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  1. Just a few points,The owner of this bow is now 6! Although he was 4 when he got it from merlin in person.The new ones come with 3 arrows,Those arrows are actually slightly less than half the original length so it was a 2 for 1 sort of deal.The original string disintegrated very quickly as it didn't have any servings and the loops were just crimped on.Also the stabilisers were put on for Nu as the lad shoots barebow.Most shops should be able to get one.Happy shooting everyone.

  2. I'm debating getting a w&w nano tft-g or decut mini.

    I think I will get the decut mini. It's just so good!

  3. This would make a great backpack small game survival bow. I am a beginning archer and ordered a Decut" Collegiate" Riser with Galaxy bronze star limbs from Lancaster Archery.. I must say I am very pleased with the quality of Decut products. The riser is forged anodized aluminium. The limbs are great too. Will be slinging arrows soon after the snow stops flying. Love that mini- recurve!

  4. Wondering how this work if you bolted down some diy fiberglass limbs, maybe with siyahs, if you could up the poundage some it would be sweet!

  5. That is a nice small bow and would be great for a competition match. I want to get a new bow so badly, but is waiting due to money matters. The one I will get will be a full size bow and will be around a 45 pound bow.

  6. That is brilliant! Just need sights and clicker, one week of practice and you'll be able to take that to the 18m World Cup.

  7. It's way kewl , can you try shooting English long from a 30-40 meters . I WAN to se how Olympic shooter , whom knows how to shoot the bow for real, be able to hit the target .. Don't have to be a way heavy . 50 – 60 pound . I'm sure you would do much better then most guys out there . With a very little practice , cause bow is the bow . And I wana thank you I learned slot from you .

  8. You need a clicker on that. Also, why didn't you twirl the bow when you did the olympic style? Also, I somehow REALLY really want to see somebody use this bow in a normal target shooting competition.

  9. Laugh all you want. When ten thousand Lilliputians descend on you shooting these things, you won't be laughing anymore!

  10. I don't think I've seen your face with such a wide smile before 🙂
    You really light up. You are animated with joy and delight.
    I think this [so-called] 'ANT' sized novelty really caught you off guard with its ability to [actually] function sooo well.
    I think this is my third fav. video ( after the follies of "^*NU's New Bow*^" AND "*^Rio 2016 | The Road to Greatness^*" )

  11. Why do some people buy compound more than recurve? Is it because it is easy to use or for hunting. I see a lot of people use compound bows in my archery and i see many kids buy it because of its sight, and other accessories on it. Everyday i come in for archery, i see people buy $200 – $1104 compound bows for start and rely on the sights all the time I feel like it's because it's easy to use.

  12. I'd say mini recurve isn't an olympic sport, because the form is terrible. Imagine people spending years training with a mini recurve… because they can't use their muscles and bones properly, like they could with a larger bow that allows them to reach full draw length, I'd think this could cause health issues. Especially if it evolves into high poundage mini recurves.

  13. I know this doesn't have anything to do with this video and you have tried to cover this topic very extensively on your channel, But i am new to archery and in your guide to buying a bow Ect i have heard you say that the samick sage is not the best bow for its price point. I understand that every bow is different and for different people there will be a better choice but what is in your opinion the best bow for a 200 pound price range if not the samick sage. Im sure you get this alot so i apologise as it must be draining to answer the same question 1000 times.

  14. Do u thing that with the modifications this would be a good bow for a 8-12 Year old ? because it seems to be quite a good shooter.
    Sry for leaving 2 comments x)

  15. Can u make a comment on PVC Bows? Ive seen and actually shot one that seemed to be quite nice. But i dunno jack.

  16. Sensei, where do u recommend getting used mid/high tier olympic recurve risers/limbs? Or is it worth getting new ones? Its so expensive!!

  17. Using the time it took for the sound peaks between bow release and arrow impact (around 259.5 ms), with the given distance of 5m, I managed to calculate the arrow speed at 19.3 m/s, or 63.2 fps.

  18. I think your draw length is too long. You are definitely coil bound and not able to use your back enough due to the draw length. Would recommend that you maybe cut your arrows down a bit and in general go for a shorter anchor.

  19. I wish there was a material so elastic that you can design a tiny bow with a full 30 inch draw length. Are no modern materials capable of this?

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