Archery: Can you learn it from YouTube?

Archery: Can you learn it from YouTube?

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  1. Big props to Joseph. I only took up archery last September, an have only learned from Youtube. Mostly Armin's channel. I am not part of a club (nor will I ever be, not much of a social person) and have no range save for my self made one in my back yard. Matter of fact I have never loosed an arrow in front of another person. So everything I know (what little there is) is from Youtube. Even watching this one I learned something new. Great video.

  2. Armin I ordered a snake bow, which arrows is the best to start with, Snake bow 26 pound, can draw 32 inch im not shure

  3. YouTube videos like yours are a great help for beginners like me. Thanks for answering the FAQs in your past videos. I learned quite a lot esp the Mediterranean release 👍

  4. Obsession is the word I see a lot in these comments, same here. Thanks for the ongoing inspiration Armin. Just carving my second horn thumbring.
    I also really like how you refer to TaiChi in your style. Have some background there and would love to see more on that from you.

  5. Hey Armin, I want to give you money but I don't want to do business with Patreon because they have appointed themselves Internet Thought Police. Any chance you can open a Subscribestar account?

  6. Thank's a lot Meister Armin , all I know about shooting I learned them with your so good videos
    I shoot thumb release now because you showed me the right skills and tried a lot of others technics with you
    Great respect for you!!!!
    Richard Coeur de Lion 👍😎🏹🇫🇷

  7. This is a credit both to his dedication and Armin's way of explaining things. Hands on tuition is even better but very well done! I'm also one of those who learned from Armin s videos and emails. Far from perfect still, but that's what practice is for👌

  8. Thanks to Mr. Hirmer I learned a lot about shooting a bow and arrow, and also find the right bow for me. Thank You Sir! 👍

  9. Youtube and other info sources about archery are very useful to improve and correct some bad forms but there is nothing like being instruct by a teacher. I live in a relative small city so there was no one teaching archery so i learn by my self and it took me a lot of time to correct my bad forms and shoting style. That was 5 years ago nowdays i star training a couple of my friends in archery and they shot prety well for being training just 2 weeks with me since i teach team the proper form to stand, aim, realease, and anchor right from the begining

  10. Great archery content….there is always something to learn in this thing called archery Thanks Armin >>>—–> : ) Oh and yes you can learn from you tube…Good and Bad.

  11. I have definitely improved my archery a lot just from watching Armin shoot. In particular, I've learned that to shoot accurately and consistently with these bows, it is important to stay relaxed. Good shooting technique looks graceful, and smooth, not stiff.

  12. I suspect that Armin has done more for tourism in Malta than any of their government agencies. (from a grateful youtube archery student)

  13. Taught myself purely from YouTube videos, but it would still be nice to have someone who can point out the faults.

  14. I'm learning from youtube, more precisely from your videos, too.
    Und das macht mich gefühlt zu dem der am meisten darüber weiß in der Gegend wo ich wohne -.- ^^

  15. I started off shooting barebow. But I learned traditional from watching Armin's videos. You need to try it yourself to know how it feels and to actually get better at it. I've been shooting horse bows for about 5 months now and these videos are a big confidence booster. I didn't even ask for help from any of the club instructors when I started.

  16. Monkey see monkey do is a great tool like a hammer , but sometimes you need a scalpel for those surgical presisjons in archery , and of course there is all the things lost in translation between theory and execution and there is also the way your brain neuro plasticity changes with experience

  17. You can see a reference to a technique n practice that, books also help.. Best teachers are time, practice shooting, and Elders who know! Thanks for sharing! ATB👍😎👍!

  18. Wow! excellent execution👍
    I congratulate you both, Joseph for be a great for allowing the education and following the advice of the Master. And of Course Mr. Armin for dedication and great training. This passion🎯
    I was very happy to see this video. Awesome. 😀

  19. The before & after split screen really highlights the improvements. Well done Joseph (and Armin, of course). 🙂

  20. I followed some of your instructions on instinctive Mediterranean, finally got to shoot better, filmed myself, posted it online and this archery master saw it and said I am doing really well for a beginner. There is still so much to learn for which it is better to have a teacher present, but I think watching your videos helps a lot of people. You can learn the most crucial basics and while you apply the principles it just feels right! Amazing work with this channel! Keep it up!

  21. I tried first time on Thumb draw.

    Doesn't work that well. So went for 1 session to get some correction.
    Surely anyone can learn from vids and books given enough time.

    But nothing will beat face to face mentoring and interaction and correction in real time.
    Save time in life go get some expert or peoples who experienced.

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