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  1. All these years later your video is so appropriate, I've always asked myself why did I get a recurve? I have always been frustrated seeing compound shooters stacking nearly every arrow on the X. Today I shot my recurve with a bigger smile on my face. Thanks for this great timeless video. It is fun to see how far crossbows have come in 4 years, mine is like an assault rifle but slower. 😛

  2. The way i almost look at is recurve is a single fire rife built for faster shooting but a little more non accurate but all around very reliable where as compound is mor of a sniper very accurate very strong crazy far distance but it shoots a bit slower (i shoot mainly compound)

  3. Personally i shoot compound but i just do it for fun sometimes ill shoot with no sight i could care less about missing

  4. Another thing to consider, if you have a recurve (especially a take down recurve), it's a lot easier to transport the bow. I've got a Bear longbow, and while I love shooting it, unstrung, it's basically a 6' long stick. This makes it a pain in the ass to bring to the range with me, and as a result, it doesn't get the time it deserves.

  5. I hold my school's highest score in our archery tournament of 495. 70% of the competitors were using compound bows. I personally dont like these bows cuz they seem a bit too easy and I like to do things a bit "wierdly". The night before the tournament, I built a bow out of PVC and fiberglass driveway markers. The next day at school, I walked out with a giant sack of candy. One of my crowning achievements at my old shitty school.

  6. What do you think about lever bows, like the Oneida Phoenix? Is it the best of both worlds situation?

  7. You should probably have pointed out compound bows are much heavier than recurves or traditional bows physically to hold up when you're shooting, so your bow arm shoulder needs to be physically stronger. Much harder to let down when you need to… The release aid thing is mainly because they're such short axis bows that finger pinch is terrible, so you really have to use one tbh..

  8. So ok if compounds are arguably better in every aspect, why is the majority of olympic archers using recurves?

  9. I love recurves I started with a compound and I honestly hated it just never really got into it then I got an recurve and instantly loved it. But I will say this I'm terrible at it my groupings are inconsistent at best but that's entirely me

  10. Think I am going to get a pruning saw and make a draw-knife from an old file and become a "Happy person" 😉

  11. It is no different than comparing a traditional bow vs freestyle recurve, the differences are just exaggerated

  12. Very helpful. When I started class last month they were throwing these terms around and I had no idea what they were talking about.

  13. Recurve and traditional archer could be the best archer when he/she shootng with compound bow. Unlike compound archer with recurve bow

  14. I'd agree with the fact that recurve bows feel nice to shoot (I use one) but some of us use them for accuracy because of the challenge. With a compound, you haven't gotten the art of archery down because the bow does most of the work, while recurve bows require the user to take the hard path.

  15. For sports
    Compound is efficient and aim is easy for long range
    I don't even a Archer
    For beginners what is bad I think I don't know

  16. that why i moved to compound as i love hunting and hope one day to get in my case a deer with a bow

  17. much love and respect for this video! I wish i had seen it when i was trying to explain my passion for the activity/sport/etc.
    for me, Im not worried about perfection or being famously great at hitting mark.
    feeling the arrow leap forward, seeing and hearing the impact of hitting your target or box, is uniquely meditative and fun.
    it is just very freeing and wonderful to learn & explore, especially since there are so many variations/ bow types & styles.
    archery is beautiful in all its forms. But my first loves are recurve and other traditional bows.

  18. woww… that's answering my long time question,,, and now i know most of the bow hunters prefer the compound..

  19. If you practice with a recurve bow, would you also become proficient with a compound? And vice versa? Just wondering

  20. I shoot both but only hunt game with the compound for leisure it’s all personal but I bet if you enjoy archery you end up with a few bows I suggest never parting with the first bow you get because the nostalgia of it never dies just PLEASE take care of them to avoid injury’s

  21. With Compound Bow 'Cams' why aren't the grooves that hold the string deeper? Wouldn't that be the biggest solution to derailments? :f

  22. Then the are people like me who love Traditional Archery and have shot Traditional for quite som time But I have recently gotten into Compound bows and I really like that to so why limit one self to simple one when you can do both

  23. I have both… the compound bow took all the fun out of it for me… Recurve is much more challenging… to me anyway… I hardly ever shoot my compound bow any more…

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