gaining no luck in choosing the right ones.

  16. Hi NuSensei. I am a recurve archer from the Phillipines. I am wondering if arrows should only be cut to attain a whole number value such as 29",28",31",32" from point to nock. Because charts only show whole numbers. Is it possible for an archer to have a 29.5", 28.1/3", 27.3/8", 31.1/5" arrow measurement from point to nock? How does it affect the spine?

    Thanks in advance and more power to your channel.

  17. Hey Sensei! i have a question for ya, im a begginer compound archer and i train on my own , i bought a compound bow which came with 6 Carbon arrows .
    if i have Aluminium arrows who are the same length as my Carbon arrows can i use them with my compound bow ?
    i know that arrows usually need to match the bow in order to not Damage the bow wings (because of differences between the weight of Carbon and Aluminium arrows
    what should i do?

  18. Hi NUSensei, thank you for your sage advice, I've learned quite a bit from your videos. I decided to try my hands on a recurve and purchased a 62" Samick Polaris – 28lbs(28.5" draw length). Due to budget constraints, I had been using some old carbon arrows (Browning Boss 55/70) which are way over spined, but fine for my old compound bow. I would like to purchase some proper arrows to tighten my shot groups and not develop improper targeting habits compensating with stiff arrows…what do you suggest 900, 1000 spine? Thank you in advance!

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