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  1. or you could simply buy an old school bow glove especially designed for shooting off the hand made out of tough double layer leather, old english shooters using 100 lb+ WAR BOWS would use them as well, and you would not have to worry about scratching or cutting you hand.

  2. What about putting a piece of tape or marking the handle for consistent hand placement and a another mark to indicate where the arrow should pass?( Am I not a Genius Armin)lol

  3. Question I’m going from a 30 pound bow To A 45 or 50 which is the best thank you USA Tennessee prepper,Mongolian horse bowl

  4. Can you do a video from first person view as if your shooting the camera, with the different styles of shooting and bows..

  5. My arrows click on the string and doesn't fall off, but it slides up and down the serving. How should I fix this?

  6. first time i have watched your videos . first class and the accent is first class as well 😄 . please keep up the great work .

  7. Great information! This will save my hand! I have scars, scratches and calluses from rough bases of the feather fletchings over years of shooting with the 90 degree nocking point. I had to make a leather guard to protect my hand. This is going to help so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. Yeah I did not know this but then when I shoot my styrofoam box as to emulate a hunt and I move around what I notice is that the position of the arrow is always important to lift the arrow I did this instinctively since I'm learning from your videos. Many things are becoming instinctive and I'm becoming more bonded with the bow and arrow. 1. My arms getting use to the draw weight and technique 2. Thumb becoming more immune to the string weight almost no pain now. 3. Learning to feel proper positioning but will make a video of my instinctive shooting and you can correct me.

  9. Hello friends, I beg your help, I'm flying to Turkey to buy a Turkish bow, a horse bow, but I do not know where to buy it, where is the place or shop of the arches there, please if anyone knows to tell me, thank you very much!

  10. Thank you, I am getting a new bow next week, and this prevents me from scratching my hand! (Was doing compound bow).

  11. I tried without nocking point at the beginning, but then I realized I can't really put the arrow at the same position, especially when I don't look at it. I have Turkish fiberglass bow and I made nocking point just like shown in the video. Now my shooting is much better

  12. can u post about aiming teori and tips or how to aiming properly with horsebow (thumbdraw & rightside arrow)

  13. Interesting! I read that in korean traditional archery they have the following method of finding a nocking point: balance the string on your flat hand holding the hand vertically so that the pointing finger is up, pinky down. Then rotate the hand so that the inside touches the string and where your pinky touches the string there is the area where your nocking point is likely to be…
    (I am paraphrasing from memory here and also am still an absolute beginner, so please take what I said with a big pinch of salt).

  14. i tried this yesterday and it is the best information i have ever heard about archery. it prevents the arrow from hitting your hand!! thank you! i was skeptical at first but it works!

  15. Yes, you can do w/o one. OTOH, I put a nocking point on all my horsebows. If you are nocking w/o looking at the string, some visual/tactile reference is handy. I usually mark my horsebows w a visual/tactile reference on the handle too for those that do not come w a designated strike plate/area (like Akosbow v Ali Bow). With bows like that, the first thing I do is determine the best place to grip, rest the arrow against the bow, and nock on string. It's easier to be consistent that way. Yes, you can do w/o all that, but I do not. 😉

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