Archery | Bosen Bows 25" Horn Riser Review

Archery | Bosen Bows 25" Horn Riser Review

Oh hi everyone this is new sensei today we're taking a look at the bows and bows horn 25-inch iof recurve riser now I have already done a review on the horn io f riser that was the 17 inch version with long bow limbs now since then the company has come out with a recurve 25 inch period specifically targeted towards the target shooting recurve market so let's take a look at what this riser has to offer firstly this is the bow sleeve that the horn comes in it's a very thin canvas like material very large it's not very padded so do keep in mind that this workgroup would take the riser it's me just put it in there so you can put it in your bag or case or so on opening it up and this is the rosin itself will also grab the tools that comes with there we go your wrenches proficiently it's hard in any of the screws but we'll go through this a bit later so this is the riser and my goodness that is a shiny shiny riser as if most Rises it comes in a range of colors I chose the purple one because I don't have a purple book and I think everyone should have a purple bow at some point so this is the purple color so that's purple it's a nice past early purple brother nor bright a metallic purple and it does look quite nice at first glance it actually looks a little different to the 17-inch model are–but earlier of course it's stretched out and bigger and has some of the hallmarks from the 17 inch version there are some differences so if you've seen the horn I left before then this should be very similar to what you've already seen if you haven't seen it before then this would be a first glance and first impression so it has the aesthetic of a modern recurve riser in some ways the color and shape kind of look like a hybrid of a winning win or an SF or beause there's some interesting combination of shapes and patterns and colors of course the finish is actually quite smooth most of the edges are well rounded so you're seeing some of the cheaper Rises in the market that the riser is basically cut out with a CNC machine or even cast and get some pretty hard edges arrests this is quite smoothed out it does give us a good aesthetic smooth look and also feels nice in the hand it's a small thing when you buy a riser but it does kind of justify a higher cost when you have something we test that extra finish the paint job looks really good it is a poor anodized aluminium the really nice paint job really smooth and as I said before do you like the fact that it is a softer purple color rather bright metallic purple so this is quite appealing to me visually I do like the look of it and my first question at looking at this bow is it looks pretty functional and on par with most of the mid-range recurve risers as with the previous horn oil with 17 inch riser it does have some unique aesthetics the horizontal adjustment boats do you have the Gothic style cloth face which is very interesting it's functional if we are using this to adjust horizontal alignment then you can of course use the numbers as a reference point but let's look pretty cool has a nice classic look to it it also has the branding on the bottom of the grip that has Bosen bows on one side and horn on the other the horn has the standard bushings for the site and the clicker as well as the standard plunger buttons for those who are using plungers especially it does come with the clicker extension there's the short version pre-mounted as well as a longer version in the toolkit it also has stabilized bushings birth in the middle the top bottom and the rear beneath the grip the grip is kind of interesting it does have that typical crystal shaped grip which you find in most modern recurve risers it's a little narrow I know some people like a more pronounced thicker grip on the base of the hand some people like the narrow grip but this is more than narrow science it doesn't quite feel like a Hoyt or win a win or SF grip it does feel okay but this for a little narrower so keep that in mind the material is what's plastic but the surface is a little rubberized and what you find is that there's a bit of friction in the hand not too much it's still a smooth feeling but this is just a bit of friction which may or may not help some people like a smooth grip some people like wooden grips and some people wouldn't – texture so see that actually looks decent and it looks cut a lot for people so it does look ok on the riser I like the pattern on the grip – nice modern sporty look it's on carbon but it does look quite nice and otherwise if it's the hand decently and yeah I think the only thing which some people might like it's a slightly thicker grip you might have to add some more tape to it I've had it out just a bit but otherwise the grip worked so ok and I've got pretty modest size hands I think large hands might feel this a little bit in my hand but I think it feels quite nice like I said before the front of the riser it's nice and rounded so if you do put your fingers around it it doesn't really feel awkward and it's no rough edges in the back either so this is a pretty good design it's very wide lots of margin for the hand the thumb the fingers so it's pretty forgiving grip first impressions holding the riser by itself in the hand looks pretty decently balanced it doesn't have the dead weight of a low-end aluminium ERISA doesn't quite have defined balance and structure of a high-end riser so it sits right in the middle so there's a little top heavy as you can see here not a bad thing when you're up cost shooting this doesn't matter too much you may have some weights if you're shooting Bebo or causal stabilizers compensate for the whole thing yeah it doesn't feel heavy it's a nice medium weight riser so I feel quite comfortable holding it actually looks and feels quite nice in terms of the design the aesthetics and the how would fit into a target shooters inventory I think this is a pretty good design as it is Burton bows also sent me a set of limbs these are carbon foam limbs and if you are shopping from bows and bows or getting a set from them this is what you would expect to get in Dikshit as well so these are 30 pound carbon foam limbs they basically look really nice I mean that's what a modern recurve look like nice carbon cross pattern good fiberglass layer pretty good manufacturing this is not look cheap so this might be the equivalent of say the wns premium or elite alpha limbs pretty solid carbon choice not too expensive and they do come in a range of draw weights and it's before this is their 30 power set of limbs so I'm gonna make this a fairly modest draw weight practice bow now I'm just gonna quickly set it up I'm not going to use a magnetic rest or plunger for this one I put my gear set up on my other bow but as a demo though we just put a very simple tight super wrist on the riser we just fold it on there that seems fine I could cause thread the plunger through get a center shot I ever wanted to and the adjustment options are there or pro tip if you are using a plunger it should slice the plastic flap here from the superest if you're not using a plunger keep it on it does act as a bit of a plunger itself so it does help the error clear the riser for a for