Archery Form -01- The Wedge

Archery Form -01- The Wedge

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  1. Thanks, that's very helpful. I have a question, so when you drawing, the hand alignment (your shoulders n arm) it doesn't form a straight line?
    Please answer me

  2. All sound 'classical' advice IF your anatomy will allow it. I had to make a conscious effort to get my weird bow arm shoulder down to keep it locked, and lost a season with a bad injury as a result. It's still not 100%. My advise is a) find a comfortable effortless way to shoot and concentrate on doing the exact same thing every shot. b) ignore everybody else's advice (including mine!)

  3. Just wondering if you will make a video on back tension? Been told all these thing by different people and when i think i have it, i been told i dont..

  4. i love this video. I started archery past a half year and my trainer wasnt be able to tell me how it works in good words. Now i know what my destination should be. Thanks a lot.

  5. I started shooting archery at 12 years old. I'm 60 now, and after watching some of your videos, I think you are the best coach I have ever seen. And, I had a pretty good one.
    Thank you so much! I realised I need to learn a lot about shooting still. Your teaching will improve my shooting so much.
    Thanks again.

  6. Best explanation yet, loving your videos. Now I just need to work on my stretches to get my neck to turn comfortably. Old man.

  7. Even after decades of archery it is always good to remind yourself of these facts. Good form is good shooting…and carbon arrows help…

  8. according to the angle of the torso, wouldn't the best stance to achieve the wedge be a closed stance? can someone reply to this please?

  9. Watched the series and tried it out over a few weeks, I am shocked how much easier my release is and the draw, I am so very grateful. Am I right in thinking that the line of the arrow is at 90 degrees to the shooting line so that means the feet alignment is at a slight angle i.e. not 90 degrees to the shooting line, or do you rotate the hip slightly. Subscribed to your channel, wish the club was closer!

  10. The picture doesn't seem completely right. Your arms aren't set back like that, their are in line with your breast. This affects the angle your standing in quite significantly in muscular force needed. Might be me though

  11. When I use "perfect" form, the theoretical "perfect" form, I keep slapping my forearm. I only employ a "slightly open" stance to avoid forearm slapping.

    If I adjust my grip ("palm down" where most weight rest on my thumb) I can achieve a "perfect" form while stopping forearm slap.

    My question: "palm down, fingers curled in, bow on thumb". Is there a better form I should try? How do I stop forearm slap while in "perfect" or neutral stance?

  12. One of several wonderful clips by this person. The explanation is far better and clearer than I can do, so I refer my archers to view and understand what is being said. Many thanks.

  13. I watched this a couple weeks ago with much interest. The explanation seems very thorough and the reasoning solid, but I cannot achieve a release that does not hit my nose! I am not trying to sight directly down the arrow. I just can't seem to turn my head enough to get my nose out of the path of the bowstring. It's possible my release is not so great, and it is pushing the string sideways and into my nose. But also I can't turn my head far enough so that the target is comfortably in my central visual area. I have to look to the side. I can feel the benefit as far as skeletal alignment vs. muscular work goes, but I definitely get tighter grouping with the old parallelogram stance, with less wrist and nose slap!

  14. I really like "The Wedge" but, I can not seem to make full allignement. My string hand is still a little bit forward. I've moved anchor point to the back. If I put it to full allignement, I have to push my head backwards and it does not seem natural to me.
    Any suggestions?

    hi! I think its an very interesting filosofy .I'm shooting in this way and I've adjusted my stance a little . my feet are standing closed and not in line with the target .this is to get my arrow in line with the target .I'm a bit puzzled about the feet I don't see any drawing of the feet in the diagram in the video . how should they be placed 
    keep up the good work ! 

  16. Thanks, great video.

    Do you have any tips for someone who has difficulty with his bow shoulder rising up during expansion?  I think i'm currently shooting in "the wedge" configuration, but i have so much trouble with the bow shoulder. 

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