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  1. I use the aae cavalier elite, personally i like the size and thickness of he leather as you mentioned but the finger spacer is god awful.

  2. That first tab is trying so hard to be a Black Widow it’s hilarious. The best part is the Widow is the same price but so much better, both build quality and fit. Though seeing how those mediums fit you tells me I have MASSIVE hands. I got a large black widow and it’s still a half inch short of my fingertips. I’m only Five Eight. Am I some kind of freak?

  3. hello i planed to buy a backward qiver easton am i gona buy left or right im drawing im puting my left hand in to my bow

  4. The Win and Win 360 tab is definitely the worst tab I've ever tried. It's a waste of time and money.

  5. He is absolutely correct, I went to a sight of a popular Survival bow company and just happen to speak to the owner(people may be lined up to buy bows but not necessarily survival ones) but these type bows are more intuitive the kind you'd think would be shot with your fingers and they are, yet when I started talking about broad heads and other "cool" equipment he said hey hold on the first thing you need is a Tab and a forearm protector he said the same exact thing you can hurt your fingers cause nerve damage (and Coming from a person who has extremely severe neuropathy you do not want that- At All !), oh and he also said getting slapped with the string without a guard hurts like hell ! So just listen to this guy, take care!

  6. May I just ask, why don't Olympians use gloves? I prefer gloves when I'm shooting traditional, but I use my tab when I'm at the range, but I would much rather use a glove.

  7. I spent two hours practising without a tab, and while I did get used to the numbing of my fingers..the days after suck far too much, even with only 25lbs draw, lol.

    Ha ha, I have Abbey tabbed..

  8. the string lined against the plate.. is that a thing? or is there a difference? i find myself typically hooking at the tip of my fingers or at the first knuckle.. but with fingertabs is thats why the plate is there? should i just line it with the plate? more reference points for a consistence shot the better right? but doesnt that mean you should always shoot with a deep hook? or maybe im just over thinking it. doesnt matter as long as you got everything in place.

  9. +NUSensei, you mention that the AAE Elite is designed for a deep hook, to have the string up against the metal. This seems too deep, no? I would guess that you should have the same hook regardless of tab (~near first knuckle).

  10. GET A THICK TAB before you hurt yourself. My middle finger went numb!

    My class got us the basic "fur lined" tabs, and they worked great for a couple months of twice-a-week shooting, until I tried shooting for an hour a day three days in a row. My fingers felt fine, and then BAM, middle finger just went out.
    A week of no shooting and it's almost better, but still feels funny.

  11. Just a little DIY video showing how to make your own finger tab that works very very well. DIY or die!

  12. Hi Nu, your videos are awseome, I can see that you are a teacher 24/7. I want to ask you if is some rule between the size of your hand and the sizes available of tabs…. for example, same size of tab than your normal gloves…. or you need to try a couple of models an sizes… thanks for everything.

  13. i made two different types of finger tabs because i had a cheap one it does not have a brand name. the problem i face with the earlier finger tab: the hard metal causes abrasion on my cheek. is this normal or some correction in the pull is required ? i have just started archery and at present pull a 30 pound bamboo bow with wooden riser.

  14. Is the super leather face on the AAE caviler good and protects the fingers, because I was looking into finger tabs and came across this and wanted to get that tab but at my local shop the guy told me not to get a super leather face but get a cordovan tab but the cordovan face was $60 and my parents didn't want to spend that much money but the shop had one for much cheaper and said I should get that but to me it didn't seem very good

  15. I bought cheap gloves, then I glued some good leather pads on the fingers. For me it works like a charm

  16. I'm have been doing archery for two months and my mentor said that in competition standard, I use a recurve bow and I always hit the bullseye and I broke the feather on another arrow by hitting it, should I consider getting my own bow?

  17. why doesnt anyone use these gummy things on the string, they are really cool because they dont get in your way.

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