Archery Finger Tab size

Archery Finger Tab size

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  1. I also have the W&W EZR and I had the exact same issue, I fixed it by moving the pinky finger support back to the point where it snuggles in the middle knuckle joint in that finger.

  2. I was shooting 100 to 300 arrows a day. Calluses built up on on end of my fingers (may start hooking the string) and the top of my index finger (large tab was a little short and some finger pinch; with a 31" draw my bow limbs were a little short too). I just wrapped my 3 fingers below the last joint with athletic tape; you don't need to go to the very end of the finger. Add or move wraps up to between last two joints if you need to on the index finger. 1 to 4 (max?) wraps (usually 2 or 3 WRAPS) of 3/4"to 1" wide athletic tape depending on how many arrows you shoot at one time. You can rip 1 1/2" tape down the middle works great. No wear, no pain and no calluses. Too much tape can start to effect your release. Experiment.

  3. Vitamin E Oil will help your finger wear issue. Your finger resting off the tab face material is a form issue, IMO. Check out Archery Winchester on YouTube…helped me out.

  4. Pile away the callouses with nail filer and use some good nourishing body lotion. I know it's also the pain that bothers you but this will help as well.

  5. Fivics Soma Saker 2 in blue (i think that's L) works fine for me. I'm a tall guy with a regular palm but short fat fingers.
    The string is held at exactly the same distance to the metal plate as at your silver tab, rather close.
    Most importantly, the distributor between index and middle finger is not as wide. Maybe a smaller one would keep your index finger covered for not pushing it above the leather.
    I was extremely lucky bc my tab was in a used bow package I got for little money when I started archery.

  6. Dead calloused skin cannot stretch as the knew skin grows underneath and this causes the skin to crack ,as a rockclimber I get similar problems ,the trick is to sand away the calloused skin and you will no longer have a problem with cracking painful skin

  7. Steven, thanks for another great video.  As a beginning archer who is "well seasoned" your insights are fantastic! Keep up the great work!

  8. I think you should check how much strength you are putting on that top finger. Following most trainers you should have between 30% and 40% at most. I think your finger position is a little wrong and you are pulling too much with top thus having that problem. Try to leave your top a little looser and pull harder with your ring finger.

  9. i have a hookie tab and the screw on the finger splitter keeps moving and the strap holder is falling apart… and only shooting 40 pound. i shoot better with black widow tab for traditional with no plate or splitter but then my arrows wony even reach 5o meters , why is there so mutch difference in tab when the anchor point is the same ???

  10. I added a third layer of leather to the Win & Win EZ finger tab. You can order a replacement leather from Lancaster Archery or another seller which comes with both leather pieces. The screws attaching the leather will be able to hold the third layer on so you won't need to order longer screws.

  11. no expert and i do prefer gloves but i'm trying to give tabs a go and i'm liking the black window split finger tab cut it down a fair bit for a custom size having bought a medium got rid of excess cordovan

  12. I had that finger problem, but it dissapeared when I went from 66" to 68". And i cut up a mousepad in the shape of the fingertab leather, but I also made a "lip" that sticks up over the index finger and in that way extended the padding up between the finger and the string.
    I use the AAE Cavalier with cordovan leather.

  13. My preference is the Fivics Saker 1 or Saker 2. Both have Cordovan leather and reasonably priced. They run small, however. A large is equivalent to a medium on most other make of tabs. Very comfortable soft rubber finger spacer.

  14. I don't recommend you to even use the win and win ezr finger tab, the ez is much mor basic which reduces places where are our fingers can get sore.

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