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  1. Thanks Mr.Sean and God Bless you too ,
    Realizing its usefulness I was considering taking up the Bow .

  2. You are a very good teacher. I don’t know if you have any formal training but you explain things very well. Thanks for the info.

  3. Hey man i just have one honest question. I really like the idea of just a small nock bead instead of a kisser or as a kisser kinda, my question is whats the best way to measure where to put it on your string?

  4. Hmm well a repeatable anchor point is important but proper back tension is emphasized by every 'expert' on archery and your first shot you clearly don't demonstrate that.

  5. Hi… In a recurve takedown bow, the (length) center of the bow is in the pivot point, in the arrow rest, or in the middle of both (the shelf)? Thanks and regards. Julio

  6. How much practice with a bow do you think someone would need to effectively hunt deer? I am interested in archery but don't live where I can easily practice. Should I just go with a crossbow (legal in my state for deer) or could I still be effective with limited practice? I am committed to the fundamentals and practice, just can't get in reps every day or week even.

  7. how can I make my own bow and arrow for a beginner and how can we hit while running

  8. hello sir ..can I please ask you if I can get a good bow in range of Rs 5000 …what would suggest if I ask u in which site I should buy one.
    need ur help sir😇😇

  9. My friend has wanted to get into archery after watching me do a competition but I am a crappy teacher. I have been shooting (bow hunting and competitive) for about 10 years. This video is great but there are so many more basic tips you could give although I will recommend this video.

  10. Hello I have a growing interest in Archery, longbow/recurve/traditional archery is what I'm interested in. For historical practice as well as maybe hunting. Want would you say a good draw weight is for a beginner or what would be a good one for taking a hog or deer?

  11. Great stuff Sean, i should have watched this post before this afternoons," First ever Arrow firings," i didn't even see where the first one went and i spent half an hour looking for the other three, well at least i was smart enough to head into one of the three state forests that surround me.
    Excellent advice taken, Beauty Mate.

  12. wow, I forgot how cool archery was.. I took lessons when I was 14 and i'm watching this 12 years later just to refresh my memory. haha. I love archery it gave me something to do at my friends house when she was busy baby sitting her brother and sister. XD

  13. I'm interested in using sights and a mechanical release, with a decent arrow rest, on a take-down recurve. I never see anyone talk about that, as it's either "Here's a complex compound thing will bells and whistles" or it's "Here's a real bow, hale and hearty, with none of that fancy sighting shit". Why can't I have both?

  14. plz help me I want to get into Archery and I have seen a boy called sas robinhood LongBow if I am not mistaken it's hybrid boy and I have never used a boy I am 16 years old Draw Length: 22-29"
    Draw Weight: 30-35 lbs
    Bow Length: 59-1/4"
    Max Speed: 150 FPS
    the details of the bow plz tell me should I buy this?

  15. Sean, i am wanting to explore archery for the end result of deer or elk hunting. How long typically do beginners practice before ready to hunt? If i practice 3-5 hours a week. I know it depends on the person, but just a round about answer.

  16. Been out foe 25 year. My 6 year old wanna pa get ready for deer and elk next month. Long road but excited for the primer. Thank you,

  17. super traditional but in sports setting is where I'm aiming, judging from many bows I've priced money isn't an object so. so best advice please ^-^

  18. I have a 21 inch pull is it worth getting a 23 inch sf bow as I am planning to have it for a long time?

  19. Does it matter what string you use in a bow? if so, What string would you suggest Bear Archery Brave Bow?

    I looked on the site and either I over looked it or it's not there.

    I found everything else, but the string.

    Help Please & Thank you

  20. no desire to hunt but i would love to taget/sharp shoot. want to keep it minimal tech and more intuitive and natural (mech release doesnt appeal to me). thanks for the post, I may adapt a new hobby

  21. ive got a daughter interested in bow shooting she 16 likes it now recommend a non compound she could get not a cheep pos but something to enjoy. price range ?

  22. Hey, is a bow price really important if i just want to shoot for fun? I mean… its just a bow, right? People were using them for like 30.000 years, it doesnt require any expensive technology.

  23. I actually just turned 28 This month lol but iam a short guy with a pretty muscular build. my first choice months ago Was to go with a Hoyt ignite although it was a little more expensive. but I think the pse stinger x might have me sold

  24. also stumbled across the pse stinger package which is also in my price range but does not come equipped with a mechanical release and the draw weight was 60 to 70 I believe.. I'm sure i could pull 60 But just want to be comfortable could also use your opinion on that as opposed the bear or bowtech. thanks sean

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