Archery Elk 2018

Archery Elk 2018

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  1. Awesome video! May I ask what camera y'all were using to film with? This is some of the best quality footage that I've seen!

  2. Last year was my first year after elk there in ID on the OTC tag. Conditions were not easy. Congrats to you guys. Thanks for documenting the adventure!

  3. wow, 2miles from first blood, spot of shot. Nice recovery but appears first shot came out low in the paunch….that ain't no lung shot.

  4. Great hunt. Glad that you were able to recover him. That elk will taste good and you will remember the hunt every time that you cook him up.
    What broadheads did you use?

  5. Awesome work i hit a decent bull this year and tracked him for about half a mile and lost blood as well…looked all over the hills and was never able to recover him. So tough to make it happen and still haunts me not knowing if he made it or not.

  6. When you approached the bull after losing blood you had 3 arrows. You then showed 1 shot to on video on the bedded bull. Next frame your quiver is empty. Where did the other 2 arrows go?

  7. A lot of hard work on a hard earned bull. Sometimes they just don't go down quick. Good job on a great bull.

  8. Great hunt and show! Congrats on your hunting ethics, determination, and passion. Well documented and well spoken. Thanks!

  9. Great Bull…. I can't help but notice the Horse at the end… The left rear ankle seems odd, like it is bending incorrectly. The gate/ walk seems to be out of rhythm? (Fetlock popping, or Fetlock lameness)

  10. Just wondering why you’re out of arrows. You starting out missing one by the end you didn’t have any … would this be why you tracked it 2 miles ??

  11. Congrats on the bull, it's nice to see persistence pay off. The terrain looks very similar to the unit(s) that I was hunting. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Great job guys!! Awesome bull!! Heck of a job following through on the blood trail! Hope to see more video's in the future! North Central Idaho

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