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  1. Ive actually started using a finger sling on my compound hunting bow while hunting. Since i practice with it. Actually had an old compound fall off my wrist while using the wrist sling….havent had a bow fall while using a finger sling yet lol i got one made with paracord so it just slides on and off. Not as difficult to put on in the stand as much as u would think.

  2. I broke the limb of a club bow by forgetting the sling… The flight of the bow was beautiful for about 1meter before crashing onto the floor. Since then I tend to have death grip, moreover so that I have my own bow =x Moral of the story, don't forget your sling.

  3. I dropped my bow recently after the commercial finger sling broke. I have struggled a lot since then. Keeps feeling like my bow will drop again. No more of those commercial ones for me.

  4. Hi
    First of all thank you for all the useful videos
    Please can you come to us at the Shooting Club Tunisia?
    Thank you

  5. I went with a shoestring also (had several unused ones and figured, "why not", IMMEDIATE results. Would never have believed it would make a difference until now. Thanks NUSensei!

  6. OMG a shoe lace holding up a 2000 dollar bow. That brings cheer to my heart that you are humble enough to use a DIY fix. And also gives me a sense of ease knowing I can do the same!

  7. How is this not a shooting aid if it allows the archer to handle the bow in a way that would be impossible without?

    Unless letting your bow drop is perfectly legal.

  8. Just an idle question; would it be fair to say that if a bow sling isn't necessary that you will always be generating more torque than otherwise?

  9. I really like your videos it learns to me a lots of details about things that I already know or not 😀

  10. Thank you for such informative information for beginner Archers. I have found your videos very helpful including the one on slings. Currently I am waiting on some flat shoelace material to make my slings out of ; then its back to getting my form consistent ! Cheers Nu Sensei

  11. LOLOLOOLOO XDDDDD "Its bad….because I am standing on concrete and my bow cost $2000." ROFL 5:29

  12. Can you explain what you mean by slings on bare bows are impractical in the field. To me that's like saying field shooting doesn't need to worry about death grip, etc.

  13. I want to start olympic style shooting and iam confused if any recurve bow can be used.also can stabilizer can be fit into any recurve bow . all olympic bows available in the stores are unaffordable by me.😁. Thank you in advance for reply

  14. Probably a bad idea to fully extend your fingers if you hunt. Another youtuber, Seansoutdoors, mentioned a friend who did this and cut his finger with his broad head while deer hunting when he released. Made a mess while he tracked his injured deer.

  15. omg earlier i was doing backyard shooting with homemade pvc bow and i was "relaxing" my hand and the blow literally jumped out of hands. It was a bullseye so was happy but i thought something was wrong with my form or how i made the bow. At least i know now that too much tension in hand is bad.

    anyway great video!

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