better flight as we said before the limbs are iof so and that clicks on and that also clicks on no problems there and here's the one that is fully strung it is a nice-looking riser put it that way with the black carbon limbs it does have quite a nice sporty appeal to it of course if not using these limbs then you might have a different appearance but otherwise the bows and boasts it looks quite nice together like I said I think the appearance is quite good in terms of its balance and handling that's quite tight period so just keeping in mind if you plan to shoot this bear bow you will need to compensate for the top heaviness that is quite top-heavy most bear bows will tip backwards but not to that extent so otherwise it seems okay let's give it a few shots in the bear bear configuration alright let's get some first impression shots going I'll try this with my current arrows which are spine for a 34 pound bow this is 30 pound not sure how far off we'll be but we'll see how this works in bear bow [Applause] or the arrows that that was fired thought this thing does have a fair amount of punch to it it does fling the arrow out quite nicely it definitely is consistent to put it that way this is a loud bow now that's the way the the current brace height and limbs are configured it is a little loud not enough definitely some speed to that actually the carbon limbs do perform quite well I must stop the arrows out to a different spire so this flies any better a shot okay but I knew the arrows weren't coming out well so let's see if it's any different I've actually been better yeah it kinda even with no tuning and nothing on the bow you can definitely shoot okay with this thank you pretty good you know when you have an arrow that is just the right spine it's so satisfying to see because just shuts out being influenced the shot I'm being influenced by a random pattern that comes out the way you want to come out and a really happy the way that these arrows just happen to be close to the right tune for this bow because I am just hitting the same spot every single time and that's a function birth of the teaser hopefully the bow as well it definitely allows you to shoot to an acceptable level still shaking that shot there but still came out all right the like them this makes a lot easier these are just 30 pound wimps I've got more time to control the shot that are perfect perfect yeah it passes the shoot in general direction test a couple slightly higher but for for touching right here this is 10 meters I'm gapping so I've got the app for the arrow on a chair down here so I know exactly I'm a big target so that's a pretty good result so far so good haven't been able to replicate the same precision every single time but of course I'm just playing it hours on the day about it does feel pretty good that limbs do you feel nice and it does give some good feedback now are the problems of the browser I think one of the things which really stands out to me after this test shooting is remember how I said it's very top-heavy like very very top-heavy that it can be uncomfortable when you're shooting for a long session I feel the reason is that because it is tilting backwards naturally and you're you are pulling it backwards you can't have to counteract the tendency for the Raza to push backwards so you tend to put your wrist and your hand forward a bit more so you kind of overcompensating for that Tennessee to lean back now if you do it three times it's pretty normal well what I did find was that I was getting a bit of strain it through my hand and my wrist just keeping the bow down so I think that there is an inherent imbalance with the bug this isn't a bad thing necessarily but do keep this in mind if you're shooting this just as it is it's going to be a little straining on your wrist that's what I found now that said I don't think this was designed to be shot in Bebo and again many bear bow designs and recurve risers will be quite top-heavy so the addition of weight and stabilizers will counteract that so but actually do that alright now we're getting a little serious for the entire freestyle recurve setup with the side and the stabilizers I don't have the clicker but doesn't matter we'll shoot without it but let's see how it feels now that we have the proper weights on it we have counteracted the top heaviness with destabilizes but so we use them so this should feel quite different that was much better if it's much more likely shooting a a proper freestyle recurve the weight is just right we're gonna have them to nabela balance the bow but it feels the way it should so ya know this is really designed for the freestyle setup I don't feel that restraint or the backwards lean this is the way it's meant to be shot and just going for the big target again yeah I don't have a plunger so I don't have the center shot configured doesn't matter all this is proving is that it can be shot well with the freestyle configuration you're not using a clicker so I don't have the process and fault threw it down just right it's gonna be a little loose but look at the arrows on target let's get one more set I'm gonna go for the 40 centimeter target or just the big though the medium-sized one in the middle at the bottom one again I don't have a sinner shot on my boat right now and no plunger so I have to aim off a bit my sight is calibrated for my other bow so aim around for probably 20 C at 20 centimeters to the left to hit that goal so the see if you can get this right in the first few shots that's right the god temperature I collapse in the shot there so there wasn't really um focus on my process but I did hit goth so we have a point of reference yep got the bitch shot this and line but it's a little high let's go for the top target yeah I did aim too far to the right that time they didn't compensate for the center shot that's where should have been let go that's more in line little high but there we go it gets the arrows on target overall thoughts on the boat in bow horn I think it's a good rise up this is pretty much exactly what a mid-range mid price riser would feel like it definitely isn't a top-end riser it's not meant to be so it's a good level for a first or second bow for beginners intermediates it has the look and function of a competitive target recurve there's no reason why you can't shoot well with it this is a good development bow and something which can take it to your first competition so I think overall I'm satisfied with the bow like I said earlier I feel that the bow is a little top-heavy so if you shoot this bear bow it might be a little tricky but if we do shoot with these stabilizers besides this if the Freestyle configuration then this is quite a good bow it looks and feels and handles the way it should I had no problem with it I didn't calibrated obviously but it did function as I thought it would after shooting a for about an hour I didn't feel that the group bothered me want to put the weights on the balance didn't bother me so overall it's a pretty good riser pretty good valid for money and if you look in this riser you might think about getting it there yeah I definitely give this a thumbs up anyway I hope you found this interesting and helpful this is new sensei and I'll see you next time

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  1. Namaste,
    I would like to ask you if the limbs off the original Bosen horn long bow on the 25" riser would perform like. A mix up so to speak.
    Thank you for your time.

  2. hey NUSensei, another great video ๐Ÿ™‚ can i ask your opinion on the RC3 limbs in terms of speed. how were your sight marks in comparrison to other limbs?
    have you been able to shoot them at any further distances

  3. When you said horizontal adjustment bolts is that the same as lateral limb alignment? A response from anyone would be helpful? thanks ….

  4. no, it is infact designed to shoot as a barebow (also as a target rig with stabilization), it doesn't feel right as a barebow only because u have it set up with zero weight. As a matter of fact, the 2 side way holes @ lower are universal 5/16-24 weight mounting points ~ I ran a 1.5" stud through them n attach disc weights on both side…along with other 4 usual mounting points on the riser….. U may also wanna take apart the LLA assembly to see the cylindrical detent x self adjusting mechanism for limb pad angle, it's pretty awesome n bomb proof.

  5. Is Uukha equipment available in your area? If so, please see if you can review the limbs. They seem quite unique.
    Your videos are very informative. Thank you.

  6. did you get a chance to try and attach some weights on the bottom of the riser? looks like it has some holes on the sides of the bottom half for weights.

  7. I would love a collab video looking at the composition of modern limbs and risers. As an engineer, I would like to know if any new techniques/materials that are being applied in the realm of modern (non-compound) bows. I'm currently in the process of building my own bow, and carbon fiber is high on my list of materials. Anyone know what these foam core limbs look like when cut in half?

  8. I see that the top part of the riser is curved much more than the bottom section (concave). Probably like you said a combination of different bows… I guess it would have been much better balanced if it was the same.

  9. Goddamn it Nu. First I have to be jealous of all your bows. Now I have to be jealous of your facial hair too? Not fair man.

    But that being said, always here for bow reviews. Awesome work!

  10. Can you do a review on the Gillo G2? I'm getting one soon and i was curious about what your opinions were.

  11. Other people: "Hah purple is so gaaaay!"
    Me: "A purple bow… I can probably add black/red limbs and some decals to it to give it a MS-09R Rick Dom motif."

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